Earth Healing

Earth Chakra - Huma Group Chakra

So once again an article from somebody believing the world will end..?


No actually - this Earth Healing initiative is not sparked by Mayan calendars or other end-time ideas - it is sparked by concern for the direction man is going for the time being.

Where are we going?

We are living in the most peaceful time in history, according to an interesting scientist, Steven Pinker (2011):(link)

What this tells us is that we are much more aware of what is going on, than people were before. It takes fewer events for us to feel something is wrong!

This is good, this is very good.

It does not however mean that we are aware enough to prevent all sorts of issues from running out of hand!

Very deep, very rapid, sometimes scary changes, are happening, right now Details about this are rife on the net, See for example "Did you know" (link)  (Many newer versions have come out since this version. Google Youtube).

This even if global warming, peak oil, destruction of habitats, dieback of species,food scarcity, water scarcity, etc.! - were not happening - and they are!


We have made a small email course hopefully helping to navigate this (available here: Coping with Change).

Don’t forget to also look for yourself, Google (Yahoo etc) can link you to an incredible amount of information, just be vary of the sources used on the different websites, compare with scientific verified data. So much nonsense is said with convincing eloquence!


The big question is that the world is now so complex and getting worse, the only way forward is to be good at discerning good from bad and not just to listen to information that peers, politicians, idols, news sources, religions etc .etc., want you to listen to - and good at listening to information that has truth. To do that requires personal integrity, and trust - and reason to have it.


"Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, (s)he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Robert F. Kennedy
(Link here

We need shifts in attitude in me and you, in all of us, from suspicion and I am more than you, from elbowing to heart, from fear to compassion.
 It must be the norm that we strive to make sure life can continue also after us.

If these concepts are a bit much, but you are interested in continuing, don’t give up, we will explain what we do step by step, and constantly refer to extra material on our website or elsewhere on the net, all free of course.


The now deceased american comic George Carlin has a brilliant and to-the point description of important aspects of our predicament here: Saving The Planet: (link) ,

We beg to differ in one point, He seems to imply that since the Earth is doing fine, we should watch our own destruction passively. "It is us who are leaving", that is probable, but largely because of the behaviour we have, and to us that means we have a responsibility to not give up but keep trying to invite the better out in the open in ourselves and in this way in others too.

It will mean a richer life, and it may mean that we end up not becoming extinct. In this light, maybe I should rephrase the above statement:


We need to live in a way that not only the planet, but also humans and thus

a lot of other life can not only survive, but flower.


On top of this we are now in the famous or infamous 2012 - will something more than what is already brewing happen? Many think so, many don’t.

Regardless if the catastrophe-interpretations of the Mayan calender are somewhat correct or not, changes are coming, a big question is how many of these changes are going to be literal, physical ones, how many are happening on more subtle levels, not (yet?) physically obvious?

We have lived through a fair few of these type of predictions - that so far hasn’t had visible, profound outer changes as a result, so wee’l see.

Some of the dates where many of us expected big changes:

  • 1987, Harmonic Convergence
  • "1999 and 7 month" - Nostradamus
  • 2000, the Millennium bug
  • Yet to be seen what happens: 21 December 2012

It may well be that stuff happened on more subtle levels, on these occasions, but the external doomsday scenario many expected did not happen.

For failed doomsday prophecies, see here and here 


Good articles (among many) about 2012, the famous Mayan calender long-count are herehere and here 

Anyway - as we said, the globe and mankind are already in the process of ever faster and bigger changes, faster than our society, infrastructure, schooling, psychological flexibility, structural capacity, resources, etc. (!) can keep up with.

In order to survive this in good shape, we need to learn to face and deal with truth, and we need to learn flexibility.

All sorts of forces have made the build up of trust towards each other individually, ethnically and nationally less popular in the media, with "pre-emptive" wars and fear of other faiths and the obvious result of polarisation now more in focus, at least in the news, than all the beautiful measures for bridge building that are also going on, interfaith meetings, education, doctors without borders (and other similar groups), etc. etc..

We have a few misguided and failed wars ongoing but waning, but many more wars are in the pipeline, over oil, water, control, trade, territory, or just stupidity. There are with all probability fewer warmongers today, but they unfortunately have more dangerous weapons!

(Steven Pinker’s above mentioned lecture is interesting in this context). To get to a world that will survive the known unresolved problems we have, for example

  • Oxygen depletion
  • Degrading of water quality,
  • Dieback of species
  • Climate change,
  • Overpopulation
  • etc!

We need a lot of flexible minds, a lot of cooperation across minds and borders We need a lot of healing.

