Esoteric aspects of development

Dharma, Initiation, The Yugas

Ascension, our definition: “Ascension' describe a quickening and realignment of consciousness. This shift is understood both as due to global phenomenon, and as due to personal effort.”

These are all different names for what basically is the same phenomenon: Ascension Quickening and realignment The Self becoming common, Initiation.

“The process we for the time being is in the middle of, in essence has to do with the Self becoming common. If this is true, many things becomes understandable, It is most important to make clear, that the Self becoming common is not to be taken to mean that the immense glory the first, historically immensely important Selves were surrounded by is what the common man is heading towards. The task is not that we all shall become for example Buddhas or Christs. Their energy are far above the level of the Self. Neither shall we become mystics like Frans of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Milarepa or Yeshe Tsogyel. What we hopefully will reach in a foreseeable future is to find, realise and live from the Self. Become Self-responsible and find the authentic inner basic friendliness. This step is a long qualitative step ahead for our, our feelings and our ethics, compared with the way of living for a fully unfolded mind, but such a actualised, initiated self is on the other hand far behind both enlightened and Mystics. The Self is a in principle achievable ideal for mankind at the present time, while Enlightenment is a in principle unachievable for the masses at the present time. The Self has as part of its characteristic, a expanded perspective of consciousness: the global, mankind. The Self also have a difference in the perception of time. If we imagine that someone with a realised Self looked at the earth and mankind right now, such a person would perceive that the level of Self was very close to becoming a common phenomenon. The time-frame wherein a Self is, is very different from the time-frame a normal mind operates in, and it is difficult, maybe in principle impossible to explain clearly for a normal mind, how in fact the time is for a Self. […] If we imagine a person with a realised Self looking at our present time, examining the evolution of consciousness, it seems as if the Self is about become common at any moment, attempting to translate that to the time frame of ordinary mind, the spreading of the Self will happen maybe within a year, decade or century, and the process is already progressing.”

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: “Selvets Virkelighed “

The mechanism that will enable the Self to spread and become a common phenomenon is partly the sum total of spiritual information emanating from the long list of already realised Selves, partly maybe by a sort of morphic resonance. The level of consciousness described as the Self is becoming ripe for spreading in a sort of chain reaction.

Translated and edited from Jes Bertelsen Selvets Virkelighed The Reality of the Self published 1988 p 53f.

What is morphic resonance? […] “This hypothesis, which is known as the hypothesis of formative causation leads to a range of surprising predictions that provide ways of testing it experimentally. For instance, if a number of animals, say rats, learn a new trick that rats have never performed before, then other rats of the same kind all over the world should be able to learn the same trick more easily, even in the absence of any known kind of connection or communication. The larger the number of rats that learn it, the easier it should become for subsequent rats everywhere else.”

Applied to the mind, morphic resonance puts more emphasis on the actual state of mind rather than the appearance of mind. If we for example say one thing and do another, the influence we have depends on the stronger of the resonances, not of our convincing words or nice facade. In this light, we can – and do well in doing - all the 'right things' to achieve Ascension. But only a level of consciousness that bestow Grace, that knows our sum total of karma, can determine the outcome the only level of consciousness that can achieve this is God! We will cover two main reasons for Ascension As a result of conscious spiritual effort As a result of being born in this particular time, at the end of an epoch Some religions and many 'sects' and 'gurus' claim that their followers are the only that are safe, will succeed in Ascension, and all other will perish. We believe it makes sense to practice some spiritual technique. If we practice a technique it is a good idea to check if we practice the spiritual teaching we claim to follow, or if we just pay lip-service to it, in other words, if we practice what we preach. It is a good deed to good works and spiritual practices.

We do not believe that anyone can know if in the process the Earth is in – Ascension - he or she is 'saved', if the process will leave him dead or uplifted, regardless of beautiful inner experiences and promises from authorities. Frankly, only God knows!

Acceptable compromises? In order for Ascension to be a success for the individual, this individual must genuinely and actively embody 3 basic processes: Grounding Preparation Transformation.

What is grounding?

Grounding and integrity - Psychologically speaking That the individual is able to face truth

Ungrounded – Psychologically speaking Inability able to face truth

Grounding and integrity – Spiritually speaking Openness for the higher with the integrity of the mind intact

Ungrounded – Spiritually speaking “Do as you please and lament the consequences” Spiritual and or psychological ungroundedness will also show up as physical ungroundedness, cold feet or hands, Lack of balance.

Here from “Basic counselling Skills, From our E-learning course: Extended course in counselling

Surviving Ascension: In these years the concepts of grounding and integrity to a constantly increasing extend have an extra dimension: The amount of suffering in Man at the moment is so great, that in order for our consciousness to expand safely, in order to be able to survive Ascension, we must be able to Face the suffering of mankind!

