Where we come from - where we go

Where we come from - where we go

Annotated version

Some of us live or have lived in difficult circumstances
Medical hardship
Economic hardship,
Conditional love

 Or no love

Some of us live in face-value good circumstances
But have challenges from
Past traumas
Fear and anger

Most of us some times or often
Feel stressed, unhappy, longing
Peace, Enough Food, Money, Health, Respect, Integrity, Love


Longing for something means we haven’t got it
Or at least that is what we believe

How has it come to this? (1)

Let us start from the core: First the scientific aspect:

Everything physical, from galaxies to stars - suns-
Humans, grass, rocks and so on are made of matter.
Matter is made of atoms
Atoms are made of many even smaller building blocks,
In the end boiling down to quarks and photons - light. (2)

The interaction of all matter is ruled by the four basic forces,
Gravity, electromagnetic forces, the strong and weak force within the atom. (3)

The interaction of electric and magnetic fields happens via photons - light
A photon travels at the speed of light, which means that a photon is beyond time and space.
And, since a photon has no mass, it is also beyond matter. (4)

Science shows us how, on a subatomar level,
Everything is in a dance of creating, interacting and destroying each other
When you eat a carrot, the carrot dies and you live
This dance of creation-destruction is in Hindu mythology depicted by Shivas dance
Creating with one set of hands, destroying with another set of hands in a perpetual
Ultimately harmoneous dance. (5)

Now the esoteric:
Light and consciousness are deeply entwined
Light seems to be a bridge between consciousness and matter (6)

Esoterically there are different forms for light
For example what Buddhist call "Clear light mind" (7)

Is elsewhere called "higher consciousness",
The "I am" within ourseves, our "Buddha-nature".

Christ says "I am the light of the world". (8)

"I am" is a name for God. (9)

God, higher consciousness or Buddha Nature
All names for the same thing
Are embedded within each of us. (10)

Whatever way we point to the Sacred,
Higher Consciousness,  Ground luminosity,
God (11)

The inner reality embedded within each of us
May or may not correspond to what we believe.

The only way to find out is by experiencing it.

Consciousness is to be self aware
to be "I am"

Consciousness is beyond time and space
Never created - will never die
Omnipresent - omnipotent
Thus consciousness is another name for God (12)

Everything is made by the building blocks that ultimately is made of light
And light is consciousness
It follows that everything has consciousness

Humans can be aware of themselves.
Because humans are embodied consciousness
So evolved that human consciousness can become conscious of itself

Consciousness cannot separate itself from consciousness,
The way we deal with what is too much to cope with is by hiding it,
Making it unconscious for ourselves
Often by creating tensions in our body
By compartmentalising our mind.
And by projections (13)

Aspects of you that are unconscious for you
You invariably project on other people
So that they become a mirror of your own issues

If what you project is aspects you like
You like that person
If what you project is aspects you dislike
You dislike that person

You can agree or disagree with standpoints, ideas, etc.
Without needing to like or dislike the person

Do you think it takes courage to know you?
You are right!

Most don’t think it is worth the risk to know themselves
So they ask someone else who they are.

Maybe you hide YOU in order not to be more hurt than you already are?
Or maybe it is enough for you to live according to what others want you to be?

The most common "others" are your Parents.  Family. Peers.  Friends.  Idols
People you admire, norm and media .

Do you want to live according to what others tell you you are,
Or do you dare ask yourself who you are?

Others want you to be in this or that way in order to fulfil their needs

If you believe you are who others say you are,
Even other’s attempt to fulfil what they - and maybe even you - believe are your needs
Will mean others try to fulfil the needs of your mask, your role,
not YOU
The only one that can be you is YOU!
It is your job to stop being who you are not
So you can fulfil YOUR needs
And those that know love can reach you to give YOU their love

Do you want to know you?

How you grow

You grow physically steered by biological coding of our DNA
And the food air and water you consume. (14)

You grow psychologically by absorbing the attitudes and manners present in your surroundings. (15)

Your first teacher are your parents.

Your second teachers are your peers, friends, teachers, and people you admire.
On unconcious levels norm and media are powerful teachers.
Your ultimate teacher is the one that bring you back to YOU
Such a teacher is often called your "guru".

He or she is someone that has come home to HIM or HER
To who he or she is
Underneath the influences from
His or her parents peers, friends, teachers,
People he or she admire,
Norm and media

In moments where you live in the now, past and future doesn’t matter
You are intensely, fully, wholly


You live as a whole being by being in the now.
Your guru honour you by helping you to live in the now
You honour your guru by living in the now.

Take yourself serious!
Who are you?
How do you know?

Are you a physical being?
Are you an eternal being?
Are you both?
How do you know?
How do the different aspects of you co-exist?
How do you know?
Why are you here?
How do you know?
Do you live a life as you or as a series of roles?
Gender, age, marital status, job, hobbies, fantasies…

Is what you let live just facades, should’s
Reactions to upbringing, society, religion?

Is this who you are?

Can you learn who you are from books, youtube videos,
Churches, counsellors, spiritual teachers or any other means
Other than your own being, your own heart?

Can you - ask yourself
Can you?

Does it matter who you are?

If you live a life of roles, of masks,
Does it matter that you are?

If you live a life of authencity, allowing moments of being YOU
Not roles, not masks

Does it matter that you are?

When you cannot get answers from books, youtube videos
Churches, counsellors, spiritual teachers

How do you know?

Do you trust yourself?

