UFO's as Archetypes

UFOs, are they space-travel machines? Dimensional shift devices? Arcetypes? Why are they here?
We will in this chapter investigate UFOs understood as archetypes, and UFOs understood as physical spacecrafts.
After investigation, most UFOs actually become IFOs — Identified Flying Objects. However, a small residual, from 3% to 30% depending on who is doing the counting, remain unexplained

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man looking at ufo spaceship


“Among the many witnesses who report UFO sightings, a small percentage (only 2-3% according to U.S. Air Force statistics) have been exposed as hoaxers. Some have held to their stories in spite of persuasive evidence of a hoax, and the determination of specific cases as hoaxes has been contentious. The cases listed below—if lacking conclusive evidence—are at least widely suspected of hoaxing, though some still have defenders among prominent researchers:

  • George Adamski, contactee.
  • Ed Walters of the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO reports.
  • Majestic 12, purportedly a secret, high-level United States UFO study group.
  • The Maury Island Incident
  • Billy Meier, contactee.
  • The Ummo affair, a series of detailed letters and documents allegedly from extraterrestrials.”
From Wikipedia

the atlantis dome

UFOs have been here before
“Atlantis lasted almost 250,000 years from its first age to its final days, the last of its islands going beneath the seas around 9,000 years ago. This means that if you reincarnated into the Earth realms during the past quarter million years, the odds are high that you lived in Atlantis for one or more lifetimes.
Since the culture of Atlantis existed through nearly 10 grand cycles of the "precession of the equinoxes", you may have spent literally hundreds of lives in Atlantis or its colonizes.
Atlantis was not the only civilized society on Earth. In the Pacific area you may experienced lives in a land called Lemuria. Cycles repeat, and the same stellar energies that governed the last days of Atlantis have come full cycle again. Atlantean souls began returning to Earth during the past century in numbers significant enough to affect the development of many nations on Earth—especially technological nations such as Germany, the United States, England, and Russia.
Long ago, the Atlanteans understood the "precession of the equinoxes" and the resulting cataclysm far better than we do. They embarked on a project that took more than 100 of our current years to complete. Far from their Atlantean homelands in a region they knew to be safe from the Earth changes— they built a time capsule—a message to help future humans understand what had happened.
They knew the mistakes they had made for themselves at that time. But it was too late to stop the destruction, for the greater Earth changes had already come, destroying their homelands and the great civilizations they had built. They knew earth changes would surely happen again, as the precession reached its apex once more, 13,000 years hence. They built their time capsule to last—to warn future generations in time to avoid the mistakes the Atlanteans made, and save civilization from destruction.
The Atlantean time capsule was not merely a building but a "machine" of sorts—and instrument which could foretell when the same fate would come to those of the future— the people of the 20th century. This is the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. According to my source, the Great Pyramid was constructed over 12,500 years ago. My dream voyages have shown that the Great Pyramid is an Atlantean instrument conceived by Ra, a priest from the land of Dar, and engineered by Thoth (Hermes) from Atlantis. Construction was carried out by a work force of native Egyptians and the black races of people known as the Nubians and Zuleans who occupied the east and west banks of the southern Nile River. If the cycle is to repeat —the changes will come swiftly and without warning. In Atlantis 95% of the population was lost to the waters. Lesson three: Lemuria. Ec-kar's students consider Lemuria their Motherland. He teaches them that it was in Lemuria that the colonization of Atlantis first began. The Lemurians were like thought projections - not physically solid. It made them higher in frequency and closer to the Creator's energy vibration level. Their souls came to Earth to experience the physical vibration. They were large in stature, about nine feet tall. Their skin had an aqua cast changing from blue to green in conjunction with two seasonal cycles each year. Their faces were elongated, and oval. Their eyes were large with lids running vertically. The texture of their skin was slightly scaly. They breathed through their skin, not lungs. The temperature of the planet, the atmosphere, the light and the orbits of the other planets were much different then. The first Lemurians were androgynous - neither male nor female. Ec-Kar teaches that the Earth has seen many civilizations - some of who have come from other worlds to learn and experience. "The Dome of Light works in a similar fashion by capturing and holding the energy at the moment of transference between star energy and its converted opposite. The captured energy is stored in containment chambers buried deep beneath the Dome to use any way we choose."
Ec-Kar pauses, to see that the class understands, before he continues. "Through the tuning devices we use aboard our Valix craft, and in our homes and buildings, the Dome of Light transmits the power generated via ultraviolet waves, thus propelling our ships, cooling and heating our cities, or allowing for communications. The power is immediately transferred, whatever the need. However, there is a dark side to this great invention as well, for it is also a weapon of imaginable power.
"The reason we are here is not only to introduce you to Atlantean technology, but to let you experience another benefit of this great power - soul travel. A student raises her hand. "Yes, Ma-Riel?" "I have observed the Valix craft many times, and that is does not have an operator of any type. How can this be? And how is it that it runs so silently, floating above the ground as it does? Those my from country say it is magic, and that the Atlantean magicians are to be feared." Ec-Kar moves closer to the class as he responds. "Ma-Riel, that which is misunderstood often creates fear. 'Magic' is merely a way of explaining what is feared …the unknown." "How does the Valix, the people-transporter, work?" asks Ma-Riel. Ec-Kar responds, "The Valix, and indeed all Atlantean technologies, operate through the Dome of Light. Each transport-vessel draws energy from the nearest Dome. Once accessed, power is transferred to the 'motivational instruments' inside the Valix craft. Amplifiers are embedded throughout the outer skin of the vessel, and these circuits create an opposing gravitational force that interacts with the Earth. This lifts the craft. For most uses, the Valix are automated and follow preprogrammed routes. No operator is required." Jalaum for the Ur, raises his hand and asks, "Ec-Kar, is there a distance limit for the transporters?" "For ground transports, remote operation is possible to the horizon. For air transports, the outer atmosphere is the only limitation for the ring of the Domes created in our land serve as a network. Each contains the others." "The Dome of light was originally designed to communicate with intelligences existing in alternative realities, and ultimately, with the Creator."
"Did this work?" asks another student. "Yes. We were able to follow a departed Atlantean from the moment of his death to his next reality. We broke contact only just prior to his return to Earth in a new incarnation. You must realize that the Dome of Light, while it may appear to be a marvel to you, is simply an instrument that allows us to do what our ancestors accomplished with the power of only their minds. For in the early days of Earth, we were much closer to the Creator."