The coming crisis The truth has to be told “As far as the world of man is concerned, I don’t think there is much chance of converting the masses against their own past. They are creations of the past, and their past will come to its crescendo in the coming crisis. The masses will be drowned in that crisis. I feel sad about it, but the truth has to be told. Only a few people in the world will be able to survive after this global suicide, and those will be the people who are deeply rooted in consciousness: alert, aware, loving, and ready to disconnect themselves with the past completely and unconditionally, and ready to begin the New Man and the new humanity with the freshness of a child. […] Yes, all the predictions of the ancient seers, like Nostradamus, that the world is going to end by the end of this century, are true in a very different sense than it has been understood… The old [humanity] has to disappear to give place to a new Man with fresh values: with one Earth undivided into nations, with one humanity undivided by religion. […]

Osho (1987) Here from J. Hogue: “The Millennium Book of Prophecy”

A grounded person act from integrity. Integrity: Coming from one’s own mind, not from patches of other’s minds; the ability to maintain his or her own standpoint without loosing respect for other standpoints .

Someone grounded, coming from integrity, will learn from mistakes, and will therefore move towards being guided by an inner sense of what is right and wrong. The esoteric name for this is Right Living or Dharma.

In order for Ascension to be a success for the individual, this individual must genuinely and actively embody 3 basic processes: Grounding Preparation Transformation

Preparation: The only way we can prepare for Ascension, is to be grounded, and live from integrity. Attempting to do this will lead to an interest in Right Living or Dharma

Paramahansa Yogananda has this to say about dharma: “Dharma – the eternal laws of righteousness that uphold the universal structure and the very existence of human beings”. “When there is harmony with the divine workings of creation, problems will solve themselves. It is as simple as that – and as difficult as that”. (“A World in Transition” p. 128 “). The cosmic order (rita) that upholds the universe is not different from the moral order that rules man’s destiny”. (“A World in Transition” p. 185) “Fate, karma, destiny – call it what you will – there is a law of justice which somehow, but not by chance, determines our race, our physical structure and some of our mental and emotional traits. The important thing to realize is that while we may not escape our own basic pattern, we can work in conformity with it. That is where free will comes in. We are free to choose and discriminate to the limits of our understanding, and. As we rightly exercise our power of choice, our understanding grows. Then, once having chosen, a man has to accept the consequences of his choice and go on from there.”

“An Autobiography of a Yogi” Here quoted from Stephen Arroyo: Astrology Karma & Transformation p.5

dharma and right living as seen in ancient egypt

Dharma and Right Living is universal and a part of major religions throughout the ages The ancient Egyptians have this famous description: Weighing of the heart The Afterlife - The Egyptians believed that to get to the afterlife they would have to pass through a dangerous place […]. But first they had to pass the greatest test of all in the Hall of Two Truths. This test involved weighing the heart, the only organ which had been left in the body. The heart was placed on one side of a balance and in the other side was placed the Feather of Truth: the Feather of Truth held all the lies and sins of their past life. The 3 great gods, Osiris, Anubis and Thoth, decided the result of the weighing. If the heart passed the test then the dead person was allowed to enter the gates of Yaru but if the heart failed the test then it was eaten by a terrifying monster known as the devourer. The devourer was part crocodile, part hippopotamus and part lion and once it had eaten a heart the dead person was gone for ever, which we understand as – being forced back into the cycle of reincarnation..

As a man thinks in his heart so is he

Proverbs 23:7 I

n our understanding this fateful weighing the heart determines whether the soul is or become enlightened, and do not need to reincarnate – and enters the gates of Yaru, or, the soul do not pass the test, and karma swallows it, it reincarnates. If you are interested in further depth about what happens in the afterlife, see the article Ascension and death and dying. We go in even further depth in our Certificate course: death and dying, both the E-learning version and the on-site version.

Dharma or Right Living seems to be a universal phenomenon, described in amazingly similar terms throughout history and across all faith. This leads to the obvious question: Where does dharma originate from? As we saw in 'Cosmos and Us', the current scientific view is that consciousness is a prooduct of matter. The inevitable conclusion to that, is that any individual would not be able to acces information not accessible to the memory or sensory organs of this individual. A lot of transpersonal experiences, as for example explored by ther Checkoslovakian psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, contradicts this.

In many cases can a person remember verifyable events that this individual could have known nothing about. All this leads to the inevitable questionmark on the scientific theory of matter before mind, and thus allows for a reasessment of the ancient esoteric theory of consciousness as a universal phenomenon, permeating everything. In fact some science writers are nearing themselves to that type of thought.

