The chakras and the nadis

 This is an edited version of a lesson from our online transpersonal counselling course

It consist of quotes from many different sources, strung together by comments of our own


  • A chakra is a focus point for experience, and it is connecting experiences of physical, astral and spiritual nature.
  • The chakras work to bring energy balancing and adjustment.
  • The chakras also have a psychological aspect. They are symbolic centres or knots of archetypes, which can be structured as focus points for different levels of energy.

Edited from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme chakrasymboler og meditation


The chakras act as bridges between the three auric layers, 
the causal, astral and physical

The physical body is empowered by astral life with causal consciousness

From the Bhagavad-Gita, 
Translated by Paramahansa Yogananda 

The three bodies [Physical, Astral and Causal] have a subtle anatomy, the chakras, which are wheels or circulations of energy. They have their pendants in each of the three levels of man, and thus the three levels are knitted together via the chakras.

Edited from Motoyama H.: Theories of the Chakras 


The Seven Major Chakras - The principle of uncertainty at work

Just as there is apparent disagreement in the various Mystery teachings about the number of auric bodies that man has, so there is some variance in the number of chakras to be found in these bodies. Tibetan writings often speak of six centres of force; others mention eight, ten or even twelve. Ancient Taoist texts show direct correspondence to the Tibetan outline of six centres.

David Tansley: Subtle Body


Each chakra is accessible both on the front and the back of the body. From ancient times, six of the major chakras [the Crown chakra is not included] have been connected with the zodiac, with one star sign on the front, another on the back of the chakra. In this way, a complete zodiac is found in the spinal cord.

Each of the 6 chakras, has an anterior and a posterior pole so that we have twelve localised points, six on the front side and six on the back, in an ascending and descending order. 

These twelve localisations are directly related to the twelve signs in the zodiac. Therefore, one can say that a complete zodiac is found in the spinal cord of every individual.

In the same way, there exists a relationship between the seven principal planets of the solar system, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the seven chakras. 

In concrete terms, according to the hour and place of birth, the planets hold a particular position in the sky. They reflect their influence upon each of us in a specific manner which has effect in our chakras and centres of energy.

Swami Shankarananda Giri,Kriya Yoga Darshan

You are spirit

Yogananda says […] You are spirit. The very universe, vast as it is, is inferior to your soul’s majesty. Stars and planets, like your own body, are manifestations of spiritual realities that you can discover on deeper levels of your own inner being. The very physical universe is but symbol of those higher realities; it is the lesser always that symbolises the greater, never the reverse. Since those realities can be realised only in the Self, it is not wrong to say that the universe is the outer symbol of man’s inner world. In this way […Yogananda] said that the sun is the symbol of the spiritual eye not the reverse.

Kriyananda: Lessons in Yoga, 
l4 steps to higher awareness. p. 467 & 499:


Yogananda says: Stars and planets, like your own body, are manifestations of spiritual realities that you can discover on deeper levels of your own inner being. The very physical universe is but symbol of those higher realities

For most of us this does not make sense, maybe in meditations we have felt something like it, but the majesty and beauty of Cosmos stirs.

Why does a feeling of grandeur, of reverent awe come over us when we look into the starry heavens?

It is because without our knowing it, the feeling our soul’s home awakens in us.

The feeling awakens: Before you came down to earth to a new reincarnation you yourself were in those stars, and out of the stars have come the highest forces that are within you, your moral law was imparted to you when you were dwelling in this world of stars. When you practice self-knowledge you behold what the starry heaven bestowed upon you between death and a new birth - the best and finest powers of your soul.

What we behold in the starry heavens is the moral law that is given us from the spiritual worlds, for between death and a new birth we live in these starry heavens.

Steiner: Life between Death and Rebirth 1912


The chakra system was also known in Christian and Jewish mysticism



Zechariah’s Messianic Menorah by Yosef HaTzorfati (link)

The seven-branched golden Menorah is surrounded by two olive trees, representing the High Priest Yehoshua and the political leader Zerubbavel. These two leaders were involved in the restoration of the Temple in 516 BCE after the return from the Babylonian exile. The olive trees provide the Menorah with a continuous supply of fuel.

