About Us

At Starbridge Centre we work with individuals, couples, and groups through counselling,
hands on healing, experiential ascension workshops, teaching courses and meditative paintings.
In all our work we respect each individual path in life and we never force you further than you are ready to go.
The following principles gives an essence of our philosophy:

Respect for religions without being religious: We believe that any religious path can lead to God and is giving guidelines as to how to live a honourable life. All true religions have the same core; it is like a sparkling diamond with multiple facets. Each facet shines from a different angle but it is the same Divine light they all are reflecting. It is not membership into a particular religion, but adherence to its ethics that matters.

Intrinsic goodness of our core: As human beings we have an intrinsic core of goodness in each of us. We are essentially benign and not intentionally harming. Every human has a divine spark within, even if this is unconscious and hidden by darkness.
Our work focuses on inviting that innate goodness to grow and manifest itself in ways that is of benefit to self and to others.

Dharma as bridges between world events and personal events: Dharma is the guidelines for living a noble life in accordance with eternal values, and in accordance with individual integrity.
Integrity means coming from one`s own mind instead of patches of others mind. In living and thinking we create a resonance pattern that spreads like ripples to those who are closest to us, to the environment, to nature and the larger society. Each of us affects world events, which we all collectively are responsible for.
Modern science shows that the smallest parts of the physical universe are interconnected and inderdependent, applying that one is affecting all, the same that spiritual science always has taught. And we as human beings are no exception.

Safe passage into higher consciousness: Spiritual development inclusive meditation is the ascension from the unreal to the real, and eventually the merging of β€œme” with my higher purpose, the Self.
In higher consciousness everything is blissfully contained, truth is seen unhindered without any compromises, both that which is within and that which is in the world. An increasingly number of people today are longing for higher consciousness.
However to do that safely a strong grounding must be established. There must be a readiness to face truth because the risk is that you will see what you are not ready to see; that which drastically exceeds the flexibility of your mind.
Just like climbing a mountain requires a guide that knows the way; ascending into higher consciousness safely requires the help of someone who's been there before or someone who can help you read your map.