In Our bio-friendly universe “James N. Gardner presents a startling hypothesis for how our apparently bio-friendly universe began and what its ultimate destiny will be. Originally presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals, his radical “Selfish Biocosm” hypothesis proposes that life and intelligence have not emerged in a series of Darwinian accidents but are essentially hardwired into the cycle of cosmic creation, evolution, death, and rebirth. He argues that the destiny of highly evolved intelligence (perhaps our distant progeny) is to infuse the entire universe with life, eventually to accomplish the ultimate feat of cosmic reproduction by spawning one or more “baby universes,” which will themselves be endowed with life generating properties. In this explanation of the role of life in the cosmos, Gardner presents an eloquent and lucid synthesis of the most recent advances in physics, cosmology, biology, biochemistry, astronomy, and complexity theory. These disciplines increasingly find themselves approaching the frontier of what was once the exclusive province of philosophers and theologians. Gardner’s Selfish Biocosm hypothesis challenges both Darwinists and advocates of intelligent design, and forces us to reconsider how we ourselves are shaping the future of life and the cosmos.”

Here from

Read about James N. Gardner here:

The idea of the universe as meant to evolve intelligent, is supported by another scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, trying to describe how form arise: Morphic Resonance […]

Rupert Sheldrake writes: “I am going to discuss the concept of collective memory as a background for understanding Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious only makes sense in the context of some notion of collective memory. This then takes us into a very wide-ranging examination of the nature and principle of memory-not just in human beings and not just in the animal kingdom; not even just in the realm of life-but in the universe as a whole. Such an encompassing perspective is part of a very profound paradigm shift that is taking place in science: the shift from the mechanistic to an evolutionary and wholistic world view. […] The alternative is that the universe is more like an organism than a machine. […]. With this organic alternative, it might make sense to think of the laws of nature as more like habits; perhaps the laws of nature are habits of the universe, and perhaps the universe has an in-built memory. […] The approach I am putting forward is very similar to Jung's idea of the collective unconscious. The main difference is that Jung's idea was applied primarily to human experience and human collective memory. What I am suggesting is that a very similar principle operates throughout the entire universe, not just in human beings. If the kind of radical paradigm shift I am talking about goes on within biology-if the hypothesis of morphic resonance is even approximately correct-then Jung's idea of the collective unconscious would become a mainstream idea: Morphogenic fields and the concept of the collective unconscious would completely change the context of modern psychology”

Edited from Rupert Sheldrake article on the internet:

James N. Gardner and Rupert Sheldrake's ideas have long ago been understood by the mystics, for example the Sufis. (Sufi is a sect of Islam):

Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan: "Man is not only formed of vibrations, but he lives and moves in them; they surround him as the fish is surrounded by water, and he contains them within him as the tank contains the water. His different moods, inclinations, affairs, successes and failures, and all conditions of life depend upon a certain activity of vibration, whether these be thoughts, emotions, or feelings."

Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan 1983 p. 5, here from Carlisle Bergquist: “Doorways in Consciousness”

“The vibrations of evil that mankind leaves in the ether upset the normal harmonious balance of the Earth. When the Earth becomes very heavy with disease and evil, these Etheric disturbances cause the world to give way to earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters”. Paramahansa Yogananda We all share the responsibility for the wars, which are being fought at the moment “We share the responsibility because the mental energy is moving through us, and because we spontaneously identify with it without purifying it at all. Those structures and tendencies that globally are in the mental flow, are constantly confirmed by us, we are feeding on them, repeating them, having them, etc. and we distillate something positive out of it which we identify with, and spread the negative away from ourselves. In this way we constantly are removing the negative from ourselves; and so it will emerge at some other place in the world. Thoughts are without space; they are not placed in a part of space, so when I refuse my responsibility for something, my pushing away, disowning, my shadow and my other negativity, will force the negativity to emerge some other place in the world, inevitably, and result in negative actions. Weaker individuals will be caught in our negativity and act accordingly. A bombardment of negative thoughts hit a certain place and release a war” [or a natural disaster].”

Jes Bertelsen “Dybdepsykologi 4”

*Jes Bertelsen (b. 1946) is a Danish philosopher who has been working with spiritual development since the 1970s, and who started the Centre for Growth in Nørre Snede in 1982. He has written many books (in Danish) about depth psychology, the interpretation of dreams, meditation and spiritual development.

Good Danish article about Jes Bertelsen here:

Dharma as a tool to Ascension This path does not hold any attachment to experiences, Just to please Godour higher self, our inner conscience, our love for truth. Grace or disaster, How grounded do you want to be? The Natural consequence of grounding is some form of dharma, integrity and Compassion. Compassion requires an open heart An open heart requires ability to handle truth Will you see or sleep? When someone within our perception is in suffering what do we do? Dharma as a tool to reach God An approach to self development that is radically different from the therapeutic tradition is that of Dharma.

man holding jail bars infront of himself, self entrapment

Therapy is based on strengthening and balancing the ego, ultimately working with projection, but with the object of work determined by of the client’s choice, via intellect, emotions, dreams, body-language, aura etc. Working from the perspective of dharma, we go the other way – regardless if I know I have a problem, regardless if I consider it important, my distance to dharma will tell about my distance to my higher Self or God; if we act in accordance with right living, if our lives please God, our higher Self, our deepest sense of ethics, we will have contentment. (Do not confuse this to mean that things are nice and easy).