The description of the Menorah from Zechariah is read in the Haftorah for the first Shabbat of Hanukkah, and concludes with a messianic vision of peace,

"Not by Might, and Not by Power, but by my Spirit." (Zechariah 2:14 ff.) (The Cervera Bible, Spain circa 1300)


The chara system is even still mentioned in the Bible:

"And [the angel] said to me, what seest thou?
And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold [the Sushumna], with a bowl [the crown chakra] upon the top of it, and his seven lamps (the seven chakras) thereon… And two olive trees [the Ida and Pingala] by it, one upon the right side of the bowl, and the other upon the left side thereof.

Zechariah 4:2, 3 7.






7. The Crown centre

This centre is beyond everyday psychology,

it is the centre of oneness.
The crown centre is reacting on collective and group energies. 

We work via this centre in our online healingh group (link)





6. The Pineal centre


3’eye at the front
, Leo:

Keyword: The door opens

If you are a man, 
Contemplate your father and yourself as a father. 
If you are a woman, 
Contemplate your father and the father of your children

King; are you king in your kingdom? What is your kingdom?
 Is your courage put to the right use?


Medulla in the grove of the neck, 

Keyword: Conscience is always with you.

Contemplate where in your life have you been hiding - Where in your life are you hiding? 
Hiding; are you hiding your truth? 
What role does your conscience play?


The everyday psychology of the chakra system 

An individual, who has been allowed to develop in his own natural rhythm, will have access to the psychic functions of the pineal chakra, the irrational and intuition. 
This person will have premonitions that will guide him along his path in life, giving him landmarks, which no rational calculation would have brought forth. 
Such premonitions or intuitive flashes will with intervals present themselves, often in essentially important situations, in situations with choices, crisis and disease. As a normally dormant radar system, the intuitive feeling or the irrational idea, wakes up, manifests itself, and bring additional - or the only - help in a situation where the ego has given up because it is not able to control or analyse.

Intuition, the sixth sense, comes from the higher Self or the Wholeness, and can therefore use impulses which seems irrational, and IS so, seen from the limited horizon of the ego. The person with an open and balanced pineal centre will listen to these intuitive flashes, and carry them out.
 A person with a closed pineal chakra will not be able to register this dimension, or if it is vaguely perceived, it will be rejected.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Energi og Bevidsthedy and Consciousness




5. The Throat centre

Throat at the front, 

Keyword: The fruits of polarity

 Contemplate how you have spend your life’s energy. 
Cleanliness; what is your relationship to cleanliness?
 Mortal or immortal, what fruits do you eat?


Throat at the back, 

Keyword: Brotherhood.

 Contemplate Relationships in your life. 
The Soul and your Ego; Ponder the relationship between your Soul and your Ego, who leads? 
The mortal and the immortal you, do they relate, how do they relate?


The everyday psychology of the chakra system A naturally developed throat centre means that the person has a good contact with his own creative qualities. An open and balanced throat centre causes that the daily life with all its duties do not end up monotonous or boring. The inner creative sources will bring forth new ideas, inventive changes or alternatives to counteract boredom and depression.
The throat centre reflects the ability to communicate, and in couples the throat centre reflects the degree of balance or unbalance between them. The relative easiness of expression and explaining oneself to others, and to attract people who can understand; trust on a deep existential level, and ones relationship with destiny, also reflects the balance of the throat. 
A closed or unbalanced throat chakra gives a boring, grey and routine-like life. It is difficult to express oneself, and it is equally impossible to find someone who is interested and wanting to listen.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Energi og Bevidsthedy and Consciousness




4. The Heart centre

Heart at the front
, Libra:

Keyword: Earth meets Spirit, the incomparability of intellect

Contemplate the balancing act of life as it has unfolded for you. 
Contemplate that you can maintain your own standpoint without loosing respect for other standpoint. s
Is your intellect in the way for God?


Heart at the back, 

Keyword: The necessity of inertia

Contemplate Possessions in your life.  Possessions;
 What do your possessions do to you? 
Mental and physical possessions, what is their power?