This is small excerpts from a much larger article found here:
Atlantis: Channellings Gordon Scallion: The Journey of Om from Dream Voyager

According to modern science we are now at the pinnacle of human evolution. According to ancient philosophy and esoteric science we are only just above the lowest level of consciousness, just out of Kali Yuga. For more on the Yugas, see the article “Esoteric aspects of Conscious Development”.

One way of understanding the upsurge of UFO sightings is that our slightly expanded minds now can reach old memories from our collective unconscious.

fake ufo picture seen through trees

The internet is full of images of UFOs, the good clear ones are usually artists impression or hoaxes, the genuine ones usually small dots only experts can be exited about.

how we see what we want to see, myller lyre

Myller Lyre

What is it that makes it possible for us to see something?
It is easy to design tests that show that people perceive things, including - everyday objects – very different. It is therefore also obvious that people may in fact “see” unusual entities, events, etc, but not perceive them. To perceive, seems to require a sort of passing a treshold, a substantial amount of people able to see. There is this famous story about an expedition that visited a remote island.
It was the first time the natives saw a white man. The natives were puzzled how the white people had come, because they could see the little rowing boat with with they came from the mother ship, but could not see the big sailing ship anchored in the bay, simply because such a big ship “does not exist”. When their shaman eventually could see it, he was able to help everybody else to be able to see it.