Have you tried?

Observe yourself, have both feet on the floor.
Be real, nobody but you need to know

Observe yourself
Look at yourself in the mirror

Do not change anything, do not understand anything,
Just greet the friend you see in front of you when you look into the mirror
Who are you?

You are a cosmic being (16)
You were born a human
You had a life -
You died

Shiva dance

You have your experiences

You are not your experiences
You are not a product of your experiences

You are free

Will you see or sleep?

You are a cosmic being
You are born a human
You have a life -
You die one day

Shiva dance

You have your experiences

You are not your experiences
You are not a product of your experiences

You are free

Will you see or sleep?
Shiva dance

You are a cosmic being
You will again be born a human
You will have a life -
You will die

Shiva dance

You have your experiences
You are not your experiences
You are not a product of your experiences

You are free

Will you see or sleep?

Why are you suffering? (17)
This is not the same question as
Why is there pain?

There is pain because something happened to you
That your body or mind didn’t like
Or you did something to you
That your body or mind didn’t like

Or there is suffering because a way of life
A goal, a purpose, a meaningfulness
That you believe is the only that will make your life worthwhile
Is missing

The suffering is as intense as the belief is
Is your belief true?

Does the meaningfulness of your life depend on something
You don’t have?

If so
Do you do what it takes to get it?

If not
Go deeper


What we seek in the outer world
lies hidden in our inner world

Go deeper

What is the meaning of it all?

Ask your body
It will tell you answers like
Fulfilment of needs
Of air, water, food, security, sex

Ask your mind
It will tell you answers like
Getting rich
Being famous
Being attractive
Fitting into or rebelling against
Social norms

Ask your heart
It will tell you answers like
Finding your soul-mate
Uniting your inner male with your outer female -
Inner female with your outer male
A fulfilled life
Live authentic
In integrity

Ask your 3rd eye
It will tell you answers like
Truth. Light.
Realising the interconnectedness of life
If someone is suffering
What can you do for them?

Ask your crown chakra
It will tell you answers like

You are already there

Don’t just think it
See it
Feel it
Be it

Have you ever experienced expanded states of consciousness? (18)

Oneness with all there is?
Overwhelming compassion?
Inner light so dense that it is fluid?

If you have, the experience makes you thankful

Thankful to life
Thankful of existence
Seeing life as sacred.
Thankful to God - if you are so inclined

In any case
It also makes you eager to help others experience the same.
So many arguments, so much suffering
Would disappear
If you realise we are all one
If you hurt someone - regardless if you agree or disagree with them
You maybe hurt the other, but you are certain to hurt yourselves.
Anger is always a sign of insecurity
Only true compassion does not create arrogance or other forms of anger

After having experienced
Oneness with all there is
Overwhelming compassion
Light so dense that it is fluid

You know what in you that is real
And what in you that is just a mask

You do not need to believe in God
A belief is a concept, a mental idea

An experience is a fact

God is just a name, a metaphor for something way above of what words can convey
Does God exist or does He not exist becomes a meaningless play of words.

When the sacred oneness is experienced, you no longer believe

You know.
Your knowing is subjective - you know, but you cannot convince others!
Believing or not believing is relevant when you have no personal experience

Not after

If you have had higher conscious experiences - a direct knowing,
Start there, and ground yourself with it.

Remember - Words describe experiences
In stillness are experiences

If the experiences you have are those your body offers, start there.

Your body is the most dense part of you
Your mind penetrates your body but can also expand beyond your body
Your Spirit penetrates your body and mind, and is in its essence expanded,
Unlimited, encompassing "the all"
Can you dance your longing?
Can you dance your anger?
Can you dance your sadness?
Can you dance your fear?
Can you dance your laziness?
Can you dance your resolve?

How was your dance?
Does it make sense?
What do you see?

Don’t analyse
What do you see?

Are there something you need to do
Something you need to experience
Something you need permission to be
for you to be who you are

If what you need involves other people
you need their consent
Otherwise, the only that can take away or give
permission for you to experience what you yearn for
Is you
You, your integrity, your concience
Can you face yourself if you go ahead?
Can you face yourself if you do not go ahead?

Doing this once
is a beginning

Doing this twice makes sense

Doing this over and over
makes progress

Are you your mind?
What is "mind"
In your mind are thoughts and images

There is also stillness

Are you your thoughts and images?
Are you the stillness within?

Thoughts and images can be observed,
So the observer is not the same as your thoughts and images.

When you observe your thoughts and your images
You see that most thoughts are about doing, wishing, judging

When you observe
Do not judge your observing of your thoughts
Your thoughts may be about judging, your observing is not

Just stay aware
Choicelessly aware (19)

This is meditation

Spirit is consciousness
Spirit is Amen
Spirit is Aum or Om
Spirit is God

One manifestation of Spirit is light (20)
The physical Sun with its light is a symbol of Spirit
The heart of the Sun is Spirit

Be thankful to life

Consciousness is love
Consciousness is light
Consciousness is life
Consciousness is prana (21)

One way to honour the light is to meditate on the Sun
Meditate on the light before dawn
Meditate on the Sun as it is rising
Meditate on the Sun at noon
Meditate on the Sun as it is setting

Whenever you can, close your eyes and drink the Sun
With those of your sensing organs that can cope
With the powerful light from the Sun (22)

Your 3’rd eye
Your heart
Your entire body


Erik.   Last edition 16 October 2012 small changes 2 Dec 2012


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