If on top of this our previous karma is not in the way, We will live a good life. All our miseries, including current and coming earth changes, are a result of transgressions against Dharma from this or another lifetime. If we therefore, faced with life as it is, have the integrity, flexibility and strength that some years of self development can give, maybe a next step would be to ask If I mirror my life in key words of Dharma, How is the “score”? If we are honest, we are likely to see, that in particular areas our deeds are some distance from “Right living”. Seeing this, we know why things are not good, and thus where to start working.If we want to survive Ascension, if we want to please our higher Self or God.

To learn more about counselling, see our E-learning category.

To learn more about dharma, see our E-learning category Transpersonal counselling.


Doing the Will of God: “Man is victorious when he lives not in accordance to his will but according to the will of God. And the moment you drop your will, your ego, your private idea of achievement, life moves on a totally different plane. Then each step is a victory and each moment you come closer and closer to immortality. […] The moment you are ready to risk, for that which is invisible, for that which is beyond words, beyond logic, beyond mind, for that which can never be measured, for that which can never be reduced to a system, you are taking a quantum leap. The mind will call it mad. But that madness is real sanity. That madness is the most precious in existence. It is because of a few mad people that humanity has not lost contact with God. A Buddha here, a Jesus there, a Mohammed somewhere else – just a few people, but they remained in contact with God and through them the whole humanity has remained in contact with God.”

OSHO: “A Must for Morning Contemplation”, 52 and 26.

Ascension; Quickening and realignment; The Self becoming common; Initiation: We can – and do well in doing - all the 'right things' to achieve Ascension, but only a level of consciousness that bestow Grace, that knows our sum total of karma, can determine the outcome – the only level of consciousness that can achieve this is God.

Transformation is the actual shift, from one level of consciousness to a higher level. This happens when the resonance from our higher nature is stronger than our identification with our problems. Another name for this is Initiation

painting of initiation (or ascension) into the heavens

Blake: Jacobsladder All is beauty and harmony here


people falling of the ladder during their initiation

A bit more struggle and failure for some here

Initiation is the consequence of dharma and discipline -

The point of singularity “This is one of the great secrets about initiation: to make everything converge in the same direction, to convince all ones contradictory tendencies to pull together, to impose one’s will on them, and if need be, to reduce them to slavery. And when one has welded all those unknown, hidden energies into one, when one has learned to launch them all together towards one glorious, luminous, beneficial goal, then one becomes a focal point of such intense, powerful light, that one is free to send rays of light in every direction, like the sun. But before becoming a focal point of radiation like the sun, one has to practise a discipline, an ascetism which seems to be just the reverse. Actually, […] Concentration is a necessary prelude to radiation and expansion. If a human being, to take just one example, did not have a physical body, he would be diluted in space; he would be nowhere. In order to manifest one has to begin by condensing.”

Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov: “The Splendour of Tipharet”, p. 257.

The Great Initiation What does it mean? (This quote relates to ascension understood in the ultimate sense of enlightenment, what is happening on Earth now is more more down to earth.) “Initiation means BECOMING CONSCIOUS. You are now conscious to a degree corresponding to the resistance of your nerves and body. When a person becomes conscious to a higher spiritual degree, he automatically guides higher, stronger more penetrating powers into his body. For this reason, he must also raise the level of resistance of his nerves and body. To achieve the supreme, divinely creative degree of consciousness, while at the same time increasing the resistance of the nerves to the supreme degree in order to be able to endure this divine condition without harm to the body – that is what (the great) initiation means. Initiation also entails omnipotence and omniscience. […] “Man can adapt himself up to a range of an octave to different vibrations and bear these vibrations without death. […] In the GREAT INITIATION, all the currents of force corresponding to the seven levels of consciousness are conducted into the body, beginning with the lowest (the root chakra, our addition), and moving progressively upward to the very highest divine creative currents. The candidate is initiated in all these forces and becomes conscious on all levels. (All unconscious portions of his soul become conscious; he has no subconscious or superconscious). For a candidate to be ready to go through this initiation and come out alive, his consciousness, and with it his power of resistance – must previously have reached the sixth level.” […]”But remember very carefully the following: When you become conscious in one octave and vibration, you are in tune with this frequency, and its whole sphere represents ABSOLUTE REALITY for you. When you have passed the test in one degree, you will be taken in the next sphere and realise that you were only dreaming on the level below. But if you don’t pass the test, that is, if you IDENTIFY yourself with the events and don’t succeed in remaining master of them, all of these dream pictures remain real for you, and you will have to experience all of them to the very end as real events in the world of time and space. That would mean that your body would die (here in this coffin) and you would have to go on dreaming your own dream pictures in countless reincarnations, on the long path of mortal existence, for many thousand of years while you gradually struggle upward from this lower level to which you would have fallen”. “When you pass all the tests, you experience all the lives that you would have to experience as a fallen soul on earth. Free of time and space, you experience them as DREAMS, awakening on the next level of consciousness. Finally you awaken on the seventh level, in the cosmic consciousness of the Self. This divine state […] is no longer an awakening, but a resurrection! Then you have been liberated from your person, which is also only a projection, liberated from your personal fate. You are redeemed.” […] ”In the great initiation a great circle of the law in which your destiny manifests itself in the world of time and space is closing. This circle, your earthly career, was already determined and set in the very moment you fell out of divine unity for the first time, just as a boomerang, at the moment it is thrown, has within it the forces that determine the kind of circle it will make. How high it will raise, how much time its flight will consume, and when it will return to its starting point. […]

