Why do all the genuine predictions talk about mass extinctions – and why don't they happen?

Why do all the genuine predictions talk about mass extinctions – and why don’t they happen?

One way of approaching this question is to ask: “Where do these predictions come from” ?
There are three answers: Many of the variations of these predictions are copycats, the information is knowingly or unknowingly picked up from other peoples writings about it.

There are genuine prophets though, for example Nostradamus Mother Skipton, Edgar Casey and Gordon Scallion.

A presently ongoing experiment, the Web Bot Project is a still fledgling but very interesting and promising data mining and data-processing experiment, where they seem to pick up trends in the collective events via the chatter that goes on on the net.

It seems as if the interpretation of their data have a few misses though. The third source is more obviously genuine, and thus the non-fulfilment of the predictions all the more puzzling: The enlightened ones! Christ predicted his 2nd coming in ways his contemporaries took to mean he would come back in their lifetime, and among the enlightened ones, Yogananda, Osho, Babaji, Sri Arobindo all have given graphic accounts of dramatic events that have not happened yet. It is somewhat easier to accept that non-enlightened sources – sources that don’t know everything – may be wrong, but those that do know everything, how can they be wrong? There are a number of possible answers to why the enlightened ones appear to be wrong.

But first let us look at why these types of predictions occur in the first place? Well they occur because the enlightened ones see them by direct perception, it is not fantasy, it is not interpolation it is direct perception. They are seeing that Mankind is moving towards a cosmic determined increase in the general vibrational level, determined by the earth proximity to diverse centres, and with several cycles, the simplest, is described by Sri Yukteswar, the 24.000 year cycles of the Yugas (see article on this website here). Well, here comes the catch, you can’t have a lifting of mass consciousness unless the mass karma allows for it, and mass inertia can cope. As we can see with peoples difficulties coping with the changes that are happening now, an even more radical change over very short span of time would not be possible without a lot of suffering and death among all those who couldn’t cope. So it is obvious and unquestionable that a lifting of the global consciousness, which is inevitable, will by necessity cause a lot of suffering and death. So what they see is true in scope, even if it seems not true in details. There is an old saying – a fulfilled prediction is a failed prediction! Meaning that in spite of being warned to change their ways, people didn’t, so the consequences was as foretold. - Or the other way round – a reason for predictions not coming through as badly as predicted may be that enough of us are changing enough to alleviate the worst… A good incitement to change even more within (your closest client – yourself).

Other possible reasons: Even if the predictions are true, the timing may not be, this is a classical problem in physics – if the precise location of a car is known, its speed cannot be known and vice versa.(Schroedingers uncertainty principle), So maybe, when the enlightened ones focus on the event, the time gets blurry? Maybe the event was seen as a literal event, off course because the literal understanding is a possibility. But maybe not the only option, maybe the visual is like an earthquake, the literal understanding thus earthquake, but the actual occurrence is sudden economic meltdown, which will be like an earthquake in peoples life. A symbolic understanding would be common from dreamlike images. Another example is the expectation (as seen in Gordon Scallions earth maps) of vast areas of land being inundated with water. The literal understanding is happening for the moment, the water-table is rising in the oceans, even if this at the moment is a -in human terms – slow process, (1-2 mm per year) it is geologically very fast.

A symbolic understandingcould be that water is understood as emotions, and the spread of water thus is spread of emotionality. It is indeed true that a lot of emotional flaspoints are in the areas where water is predicted to rise. So again The enlightened ones see the energy rising – a beautiful, promising and already obvious trend! They also see the inertia in people. Since the energy rising is cosmic, there are only two options, either the individuals rise their vibrations, at least so the surrounding energies are cope-able or even harmonious to their own vibrations. This is genuine spiritual work, not a particular religion, not one or another technique – whatever works ( not whatever is popular etc.).

In order to rise your vibrations, you basically need to be able to face YOU – whatever you have done or not done, and even more so, who are you? This will lead to peace in your heart, and peace in your heart contribute to peace in the world. Many people consider this simple, beautiful task scary. If we don’t we will rise the temperature on earth, literally and figuratively, literally as it is already happening, since polluting a closed system means polluting all of us, meaning for example green house effect, figuratively showing up in “hotheads” everywhere, criminals, road-rage, politicians…

Those who resist change – and there are many – are in troubles. Because the energy is rising, so if their energy is not rising, tension will build. Mass tension will show itself in mass events. As we already can see, many find themselves doing violent crimes as a way of getting rid of tension – individual crimes done by individuals, more collective crimes done by business, organisations (CIA) or private organisations (The Mafia), A recent example is the Twin-towers collapse (911). Indeed a closer analysis of many wars will show they were done in the interest of big private investments (Transport routes rubber, oil,, water). If we do not learn to contain our inner violence, the tension has a huge risk of sparking outer events. In short, a lot of people will die as a result of the energy rising This is what the enlightened ones see. This is also a purification of karma, those who go through this, surviving or not, will get a cleansing, helping them in the future. So again, the predictions are correct in their emphasis on the suffering ahead, but the timing and the way this suffering comes about seems to be variable. But look around – maybe it is more a question of distorted news coverage, maybe it is happening right under our noses?

The Ice is melting in Greenland, ecosystems are breaking down because of a huge die-back of many different species, diseases are spreading and becoming huge issues (AIDS, Malaria, Cancer etc.). There are numerous political flashpoints with greed or other reasons not to honour the life of the people living there (Middle East, Burma, Zimbave… …). Since all life is interconnected, it is obvious for anyone considering this, that the scope of suffering predicted easily can be achieved via the above keywords. How then should we work with this? There are as many ways as there are people, but a common denominator must be to work towards Balance, Grounding and Integrity, and thus enhancing our ability to cope with what happens and our compassion rather than judgement and conflict. The world religions have beautiful descriptions of a good way of living life – Matthew chapter 25, The Noble Truth About Suffering in Buddhism, The 5 Pillars in Islam, Bhagavad Gita in Hindu etc.etc. Non-denominal ways of working aiming in the same direction is for example our own Path of Dharma series. The point is – there is no time to waste, we are in a torrent of change - will you sink or swim?