The 100'th Ape: Rupert Sheldrake has formulated a theory describing just that. His theory about “morphogenetic fields”, claims that events and even organs form guided by the resonance from a sort of “standing wave” or foce field, created by repetition of a pattern, so that it becomes, causing formation.
A famous aspect is that it seems as if there is a treshold, before the treshold things have difficulty to form, after enough has been able to cross the treshold in spite of the difficulty, it suddenly becomes easy for everybody. This phenomenon is called the 100' ape syndrome. Research support this theory, see for example Cymatics: http://www.cymaticsource.com/

With the above morphic resonance theory in mind we may ask: How many UFO sightings will it take before we all can see them?

UFO Sightings: Eastern Hemisphere

map of ufo sightings in the eastern hemisphere

UFO Sightings: Western Hemisphere


map of ufo sightings in the western hemisphere

The above maps show the distribution of UFO sightings around the world in the last 50 years.


What are UFOs
A lot of them become IFOs – identified flying objects, mostly mundane objects, for example meteors, weather balloons, loose kites, weird (military) gadgets etc.
Some are not. There are reliable sightings of crafts turning in right angels, accelerating and decelerating in ways defying Newton's 3' law: ("For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."). Some of these sightings probably are extraterrestrial machinery, actual non-earthly non-human, flying machines with non-earthly intelligent crew. Some may be crafts belonging to other dimensions of this earth, maybe etheric, astral, maybe other sub-layers or quantum physical parallel-worlds, maybe from the future from when we master time travel.

The existence of intelligent life from outside earth: If the blueprint of life or maybe even life-forms already formed, came to us via the water from space, for example as sturdy bacterias or maybe even more delicate organisms, (as stated in the panspermia theory, see 'Cosmos and Us' and Ascension Scientifically), if life is a cosmic and not an earthly invention, it will make the already enormous odds for extraterrestrial life even more convincing! If other lifeforms also is formed from blueprint or lifeforms from the same comets that carried the earthly 'starting point', it would make sense to expect life of non earthly origin to follow largely the same layout as our genotype, with variations in phenotypes and in long-term adaptations. ET may in fact look fairly human!

Do extraterrestrial life need an UFO in order to travel from one place to another in Cosmos?
Well, if our extraterrestrial brothers can what the more advanced of humans can, then the answer is no – Highly advanced meditators, for example, may develop the ability for astral projection, at will being conscious in their astral body, loosening it from the physical body, and enscrouded in the astral body alone, move from one place to another in the universe or on planet earth, at a speed far greater than light, and with their own willpower as the only propellant.

picture of padre pio

Padre Pio, here from http://www.pax-power.de/padrepio.htm

Padre Pio was born on 25th May 1887 in Pietrelcina (Benevento), and died 23. September 1968 He was a holy man of the Franciscans order, and became known for his stigmata and for his ability for bilocation, he was more than once seen in more than one place simultaneously. The Siddha linage guru Muktananda has mentioned similar abilities in an interview with one of the American astronauts that visited the moon (source pt unknown)
Ability to bi locate physically is drawing on spiritual laws outside the scope of these articles.
Being anywhere you wish astrally, as in visions etc, is an ability related to a developed 3' eye. Maybe being where you wish astrally was what Spielberg's ET meant, when in the film ET points to the boys 3' eye and says: 'I am Here'?


alien encounter from the movie et


The powers of the extraterrestrials
Descriptions from many eyewitnesses of extraterrestrials agree that many of the described Ets have astounding psychic powers, leaning weight to the theory that these beings do not need a UFO in order to be here themselves. This mean that maybe in some cases the 'UFO' is our brain's perception of the dimensional shift etc an astral traveller require, so it is not a 'craft' but an energy field. Obviously, if these beings want to manipulate physical objects, communicate with physical means, collect samples etc, they have to be, or be able to become physical. This again lead to an understanding of UFOs as dimensional-shift-forcefields or machinery.

