5 day Ascension course Further Steps.

Balance, Upliftment and Higher Consciousness

ASCENSION and the need for Ascension Is much talked about and much misunderstood. Ascension is another word for initiation. Ascension is not the name of a specific workshop, but of a way of working. Actually, Ascension has been embedded in our way of working for more than a decade, for example in our business name “STARBRIDGE” as well as in our business logo.

The two Ascension courses are stand alone courses, the first spread over 3 interconnected weekends, the second a five-day corse. In both courses we will move through phases of Balance, Upliftment and Higher Consciousness. Every persons experience will be unique and often a powerful one. If you are new to Ascension, we trust you will see your path unfold in front of you as you attend the course.

Today, it is evident that the world is changing; Light is increasing. This means that there is an magnificient opportunity for expansion and upliftment of consciousness – a move from the ego to the higher Self on a mass-scale. At the same time there are signs everywhere of breaking down of order and of a worsening global crisis.

Paramahansa Yogananda may be spot on, when he says: “Unpredicted extremes (in nature) is meant to bring out the conqueror in man, to encourage him to look behind the apparent disorder and to spiritualise his will with Gods will”.

In short, the truth is that the world is presently going through an initiation, or failure of such, collectively as well as individually.

In our ASCENSION courses we attempt to facilitate an individual quickening and realignment of consciousness. This may either happen as a result of exercises, silent meditation, contemplation on music and on transformative, cosmic symbols, the Path of Dharma, the booklet many of you already know. Each symbol represent a development path of dharma – right living and is therefore a pillar of inner balance, helping you to grow and better cope with stressful times.
In the course there will be little emphasis on work with personal issues – the focus and invitation is for each of you to let go of the past and personal issues and to create fresh values and realign with the wisdom within your own being.
As always we respect that every one of you has your own path in life, and we never force you further than you are prepared to go.

5 day Ascension course Further Steps.

Weekend workshops and 5-day workshops have each their own advantages, but in a 5-day workshop the possibility of intensity and in-depth work is somewhat enhanced. The tools and aim of this workshop is the same, as the weekend Ascension workshop, the longer time within the group energy may mean we can have a further emphasis on higher consciousness, also allowing this course to be an alternative for those that was tempted to join the Initiation course, but didn't for whatever reason.

October 10-14
Times: All days 10-6
Price: $ 440.00 including a non-refundable deposit of $100.00, to be payed in full at the beginning of the first weekend, unless you have arranged a payment plan on our website, If you enrol and pay the full amount on or before 10' September, a early bird discount applies, bringing the total to $352.