How to survive psychologically

As we have seen in the previous articles, not least the Earth changes article, the statistical chance is big, that the cosy lifestyle we have developed in the West will soon falter, and many traumatic situations ensure.

This small article is meant as a starting point, an inspiration for those who can see the gravity of our present global situation, but who have done little to check their rediness for the traumas ahead.

Obviously, to work with imbalances, for example via the archetypes, to pray, meditate, contemplate, to try to remove hypocricy and come closer to the divine, is our way of life, and the way of life we teach, here at Starbridge Centre and on this website.

In the light of what is to come, a humble meditative or contemplative praxis can mean the difference between coping or not coping with changes.

If you already have a praxis, just make it more sincere, if you do not, shop around until you find something that is meaningful for you, and stick to that.

At Stabridge we teach in depth how to manage our issues and lift the energies (See Experiential workshops) On this website is a number of free oline meditations.

What causes a Trauma: "Anything that drastically exceeds the flexibility of the mind"
The less flexibility you have in your mind, the more your life will be filled with traumas

If we don't cope, a trauma will ensure.

What creates flexibility of mind: The primary reason why we do not have flexible minds in whatever area that is, is because of conscious, or more likely, unconscious fear.
Fear is caused by not being able to handle the real or perceived reality we are in.
Often fear is based on past experiences, and can be counteracted by mustering the courage to doublecheck if the present is similar to the past event that triggered the fear.

Grounding and integrity - Psychologically speaking: That the individual is able to be present and partake in everyday life with its duties and joys.
Ungrounded – Psychologically speaking: Inability able to be present and partake in everyday life.
Grounding and integrity – Spiritually speaking: Openness for the higher with the integrity of the mind intact.
Ungrounded – Spiritually speaking: “Do as you please and lament the consequences” Spiritual and or psychological ungroundedness will also show up as physical ungroundedness, cold feet or hands, Lack of balance.

Here from “Basic counselling Skills”

The spine. The base of your body and mind
“Shiva said: Consider your essence as light rays rising from centre to centre up the vertebrae, and so rises “livingness” in you.Many yoga methods are based on this. First understand what it is, then the application. The vertebrae, the spine are the base of both your body and mind. Your mind, your head, is the end part of your spine. The whole body is rooted in the spine. If the spine is young, you are young. If the spine is old, you are old. If you can keep your spine young, it is difficult to become old. Everything depends on your spine. If your spine is alive, you will have a very brilliant mind. If the spine is dull and dead, you will have a very dull mind. The whole of yoga tries in many ways to make your spine alive, brilliant, filled with light, young and fresh.”

Osho: “Meditation the First and Last Freedom. P. 193 - 194



an aura reading of the spine when a person is commited to spiritual growth but with integrity problems


Energy gushing out from the spine

This is an aura-reading of someone with a sincere commitment to growth, but with a few integrity problems. This illustrates graphically the predicament someone with integrity problems is in - The build-up of your own energy, necessary for you to have stamina and ‘push’ in your own life, is impeded by energy leaking out from your aura, making you less able to stand up for yourself, more in need for one or more people to lean on.
The energy leaving your spine does not just leave you - it attaches itself onto whoever you believe is a support for you, meaning that you loose your own energy, and give someone else power.

Integrity problems can be worked with on many levels. A good start, before difficult psychological work is attempted, is to strengthen the connection with our backbone, the physical spine via hatha yoga, swimming, running, gymnastic, massage etc.

Psychologically integrity problems can be worked with by working with projections in psychotherapy. If working Contemplative, Integrity problems can be worked with by for example contemplaating the Tarot, the Zodiac the path of dharma. All three are based on ancient wisdom, and all three methods are accessible on this website.

If you want to work with yourself promise yourself to do your best, and if you need to lie to someone, at least do not lie to yourself and to God. Read the instruction carefully, if you do not understand it, email us or write in our forums, do not work with something you do not understand.

Generally it is not ideal to meditate directly on a computer screen, certainly not if it is an older model. If you have the means, we suggest you purchase your own tarot card set (Rider Waite or Oswald Wirth's set, we do not recommend any other), or make good colour copies of the pictures, that you meditater on. Choose the set of pictures you want to work with, do not just work with those you like, if you choose tarot, work equally long with each card (for example one card per week)

Similarly, with the zodiac and planets, take one sign and its ruling planet at a time, for example following the astronomical year (dates are printed at the picures)

The path of dharma is a very deep tool of meditation. On Starbridge Centre we use specific contemplations for each of these, but we are not yet sure if it is safe for the general public, so therefore the technique we suggest is: With a relaxed glance, look at the picture, while you simultaneously feel your spine.

Allocate a regular time daily, do not overdo it, find an amount of time you can allocate everyday. It is better with say 15 minutes daily, than one hour for a couple of days and then nothing.

As extra support, in times of trauma many mainstream and alternative methods are proven effective. The medical profession, psychiatrists and psychologists should always be consulted if servere traumas are present!

As first aid, many alternative methoids have proven worthwhile
Dr Emoto has provern from is photographs of ice crystals from water exposed to different feelings, that if a glass of normal water is exposed to a positive word, (for examplewritten on a piece of paper for example wrapped around the glass), the ice crystals formed from this water is more harmoneous and beautiful, leaning weight to the idea of the healing power of such water.

See for example here:

The water can be potensised by floweressense as for example in The Bach flower remedies Emergency kit, works for many. See for example here:

The Bush flower essenses are wellknown for their potency See for example here:

or by geometric figures as for example in Sai Babas healing tool: Sai Sanjevini:

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