Elisabeth Haich:”Initiation”, p. 146.

The Great Initiation: Destiny is an incarnated projection of the future, a materialised dream. In the initiation, all the negative forces that were made manifest in the fall from a higher level of consciousness are offset by positive forces. (The inner tension within the forces are dissolved away. The energies then fade away, loose their power, and are destroyed). The debts are thus paid. After you successfully have passed your initiation, you will enter into a condition without fate. As long as you manifest God’s will, you will have no person of your own and consequently no fate of your own. You will be free of the law of action and reaction. But if you identify yourself in your consciousness with your person, with your body, you will create a new wheel of fate for yourself and again be subject to innumerable reincarnations.” As long as a person allows the will of his Self, the will of God, to rule, what happens on the material plane, in the so-called “reality”, is what he himself consciously wants. CONSEQUENTLY HE HIMSELF IS ALSO IN CONTROL OF HIS DESTINY. This is because a person’s Self has the power to take these dreams of his, which are waiting in his subconscious for materialisation, and transform them into spiritual energy. On the other hand, the moment a person identifies himself with extraneous forces which are rising, not from within his Self, but from within his lower nature, his body, and the moment he recognises these forces as his own will, what happens is no longer what he himself wants but what his body wants, even though he may be fully convinced that this is his “own” will. In this way he looses control over his destiny and is completely at the mercy of the blind forces of fate. In this case, the “dream pictures” and projections lying latent in his subconscious unavoidably and with absolute certainty turn into “real” events on the earthly plane”. Edited from “Initiation”, High Priest Ptahotep. The path of initiation, a process we all are in whether we know it or not As man evolves, he passes from one state of consciousness to another. This is a process we all are in, whether we know it or not. The final stages of his long journey are frequently referred to as the path of initiation, which most religions divide up in five stages or points of crisis. Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated for man than in the life of Jesus Christ, where each initiation was preceded by a journey, symbolising the treading of the path. In the holy scripture of The Bhagavad-Gita, the tales about Arjuna can also be seen as referring to the path of initiation. 1577 O.-L. Vrouwekathedraal, Antwerp The first initiation: “Compassion catches on” The first initiation, represented by the Nativity in the stable or cave at Bethlehem, symbolises the birth of Christ consciousness within the heart of the individual who has now been summoned by his soul to a new life.

The initiation and empowering of the heart chakra happens, when compassion significantly begins to show itself, when a spontaneous GIVING-attitude in stead of only a TAKING attitude begins to manifest. The good news is that an increasing number of people today are on this path, ready for the first initiation.

Jes Bertelsen says (edited): “In the initiation experience you will get a contact with an inner guide or master. It is a real transfer of spiritual energy from a collective pool, the enlightened dimension. At this level, your energy system is able to attract this high vibrating energy field, which you most likely will see as an individual because of your physical consciousness. This is the first initiation. When the first initiation happens, you are deeply shaken; you will never be the same again. It can still be beneficial to see counsellors and healers and attending courses and workshops, but the centre is definitely within yourself. You will now have one focused drive in your life – to reach that stage again. The projection will not again go out to other people; you will have an inner direction.

In the FIRST initiation your nose will be pointed to the path that is yours”.

the life of christ, the captism of christ by cappella sistina

Pietro Perugino (c.1450-1524) and Bernardino Pinturicchio (1454-1513 Scenes from the Life of Christ: The Baptism of Christ. Cappella Sistina

The second initiation: “Compassion takes over” The second initiation, the Baptism in Jordan, indicates the culmination of purification of the lower self and its readiness to enter a cycle of intense outer activity. The throat chakra is empowered. Now compassion is not only a part of your life – compassion takes over and becomes the primary focus in everything you are doing. In the second initiation you will be placed upon your path. Jes Bertelsen says that from now on during the following lifetimes – you may quickly find your path again, maybe before you are 35 years of age. Nowadays it is not so common to find people on the second step of initiation.