A 1996 Gallup poll reported that 71% of the United States' population believes that the government is covering up some information about UFOs.

The Seti project: is a scientific project searching for Et's

Why are they here anyway? Maybe they have never not been here
The question of why extraterrestrials are here is in our opinion simple – they have never not been here, they are here because the creation of cosmos is an interconnected and interdependent process, and so is life. Life is spread throughout cosmos, interconnected and interdependent. We are only now nearing a state of mind that can comprehend
In “Esoteric Aspects of Conscious Development” we describe how we these years are coming out of the lower part of the Yugas, and thus getting brighter and brighter. This means that the human mind gradually are ready to comprehend things more complex than black and white either or etc, as for example quantum physics illustrates.

the mandelbrot set by jenkins

A Mandelbrot set

In a Mandelbrot set the same pattern is repeated on level after level all patterns mirroring each other.
The Mandelbrot sets illustrate an understanding of reality stemming from quantum physics: “Indras Net”: “In the Heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object and in fact IS everything else.

"In every particle of dust, there are present Buddhas without number.”

Fritjof Capra: “The Tao of Physics”

Indras Net illustrates how we are interconnected with everything: Gradually we are realising that regardless if we talk about ecology, food, air quality or consciousness, the conclusion is the same – it is not a reflection of reality to isolate and 'solve' a prolem locally, we are not alone, right up to cosmic proportions are we all interconnected. (The cosmic interconnectedness is covered at some depth in Cosmos and Us). This gradually increasing of awareness is still continuing, maybe aided by what often is described as “The Quickening”, a phenomenon that often is felt subjectively, and may have some connections with the Shuman Resonance and the change in amplitude this frequencies is undergoing (see Ascension Scientifically).

violent image of blood from video game doom 3

An alien monster from a computergame A projection of our own deepest unconscious?Most science fiction books, movies and computer games describe aliens or at least some aliens, as less than friendly.The most likely explanation for this is on two levels – If we imagine zillions of intelligent races some are bound to use their intelligence destructively. Mars is said to have been inhabited by intelligent humanoids, that destroyed themselves in a atomic war. Some people living on Earth today have deep subconscious mewmories of having lived on Mars. (And yes, NASAs probes are said to have detected high levels of radioactivity, that could be consistent with such events!).
As an example of the endless multitudes of celestial visitations from all over the universe, we can mention those ETs from the Orion starsigm. some of them are not so benign, and some of them are very benign and our friends. We understand that the highly intelligent friendly ones from Orion, in fact are here to secure that the "badies" are not causing problems for the inhabitants of the Earth.

The law of projection: Everything unconscious is projected


A psychological understanding of why we often see aliens described as dangerous and reptilian has been hinted at in many of these articles – the law of projection .
The negativity within ourselves that we absolutely do not want to know of, the negativity that is there, but that we are not game to admit, needs to be projected even further away than just on earthly bastards, a politician, a terrorist, a criminal, etc, they are maybe dis likable, but they are also human, so the deep destructive powers deeply within must be pushed further away – into cosmos. Stanislav Grof have in “Beyond the Brain”, an excellent book, described how the birth trauma instills in us such powerful titanic fights between good and evil, that it requires a cosmic setting, a “war of the worlds” to describe the tension within, if we do not acknowledge it as our own inner birth trauma, and work with the energies on that level..

water colour picture of the cosmic brotherhood by ulla sandersen

Cosmic Brotherhood. Painted by Ulla Sandersen

Logic tells us that there are intelligent life in numerous places in cosmos
”After all, the existence of intelligence is not a near-zero probability matter since WE exist. And if it IS nearly a near zero-probability, considering that near-zero probability for each of a trillion billion stars makes it almost certain that somewhere among them intelligence and even technological civilizations exist. If, for instance, the probability were only one in a billion that near a given star there existed a technological civilization, that would mean that in the universe as a whole, a trillion different such civilizations would exist.”
Science author, Dr.Isaac Asimov: “Extraterrestrial Civilizations”.
New York: Crown Publishers, l979.