The spiritual laws all tell that by giving, we receive even more than we give, so

We need to give a real lot of healing!


Many attempts of healing has been going on for quite a while now, and sometimes one gets pessimistic looking at all this well-meaning effort, and yet all these awful problems.

But well - how bad would it have been if we had all done nothing to help?

In a very worthwhile video, Krishnamurti and David Bohm (FRS) is discussing the Future of Man (The first video here), David Bohm makes the point that Krishnamurts teaching maybe could to save us from our own destruction - Krishnamurti in his usual no-fuss manner declares this attitude for bullshit.

One should do it because it is the right thing to do, not as a means to an end! This is obviously true. If you say to someone that you love them, for example in order to have sex, or their money etc. you are a cunning person, not a loving person.

David Bohm on the other hand is not loosing his trend, and suggests that if enough people learn from this, it may help. To this Krishnamurti agrees. And this is the attitude with which we go in to it here at Starbridge Centre. If enough people work on this, it may help.


Just a little about "enough people" How many is "enough"?

There are two important concepts in relation to this, "the 100 monkey" and "morphic resonance", a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake. (link)

The 100 monkey do not mean literally 100, just that when a uncommon phenomena is repeated enough times, it suddenly becomes common (this is witnessed in a number of experiments) See  here and here .

So how many is enough? We don’t know if anyone know, but since it is the right attitude anyway, we do know it is worth a try.


With thanks to (link)

What is healing?

The different spiritual traditions would describe "healing" with very different words,

from scientific application of appropriate laws of nature to Divine intervention.

Healing exists, and the earth needs it all, There is no need to discuss which method is better.

Use whichever technique that makes your heart smile.


The healing techniques Starbridge centre, and therefore this website, works with is based on scientific laws and a set of deep esoteric truths.


  • There is no need to hold on to a theory if you do not have data that support it.
  • There is no need to try all sorts of other theories if the one you hold is withstanding scrutiny.
  • The Law of projection: Whatever is unconscious is projected (What you don’t see within yourself, even if it is there, you see in someone else).
  • The Law of resonance: If an object vibrates at a certain rate of vibration, everything in its vicinity that has the same vibration as a latent possibility will start vibrating at that frequency.
  • Mankind is interconnected; we are not separate "islands", what happens for one person affects us all.

That Mankind is interconnected is obvious in terms of trade etc, but is also true in terms of opinions, moods, fashion etc, and yes, even deeper, the Divine consciousness within, the Crown chakra consciousness, is the consciousness of oneness. On that level, we are all one.

Again, if these concepts are a bit much, but you are interested in continuing, don’t give up, we will explain what we do step by step, and constantly refer to extra material on our website or elsewhere on the net, all free of course.

Starbridge Centre is also running experiential workshops on site, For current courses, go here  For the online teaching courses, go here and look at the top window, click on whichever of the small boxes you want, in order to read more. The experiential courses are here:

If you have no training in self development, we recommend you try the "Balance and Integrity" course, maybe even before or simultaneously with this meditation.

If we want to survive in a world that is interconnected, we need to be able to get by with very diverse people. In our everyday life we are sure to bump into people we do not particularly like, but whom we have to deal with, the proverbial boss for example. Not being able to appreciate other people is maybe based on some divergence of belief or opinion, usually generalised from a few examples, and always based on aspects of ourselves being triggered .

The crucial fact is, the person we don’t like, we do not like because he or she is exhibiting a trait we harbour but try to hide for ourselves and or the world.

When you have thoroughly faced that aspect of yourself, you may still disagree with the other person, but the charge has gone, adult cooperation or problem solving can commence. If you decide that you are right, it is the other that are the baddie, you may benefit from thinking deeper about your reasoning: If you are right, why is it so important to convince someone else about your opinion?

It may not be as important as you believe, A mouse and an owl may never agree on who is the baddie, but as much as the individual mouse may rightly see the owl as an enemy, the species, mice, needs the owls and many other predators in order not to become so plentiful so they are in the way for themselves.

If we are not pushed back from our not-so-well-thought-through opinions, they may multiply rather than grow in wisdom. This is "World Mother Wisdom", covered in our email course "Our Essential Teaching" (see above).

Our behaviour, our attitudes, even our thoughts create resonance, lack of flexibility or rigidity is an attitude and is also creating resonance, meaning that one persons rigidity reinforces someone else’s rigidity - An antagonistic attitude to someone, forces this other person in a defensive or even aggressive mode, just to maintain his/her integrity, for example.