Here from Jes Bertelsen: Hjerteboen og Ikonmystik

picture of the third initiation

The third initiation: “Karma becomes visible” From the third initiation and onwards, the initiation experience is so hard for the physical body that the person risks to die from it.

In this initiation, often called THE TRANSFIGURATION OF CHRIST, the chakra at the forehead is empowered, and the whole person becomes illuminated, bathed in light from above. The third initiation symbolises the submission of the lower nature to the purpose of the soul – “and his face shine as the sun (soul) and his raiment (aura) was white as the light” At this initiation, Peter, James and John symbolize the physical, astral, and mental aspects of His human nature.

Jes Bertelsen describes an illumination experience like this: “Illumination is a glimpse, a split second, where you are enlightened, “X-rayed” with light. If it had been longer time, you would probably have died. An illumination experience affects you in approximately the same way as an initiation.

An illumination experience is hard; you are thrown into a realization of how much darkness and unconsciousness there is in you. There is no self-pity, no judgment, it is just hard.” Again a vision of what is lying ahead is given, ones karma becomes visible. It is only after this initiation that the Self definitively is guiding the personality, allowing light increasingly to flow into the purified and ready channel, says Alice Bailey. It is neither necessary nor advisable to develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance etc. before this initiation.

Today, this level, the third initiation, is only rare amongst people.

christ on the cross by rembrand


The fourth initiation: “Suffering is not suffering” At the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion of Christ on Golgotha. The word Calvary (Lat. Calvaria) means "a skull". “Christ” symbolises the soul crucified on the two beams of time and space. At this stage, it appears to be the crown chakra which is activated. The life for that person, who takes the fourth initiation, or “the Crucifixion”, is one of great sacrifices and sufferings. You are simply doing Gods will, regardless of the pain and losses it causes you, seen from an ordinary “commonsense” point of view.

According to Alice Bailey, you will at this stage attract an inner support-group. The level of the fourth initiation is extremely rare today.

the ressurection of christ

Piero de la Francesca: Ressurection

The fifth initiation and onwards: “The karma of mankind” The fifth initiation is divided in two halves, the Resurrection and the Ascension. Not much literature is found on these initiations, which Alice Bailey describes as the first of even higher, cosmic initiations. The work of the initiate of the fifth degree relates to the karma of mankind as a whole.

Examples of well known initiates of the fifth degree, physically alive today, are Sai Baba in India, and Ammachi, who is ceaselessly touring the world giving blessings to many thousands of people. But we understand that also other initiates of the fifth degree are physically alive today, even if they are unknown to the public and have withdrawn in order to do their work.

Collective Ascension and Initiation: “The inhabitants of the earth receive their initiation in small groups and then in larger and larger ones, all inter-related with the other. A person can be initiated individually within his own lifetime, and a nation can receive initiation if it works its way up to the highest level of development and fulfils its task here on earth. Eventually, the whole world will receive initiation by completing the full circle of (the zodiac), experiencing step by step all stages of initiation in a systematic development, and finally achieving complete spiritualisation – salvation from matter. Measured according to earthly time standards it will take ages and ages for this development to be achieved. For countless times the earth will have to go through the zodiacal circle, both in terrestrial and in cosmic years […]. The history of mankind on earth is not a matter of accident or happenstance. It is important for you to know that every step of development takes place according to divine providence, following a divine plan. A person can cover this infinitely long way in a single lifetime IF he concentrates his will exclusively on this goal”

Phahotep in Elisabeth Haich:”Initiation”, p. 267.

The secret of success Is understanding That YOU are the final measure Of everything you accomplish. For that work alone is noble which ennobles its creator

J. Donald Walters (Kriyananda): “Secrets of Success” day 28

Ascension – Quickening; The Self becoming common; Initiation; These are all different aspects of what basically is the same phenomenon. We can – and do well in doing - all the 'right things' to achieve ascension, but only a level of consciousness that bestow Grace, that knows our sum total of karma, can determine the outcome – the only level of consciousness that can achieve this is God. A god portion of dignified humbleness is thus an obvious beneficial travel companion.