Scientists wanting a career:
Previously science didn't believe interstellar travel could be possible, so UFOs were not taken serious by scientists that wanted a career. Science began to evolve, we had Einsteins relativity theory, making time relative to speed, we had quantum physics operating with multidimensional realities. Gradually science is catching up. It is no longer impossible to theorise interstellar travel, even on scientific grounds, given that we assume there is energy enough available.As usual science fiction bridged the gap between a growing understanding in the public, that extraterrestrial life is a rather logical conclusion to the sheer numbers of stars. - and the still existent 'scientific' sceptisism. Ray Bradburys Mars Chronicles, H.G.Wells The War of The Worlds, just to name two famous books, both had rather hostile but intelligent alien cultures on Mars..
Today films have for a long period taken it for granted that intelligent life is out there, and visiting us. (For example Stanley Kubric: 2001, Star Wars, Spielberg: Close Encounter and ET. Also films like Independence day, Men in black, etc.)
Interestingly enough, there is also quite a large proportion of popular films where aliens are rather likeable. Maybe this indicates that we generally are beginning not to need to project our own negativity that far away. If one understanding of physical UFOs begin to be scientific possible now, what will happen in a few years time, will other theories for what UFOs are also become scientific?

Let us return to the concept of Ascension:
“Ascension' describe a quickening and realignment of consciousness.
This shift is understood both as due to global phenomenon,
and as due to personal effort.”
A quickening and realignment of consciousness
We understand the realignment that is going on to be both an internal one,
with our inner higher truth
And an external one, with our cosmic brothers, waiting for Earth to be ready to reclaim its membership as one among many in the Great Cosmic Brotherhood..

To what extend is the realignment with our cosmic brothers

  • Non-physical: coming through in dreams and visions
  • Physical: showing up as UFOs, Et's, Crop circles etc

This question has two facets:

Our cosmic brothers, are they choosing to express themselves via their physical bodies or via their astral aura?
Are we humans predominately receptive via our physical senses or via our clairvoyant capabilities
Not many are clairvoyant, and even if some humans may be good at picking things up clairvoyantly, the rest of us being dependant on these few capable humans, would make the message of dialogue with non-earthly intelligent life vulnerable to much abuse from false 'clairvoyant' attention seeking etc.

UFOs As means or metaphor of the process of realignment

  • Internal Realignment: The Alchemic Vessel
  • External realignment: Cosmic Brotherhood

Internal Realignment - Archetypes
Jung identified identical, primordial, inherited images, or modes of perception in the collective unconscious.

The archetypes can be conscious or unconscious. “The structures manifest strikingly similar in dreams from people of different creed, sex, religion and culture, and are images or ideas which regulate perception itself.
These images also appear in world mythology, and Jung concluded that these “archetypes” represented “absolutes” in the human psyche.

Edited from Jes Bertelsen Course notes

Cosmic projection

Jung says: “The starry vault of Heaven is in truth the open books of cosmic projection in which are myths and archetypes. In this vision, astrology and alchemy, the two classic functionaries of the psychology of the collective unconscious, join hands”
C.G. Jung

[Jung speaking about the upsurge of the UFO sightings] ”It is not presumption that drives me, but my conscience as a psychiatrist that bids me fulfil my duty and prepare those few who will hear me for coming events which are in accord with the end of an era. As we know from ancient Egyptian history, they are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one platonic month and at the beginning of another*. They are, it seems, changes in the constellation of psychic dominants, of the archetypes, or “gods” as they used to be called, which bring about, or accompagny, long-lasting transformations of the collective psyche."
*[Definition: [Astrological Ages] Exactly one-twelfth of a Great Year. The length of a 'Platonic' month equals 2160.4 years. [2002 AD] The term appears to have first been coined by Carl Gustav Jung in Aion - where, in footnote 84, he gives us its calculated length: 2 143 years. Two centuries earlier Voltaire had proposed the concept, but not given it this name.