As can be seen with bullies, antagonistic attitudes is always hidden inferiority - we attack someone because we feel insecure in ourselves. Why that? Simply because most of us, probably you, in some areas, are not yourself, but your behaviour, opinions, religion, is a repetition of the attitudes, behaviour, religion you grew up in, and is not a result of you listening to you - so you feel insecure because you are not so much you as you would like.

Our online email course, Our Essential Teaching describes techniques to balance and heal yourselves, build your own integrity and thereby gradually have the courage and flexibility to appreciate more people, even if you disagree with them, by learning to use the law of projection, teaching us that other people we react on, often do nothing worse than the audacity to mirror our own issues.

It is worthwhile remembering that other people we disagree with may have just as much reason for their beliefs as we have for ours. In short - only a belief or theory that actually bring us home is proven to be true at least for us, and if you are home, other people will have a hard time trying to convince you that you need to travel somewhere to get home.

For our small Youtube video explaining some of these concepts, go here 

What you do, affects someone else - well this mean that you give healing, when what you do help someone, and not-so-healing when what you do hinders someone. So healing the planet may mean nothing more from you, than that you strive to be helpful rather than prejudiced and egotistic towards fellow man.

We have created a whole series of small and simple Youtube videos with many of the important topics that this course is based on. See them here  .


Channeling of higher energies

Man consist of three elements. "the animal", the physical part of us, that science can trace back, now with a lot of clarity, by comparing our genome with that of other animals, and in this way show how life have evolved. Even today we share 50% of our genes with the banana, and 98% with the chimpanzee!

Anyway - part one, the animal, the physical body, is the part most people identify with. This is the part that conditions us to the attitude of becoming, this is the part that stores the good and bad memories from the life of the body, and the mind then identifies with as the "me".

Part two is the cosmic aspect, the Divine, your Higher Self, which is in everyone of us, regardless of what religion we belong to, regardless if we believe in it or not. So there is no religion, meditation technique, guru or advanced teacher, clairvoyant etc. etc. that has the one and only path to God - God is within, so the path that works for you is the path that leads you to experiences of fluid light, bliss, fulness of compassion for mankind - to God.

If what you do leads to this type of experiences that is the right path for you. If you have not touched any of these states, you don’t know yet if your path is better than someone else’s.

The third part of our makeup is the mind that is in itself a naked, an unsullied awareness, a mirror, but because of our identification with our body, this mind becomes an ego, an awareness about itself-as-a-body.

The task is to make the animal part transparent for the cosmic or divine part, with the mind as a witness, an unbiased mirror. In that state, there is bliss, and an experience of oneness, "there is no other to save", to quote Rama Maharishi.

The resonance from someone in that state is profound healing. During the meditations we are entering into in this series, it is conceivable that some of you will experience glimpses of these states.


So what are we intending to do?

We are intending to influence the group chakra of mankind, by influencing the part we have control of - ourselves - in a way that gives healing to the group chakra.


What is a group chakra?

Wherever there is a group of people with a similar task, being it working in the same office, or participating in a spiritual workshop, the involved people will create an energy that will interact in an orderly fashion, creating a group chakra, a resonance structure, reflecting the interaction of these energies.

Mankind as a whole has a group-chakra, a resonance structure reflecting the sum total of forces from each and every individual on earth.

Common sense show that we depend on each other, that others well-being affects me, you; we are “our brothers keeper”, a closer look at the esoteric level shows that in fact we are our sisters and brothers. Mankind is one – individuality is an illusion.

When we experience the oneness native to the crown chakra, the oneness of mankind is obvious.

Man is at least for the time being, the most evolved physical being on earth, but the balance within each of us is not good, the balance amongst each of us is not good, the balance with nature is not good, the balance in nature is not good.

One of the many ways you can do something about this, is to contemplate more on your oneness with all there is. When humans, animals or plants suffer – we individually suffer – when we overcome wrong habits, when we forgive, when we send out healing – mankind and the earth benefit.

The need for this type of work is unfortunately very clear when one links in on this level of meditation.

The way of living prevalent on the globe for the time being cannot continue.

Do you want to join?

Do it in whatever way that makes your heart sing - but if you are drawn to our way of working, why not give it a try?


Before you enrol, please consider the following:

We expect a commitment to the spirit of the group, which is Selfless Service, in whatever way that makes sense for you and in your part of the world..

This group is not a development-group, but development may be a natural consequence of the work.

We expect a willingness to personally take responsibility of own well-being and cope with the emotions and experiences such a work may trigger.

It is a definite advantage if your commitment is based on an already established daily meditative practice.


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