Being great it passes on Passing on, It becomes remote; Having become remote,It returns

Lao Tsu, describing the Tao

The Greek Myths “Some deny that Prometheus created men, or that any man sprang from a serpent’s teeth. They say that Earth bore them spontaneously, as the best of her fruits, especially in the soil of Attica, […] These men were the so-called golden race, subjects of Cronus, [See weekend 1, Saturn] who lived without cares or labour, eating only acorns, wild fruit, and honey that dripped from the trees, drinking the milk of sheep and goats, never growing old, dancing, and laughing much; death, to them, was no more terrible than sleep. They are all gone now, but their spirits survive as genii of happy music retreats, givers of good fortune, and upholders of justice. Next came a silver race, eaters of bread, likewise divinely created. The men were utterly subject to their mothers and dared not disobey them, although they might live to be a hundred years old. They were quarrelsome and ignorant, and never sacrificed to the gods but, at least did not make war on one another. Zeus destroyed them all. Next came a brazen race, who fell like fruits from the ash trees, and were armed with brazen weapons. They ate flesh as well as bread, and delighted in war, being insolent and pitiless men. Black Death has seized them all. The fourth race of man was brazen too, but nobler and more generous, being begotten by the gods on mortal mothers. They fought gloriously in the siege of Thebes, the expedition of the Argonauts, and the Trojan War. These became heroes, and dwell in the Elysian Fields. The fifth race is the present race of iron, unworthy descendents of the fourth. They are degenerate, cruel, unjust, malicious, libidinous, unfilial, treacherous.”

Edited from Robert Graves: “The Greek Myth I”, p 43


illustration of the worlds ages, the yugas

The Ages of the World, The Yugas: We learn from Astronomy that the Earth is circling around the Sun. The Sun is circling around a star, (we believe this star to be Sirius). The Sun is circling around Sirius in about 25.000 years Science believe the Earth has existed 5 billion years, this means it has passed through approximately 208.000 full cycles Oriental Astronomy In Oriental astrology the same cycle is considered to take 24000 years The sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves round it in about 24.000 years “We learn from Oriental Astronomy that moons revolve round their planets, and planets turning on their axis revolve with their moons round the sun; and the sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves round it in about 24.000 years. The sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand centre called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the universal power. Brahma, the universal magnetism.

Edited from Sri Yukteswar in “The Holy Science” p. 9-10

Dharma – Right Living This may need and certainly deserves to be read a couple of times: “When the sun in its revolution round its dual [Sirius, our addition] comes to the place nearest to this grand centre, the seat of Brahma […], dharma, the mental virtue, becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of Spirit. […] Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world. After 12.000 years, when the sun goes to the place in its orbit which is farthest from Brahma, the grand centre […], dharma, the mental virtue, comes to such a reduced state that man cannot grasp anything beyond the gross material creation. Again, in the same manner, when the sun in its course of revolution begins to advance toward the place nearest to the grand centre, dharma, the mental virtue, begins to develop; this growth is gradually completed in another 12.000 years. Each of these periods of 12.000 years brings a complete change, both externally in the material world, and internally in the intellectual or electric world, […] Thus, in a period of 24.000 years, the sun completes the revolution around its dual and finishes one [.] cycle consisting of 12.000 years in an ascending arc and 12.000 years in a descending arc.”

Edited from Sri Yukteswar in “The Holy Science” p. 9-10


Where we are now Vishvas Gaitonde From Article in SRF magazine winter 1999

Astronomical calculations show that the lowest point of the present equinoctial cycle occurred around A.D. 500 when the ascending Kali began. The ascending Dwapara commenced around A.D. 1600

Oriental astrology claims that there is a direct link between where the Earth is in this cycle and the level of consciousness generally present on Earth at the time As man evolves, he passes from one state of consciousness to another. This is a process we all are in, whether we know it or not. The final stages of his long journey are frequently referred to as the path of initiation, which most religions divide up in five stages or points of crisis. The good news: we are 1505 years above the darkest part of Kali Yuga, the utmost bottom The bad news: we are 10.405 years from the top.

“Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world. When the sun in its revolution round its dual comes to the place nearest to this grand centre, the seat of Brahma […], dharma, the mental virtue, becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of Spirit. […] After 12.000 years, when the sun goes to the place in its orbit which is farthest from Brahma, the grand centre […], dharma, the mental virtue, comes to such a reduced state that man cannot grasp anything beyond the gross material creation. Again, in the same manner, when the sun in its course of revolution begins to advance toward the place nearest to the grand centre, dharma, the mental virtue, begins to develop; this growth is gradually completed in another 12.000 years.

Each of these periods of 12.000 years brings a complete change, both externally in the material world, and internally in the intellectual or electric world, […] Thus, in a period of 24.000 years, the sun completes the revolution around its dual and finishes one [.] cycle consisting of 12.000 years in an ascending arc and 12.000 years in a descending arc.” Edited from Sri Yukteswar in “The Holy Science” p. 9-10

The righteousness in the heart: "If there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in the character; If there is beauty in the character, There will be harmony in the home; If there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation; If there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world:


“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

New Testament

In any given time, the general population will have a level of development corresponding to the Yuga, the age the earth is in at that particular time, meaning that we have a rise and fall of civilisations happening, with a full circle lasting 24.000 years.