The everyday psychology of the chakra system

The heart centre is the focus of higher feelings of compassion, love, religious feelings, sacredness, exaltedness and joy. 
If the centre is in a natural balance, the person will regularly be in touch with these feelings. 
The heart chakra has a rhythm of its own, it builds up energy over 7 days, reaching a maximum, and in this state, seeks to be released, opened or expressed.
 The natural person thus has a seven-day cycle, which was more appreciated in previous times. Approximately every seventh day the heart energy will have reached its peak, therefore people attended churches, temples, mosques and holy places every seventh day. 
If a person only rarely or never experiences these higher feelings, his heart is heavy and burdened, and the heart centre is no longer in its natural state of openness.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Energi og Bevidsthedy and Consciousness 



3. The Solar Plexus centre

Solar Plexus at the front

Keyword: Already here inflation is a risk

 Contemplate: Your mother, befriend her. Imagine your next other, befriend her. 
Contemplate: What is the power behind your power
. Your skills and your integrity, do they match?

Solar Plexus at the back, 

Keyword: Even though we are created as a result of unbalances, we are also created with the active help and Grace of God

Contemplate Beginnings in your life. 
Your innocence and Grace, do they meet?


The everyday psychology of the chakra system

This centre is the emotional power focus. A normal balance in this centre means that if a person feels an emotion, it will be expressed directly. 
A normal balance in solar plexus means that the expressions from the centre is relatively moderate, anger instead of temper tantrums, anxiety instead of panic and fear, friendliness instead of sentimentality and crying instead of depression.
Balance in this centre means that the person is healthy assertive, able to say no when that is required, and yes when that is appropriate.
The emotional energy from solar plexus can be used to spearhead, bully or manipulate in order to obtain power over others. 
Balance in this centre means that unexpressed emotions (anger, fear, sadness, pity, disgust etc.) will not be accumulated, waiting for an outside trigger to come to an explosion.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Energi og Bevidsthedy and Consciousness




2. The Hara centre

Hara at the front, 

Keyword: the fusion has happened

Meet your life’s events with compassion. 
What will it take for you to be your own Master? 
How do you know what wisdom is?


Hara at the back
, Pisces

Keyword: Affection and projection unconscious development

Contemplate what is the highest principle you trust. To be. Who is in charge of your affections and projections?


The everyday psychology of the chakra system

The Hara centre is connected with spontaneity and sexuality.
 Spontaneity means that deep instinctive impulses relatively easy are expressed in ones life. A child who is not yet too much disturbed by upbringing and society, is naturally centred in Hara, and is therefore spontaneous, playful and happy.
 A person with a balanced Hara centre is able to be present and flexible from situation to situation in the here and now, without loosing his own integrity or centeredness. The sexual act is not associated with much fantasy activity; the person will be present, fully enjoying the experience of intimacy and fulfilment.
 On the other hand, people who are controlled, unspontaneous, too lost in thoughts, twisted or indirect in the expressions of their impulses, people who never or only rarely have real enjoyment of sex, people who seems to be afraid of having too much joy or happiness, or have difficulties in simply doing something good for themselves, these people only rarely have a natural Hara centre contact.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen:”Energi og bevidsthed”


1. The Root chakra

Root, Muladhara: Suprarenal glands, sexual glands Sacral and coccygeal plexuses Primary Chakra

Root at the front, Capricorn

Keyword: Identification with instinct

Contemplations: In your minds eye, generously give from your qualities and possessions. What is your being? What role do your instincts play?


Root at the back, Aquarius

Keyword: Consciousness is immortal

Contemplations: Contemplate what is the essence of your life. Knowledge versus wisdom. What do you do to your consciousness?


The everyday psychology of the chakra system

This chakra is psychologically related to how a person is “surviving” and functioning in his physical surroundings, the environment and in society. The degree of balance in the root chakra reflects whether a person is able to manifest his projects successfully in the physical reality, if he can function in a productive circulation with others in order to get things done. A person with a healthy balanced root chakra is content with his work situation and does not experience the environment or society as threatening (unless it actually is threatening). He is able to express his viewpoints, and get his point through. There is a reasonable order in his reality and everyday life; his home is orderly and his financial situation is healthy. If a person is not able to adjust to his life situation, to his surroundings, and if he does not have some contentment or success in his energy circulation and exchange with others and his surroundings, then this person does not have a natural balance in his root chakra. Grounding in a deeper sense means that what you are thinking and what you are saying is what you are practicing in your daily life.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen:”Energi og bevidsthed