Here from http://www.geocities.com/astrologyages/jungsplatonicmonth.htm]
C.G.Jung: “Flying Saucers A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky” p XI f.

In our understanding UFOs are not necessarily either archetypes and thus “not represent[ing] anything external, non-psychic, or physical spacecrafts and thus to be observed by radar, optical instruments etc. The nature of UFOs may be a bit like the quantum nature of for example light: An UFO is both an archetype and a spacecraft, depending on how we ask! UFOs as archetypes represent an inner realignment with our cosmic aspects. This is a appropiate understanding of UFOs as they appear in dreams and astral visions etc.

The archetypical UFO can also be seen as an allegory on Earth itself

picture of earth from space, focussed on the asia region

The Earth as such is a spacecraft Traveling through space at 108.000 km an hour!
The earth could be described as a 'spaceship' with mechanisms that ensure renewable supplies of food water and air, and relatively minimal interference's from the surrounding cosmos other than the influx of light and heat. A hermetic vessel is a device like that

The hermetic vessel or retort

This is a devise used in many labs the world over today. If you have some material, that for example in order to crystallise, needs a constant temperature for a long time evaporation is a problem. In a retort there is a devise leading steam away, cooling it and leading it back in, so that the content remains cooking but without evaporating.
A retort or hermetic vessel where no exchange of energy and matter takes place
with the surroundings is not possible, but pretty good approximations are.
The alchemic way of using the retort aims at splitting up the wrongly connected aspects, refine them, and then let the refined substances reform in higher ways.
The purpose of the alchemical vessel is to facilitate a refinement, a quickening or Ascension of whatever is inside the alchemical vessel.
The body of man is a good approximation of an alchemic vessel. The Earth as such is a good approximation of an alchemic vessel. UFOs are a good approximation of an alchemic vessel

UFOs can be seen as archetypes relating to the cosmic aspects of our psyche. Dreams and astral visions about UFOs will therefore reflect a personal Ascension, a personal expansion of consciousness on cosmic proportions. Popular films and the popular interest in UFOs and other similar collective events for example will indicate that a collective Ascension is going on.

enlightened entities in the zodiac painting

The zodiac and 20 enlightened entities with cosmic consciousness

(See the 20 entities/symbols in our online meditation: The Path of Dharma)

Know Thyself: You are the content of your consciousness; in knowing yourself you will know the universe. This knowing is beyond the word for the word is not the thing. The freedom from the known, every minute, is the essence of intelligence. It’s this intelligence that is in operation in the universe if you leave it alone. You are destroying this sacredness of order through the ignorance of yourself. This ignorance is not banished by the studies others have made about you or themselves. You yourself have to study the content of your own consciousness.

J. Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti’s Journal.

The task is to become one with your being, one with your path
Some myth and legends describe that it was extraterrestrials that manipulated the relatively advanced apelike creatures that were our forefathers, so that a quantum leap in consciousness could happen, an ascension.
Stanley Kubric in his film 2001 'A space odyssey' describe the leap in human consciousness from “Apelike to human”, the famous missing link, as an Ascension of consciousness caused by interference's from extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Ascension of human consciousness: The traditional scientific view is still that life and consciousness is a random event, not the least connected to intelligent interference's from anywhere
There is a number of scientist that have tried to challenge this. Fritjof Capra, talked about all things interconnectedness, David Bohm about the universe being more like a thought than a machine. Both men are well-known theoretical physicists. James N. Gardner, is a present day science writer with an intriguing theory. “James N. Gardner presents a startling hypothesis for how our apparently bio-friendly universe began and what its ultimate destiny will be. Originally presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals, his radical “Selfish Biocosm” hypothesis proposes that life and intelligence have not emerged in a series of Darwinian accidents but are essentially hardwired into the cycle of cosmic creation, evolution, death, and rebirth. He argues that the destiny of highly evolved intelligence (perhaps our distant progeny) is to infuse the entire universe with life, […] (See Ascension Scientifically).”