Five states of the human heart: Dark, propelled, steady, devoted, and clean. By these different states of the heart, man is classified, and his evolutionary status determined Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 23 1.

Kali Yuga “In the dark state of the human heart, man harbours misconceptions (about everything). This state is a result of ignorance and produces a man of the lowest caste. He can grasp only ideas of the physical world. This state of mind is prevalent in Kali Yuga, the Dark Age of the cycle. … This state of man is called Kali; and whenever in any solar system man generally remains in this state and is ordinarily deprived of the power of advancing beyond the same, the whole of that system is said to be in Kali Yuga, the Dark Cycle”.

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 24

“Passing beyond the first stage in Brahma’s plan (the dark heart) man strives for enlightenment and enters the natural warrior caste. He is propelled (by evolutionary forces) to struggle (for truth). He seeks a guru and appreciates his divine counsel. Thus a “warrior” (kshatriya) becomes fit to dwell in the worlds of higher understanding”

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutras 25, 26

The propelled heart. When man becomes a little enlightened he compares his experience relating to the material creation, gathered in his wakeful state, with his experiences in dream, and understanding the latter to be merely ideas, begins to entertain doubts as to the substantial existence of the former. His heart then becomes propelled to learn the real nature of the universe, and struggling to clear his doubts, seeks for evidence to determine what is truth.”

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 25, 26 2.

Dwapara Yuga "Cleaning up”. Entering Bhuwarloka (the sphere of fine matters or electric attributes; “air” or “the world of becoming”)*, man becomes “twice born”. He comprehends the second portion of material creation - that of finer, subtle forces. This state of mind is prevalent in Dwapara Yuga. The state of the steady heart in man is Dwapara; and when this becomes the general state of human beings naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Dwapara Yuga.

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 28

*Bhuwarlokaka: A Sanskrit word covering both the meaning of “ethics” and “essence” 3. Treta Yuga: Thawing up. In “heaven” man is fit to understand the mysteries of the magnetic third portion of material creation. He becomes a nearly perfect being This state of mind is prevalent in Treta Yuga. In the state of the devoted heart in man, withdrawing himself from Bhuwarloka, the world of electrical attributes, Man […] becomes able to understand the whole of darkness as well as the entire creation. Man is then said to belong to the nearly perfect class. This state of human beings is called Treta; when this becomes the general state of human beings naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Treta Yuga.

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 29 4.

Satya Yuga: Light. Through true repentance man reaches “the great world” (Maharloka, the region of the Atom) […]. No longer subject to the influence of ignorance (Maya), he attains a clean heart, void of all external ideas. He enters the natural caste of “knowers of God”, (Brahmans). This state of mind is prevalent in Satya Yuga. Man in the state of the Clean Heart continuing Godward further lifts up his self to the region of magnet, the Atom; then all the developments of Ignorance being withdrawn, his heart comes to a clear state, void of all external ideas. […] This stage of the human being is called Satya, and when this becomes the general state of man naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Satya Yuga.

Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 30

Collective Ascension At the end of an epoch – in our case, the end of Kali Yuga, the world undergoes a partial deluge – partial End-Of-Days, where a lot of people ar reborn to help or to be 'tested', are they ready to speed up their vibrations, are they ready for Ascension, or are they not. Those who are not ready will slowly or not so slowly die in accordance to their karma, and then not be reborn on Earth until their vibrations can bear it. We are now in a partial dissolution “Whenever this earthly school has fulfilled its temporary purpose in God's sceme according to cyclic timing, or whenever all the inhabitants have been fully educated in manifesting complete divinity, then, through a cosmic deluge, Spirit will not only release human beings but also the karma-tortured active atoms of the earth. In partial dissolutions, only certain areas of the earth are “dissolved,” such as the continent of Atlantis and the Land of Mu (Lemuria) in the Pacific”

Paramahansa Yogananda The Bhagavad Gita p. 447

Those who are ready will have a lot of work to do in compassionate helping the suffering and rebuilding after ecological and other disasters happening around us Our time.

“The world is suffering too much because for the first time in the history of human consciousness, man has lost track of human existence. Nobody has ever suffered like us. People have been poor in the past, very poor; people have starved, but people have never been so spiritually poor. People have never starved spiritually so much as today”

Osho,”A must for Contemplation before Sleep”

For more about the physical upheavals relating to this end of an epoch see Earth Changes


Do you want to improve the world? I don't think it can be done.

The world is sacred. It can't be improved.

If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it.

If you treat it like an object, you'll lose it.

There is a time for being ahead, a time for being behind;

a time for being in motion, a time for being at rest;

a time for being vigorous, a time for being exhausted,

a time for being safe, a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are, without trying to control them.

She lets them go their own way, and resides at the centre of the circle.

Tao Te Ching

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