Sheer statistic, not least now where the panspermia theory gathers credibility (see Ascension Scientifically) will make it difficult to imagine that there is not zillions of races 'out there' that is much more advanced than us. Some of these may have wanted to visit us.

crop circle with the earth missing from the solar system

One way of reading this picture is “the inner planets circling the sun”. In that case, Earth is Missing! This crop circle could be a warning, or, more likely, an invitation: “Rejoin us!”
If Crop circles are not hoaxes – and there are no rational reason to believe all of them are – then one possible understanding of their appearance is that non-human intelligent life, are trying to tell us that neither life in it self, nor intelligent life is an earth-invention: We are not alone.


Crop circles – other intelligent beings attempts to communicate with us. “But still there is a general lack in sincere thinking on how to communicate at this level of symbol management. We seem to be stuck in a psychology of ignorance and denial, mystification and interpretation without ever arriving at the conclusion that we have to formulate an answer to an apparent message from outside our human earthbound realm. […] Psychologically speaking at the level of the collective conscious we lack in self-knowledge of first of all knowing our own symbols of culture (there is no world-order agreement but only ego-culture about it) and secondly we have no idea of what as a collective should be our answer to that other intelligence. […]”


ufo seen in the distance over mexico city

This photo is from Mexico City in 1997

True or hoax?

UFOs As means or metaphor of the process of realignment

  • Internal Realignment: Hermetic Vessel
  • External realignment: Brotherhood

Jung suggests that the UFO phenomenon reflects the crisis man is in with the fear generated from the world wars and the cold war, (and probably now continuing into the terrorist fear, ascension fear etc,) maybe in reality sparked by the overcrowding and insane abuse of mother earth.

Paraphrased from C.G.Jung:
“Flying Saucers A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky” p XI ff.


My own experiences: I (Erik) was in this space craft – all interior looked spartan in terms of decoration, all I remember was the colour of the interior, it was a bright yellow. I walked down a narrow ledge with totally foreign looking machinery, totally silent and yet very powerful. I “knew” how it all worked.
This is my earliest memory of a UFO – I was around 5 or 6 years of age, and soon learned not to tell anyone about it. My parents told me it was a dream, but I knew it was not. No, it was not a direct physical contact, but the feel was too real, it was either a past life memory, or a real UFO on the astral.Numerous visions and meditations and guided meditations have brought me into this theme. I have been a space captain, just at the accelerating phase nearing the speed of light, where all light merges to a powerful but not blinding light right ahead. This experience felt like, and I was told, was, “Meeting with God”.

This experience is mentioned here because it illustrates a bridge between the physical and the spiritual understanding of UFOs. Higher consciousness is a meeting with God, and is often experienced as light. So accelerating towards Einsteins suggested “speed limit” may be accelerating to and beyond the ego and its everyday consciousness.

For this to be a safe and worthwhile experience the mind needs a flexibility like the UFOs, to be able to move from cosmic proportions to mundane matters as appropiate. Maybe UFOs are a memory and thus a reminder, that these bridges – between the ego and our real home – cosmos, cosmic consciousness, God, once happened, and now is becoming possible again.

We believe UFOs will land physically 'Close Encounter of 3 degree' style, when enough of us as described in Rupert Sheldrakes theory on morphic resonance', are not so afraid of our utmost unconscious so we need to project it into cosmos, when in other words enough of us are open to our higher aspects, enough of us have undergone Ascension.
Until then UFOs will continue to visit us, predominately astrally, maybe on od occasions physically.

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