What is the Kalachakra?

The kalachakra


The Kalachakra, the great cosmic clock, is an organising structure of consciousness, not of matter, formed as an awe inspiring, deep violet blue rotating flower, a disc of cosmic proportions. Its luminosity is evident. It is the blueprint of man, beyond time and space.


In its universal perspective which is the approach we are presenting in our work and in this booklet, the Kalachakra is a projection of God, one of his very high reflections, but not the only one. Whether you have an attitude about a personalised God, or you believe that something like this does not exist, you will find that the reality is different. The most important in such an experience is the flexibility of the mind.

The immanent organising structure of the Kalachakra existed even before the Big Bang created the universe. You can see the Kalachakra as similar to the Sri Yantra, the well-known visible mandala that the root sound OM creates1, displaying the vibrational pattern of cosmic law and order, radiating out in the created world in four directions, to the north, east, south and west. But it is more true to say that the Kalachakra was before the Sri Yantra.

The Kalachakra has never not been. As the blueprint for body, mind and spirit, the Kalachakra has a composite nature; the different levels of the aura the “koshas”, are not separate layers as in an onion, but multidimensionally interconnected.

The Kalachakra relates to life and to consciousness, wanting to bring the manifestation on to the next incarnation. The all encompassing life is an aspect of the Kalachakra. It covers myriads of life everywhere. As such the Kalachakra offers a path from the normal, outer, face-value measurement of time and towards the centre of the circle, to the higher Self in the core where the outer clock-time is transcended to inner time or timelessness.

The Kalachakra has over aeons of time directed our development as a race, both individually and collectively, up to modern man of today. It is acting as a portal.You can reach the Divine- and you can come back to the manifested physical world again. Mankind's first conscious connection with the Kalachakra in its cosmic aspects goes back to the very distant past.

We understand that the Kalachakra was first used as an explicit path to ascension of consciousness in Lemuria, an ancient continent that existed even before the mythological Atlantis; both these continents are long gone. At that early point in time the Kalachakra path was used by highly advanced spiritual beings to help the pre-humans, our ancestors, to ascend in consciousness - from having a “group-soul” like animals to individuals with each their own human “soul” and each equipped with self awareness. These high beings mentioned in the Bible as the “good shepherds” helped us then, as now as always.

Prior to that evolutionary quantum leap, the human race was close to extinction because of diseases, wars and the threat from dinosaurs as even if these pre-humans were spiritually evolved, they didn't have an ego, the mental capacity to invent means to protect themselves.

The path of the Kalachakra has its origin in Lemuria. It has since got different “colourings”, dependent on which spiritual tradition and lineage it was given to. In the Buddhistic tradition the emphasis is on the mind as a science, and the Buddhistic tradition has preserved the meditative focus. The Hindu tradition is more intellectual. The Hindu cosmology has a great predictive and mirroring capacity. In Hindu mythology the legend of the goddess` Indiras necklace is an example on the depths of the interconnectedness and multidimensionality of this tradition: Indira had a beautiful necklace, a string of pearls around her neck, and if you looked closer you would see all the other pearls are mirrored in each pearl, - mirrors that mirror themselves in mirrors.. According to Hindu cosmology the centre in the universe is called the Vishnunabhi. It has often been translated as the centre of the Milky Way, but there is more to it because esoterically,”Vishnunabhi”, is the centre present in all “systems”, solar systems, galaxies, zodiacs, humans, and so forth. All these are interconnected and together they are creating a Kalachakra, a centre of cosmic proportions – “Vishnunabhi”, the same as the Kalachakra teaching describe.

The spiritual truth in polytheism, the many in the one and the one in the many is evident here as in other spiritual traditions. In ancient Egypt they worshipped multiple deities, and all these “deities” were different portals into the same overall unity.

The same process, from multiplicity to unity and from unity to multiplicity is involved in the final stages of dying, when the dying is in the secondary clear light, as if he is spread out in multiple light or stars, and then, at the moment of death is bathed in the clear white light of oneness. Then, (if the soul is not enlightened here), the primary clear light again spreads out to a multiplicity of stars. The bardo of the secondary clear light is perceived as a vibrating cosmos, a sky filled with luminous stars. At the highest level of consciousness, as well as in the meeting with the primary clear light at death, all stars are interconnected and you experience them all as one.

The human being in its totality is represented in this Kalachakra picture with the help of cosmic symbolism. In particular, well-known Buddhist Kalachakra mandalas. the human totality is depicted as a five storage building with 722 deities. The five storage building is the esoteric human structure with the five koshas (aura layers), and the “deities” are symbolising a hierarchy of archetypes, closer to the level of manifestation and more accessible than the Kalachakra in its cosmic perspective that is coming out now. Here it is the celestial bodies, the stars and the planets that are the “deities”, but they are of a higher hierarchical order and closer to the causal level. It is more radical to grasp for the mind, depending on its level of flexibility and openness.

In Western understanding these “basic energies or “deities” are archetypes, powerful chords or structures in the human psyche. The centre in the Buddhist Kalachakra mandala symbolises the “alternative” time, or the transcendence of time and thinking that happens in higher consciousness. The movement is from the periphery to the spiritual essence in the centre.

It makes a lot of sense that the essence of the Kalachakra is “God's cosmic matrix for us to be” and that getting in alignment with it both individually and collectively, is an empowering and purifying journey. The revelation of Kalachakra techniques to mankind has always been adjusted at the current time in our history. In other words – there is nothing new in the guidance from the Kalachakra, but the level of this guidance is depending on how high we are allowed to go.

The Kalachakra techniques have been around for ages, the path has been walked before, but the path has rarely been walked before on such a high and universal level as now. The Kalachakra techniques that are being released now into the collective are from a level that only are given in time of great need.

The basic energies in the human body are vibrating in resonance with the celestial bodies such as stars and planets. Rudolph Steiner explains this, saying that the physical body is the “echo of the zodiac.”

The zodiac is a shorthand of all the stars in cosmos, and its twelve star signs reflect the diversity as well as the unity of the forces that are influencing us. They are our highest archetypes, our overall blueprint. The stars in the wheel of the zodiac are interconnected with our esoteric structure through the chakras, the nadis and the light ether in our etheric aura. They are the network of subtle energy channels in the body, the subtle “nervous system” through which the energy is flowing.



The Kalachakra and point Omega are two approaches to the same truth. Point Omega is an organising projection of consciousness beyond space and time;  it is both an individual and a collective goal.

Teilhard de Chardin describes in his book, “The Phenomena of Man” (1955) the Omega point in a way that seems to have a great deal of similarity with the Kalachakra. The idea is the same but the tradition is different. Teilhard de Chardin sees mankind moving towards a convergence of systems, a collective Omega point, where the coalescence of the collective consciousness will lead us to a new state of peace and planetary unity in the not too distant future. He emphasises that reaching the Omega point does not mean that we or our freedom will disappear; our consciousness and personalities will be indefinitely enriched. He described the Omega point as whast we would call the higher Self (even if his terminology is different). According to him Christ is the Omega point, meaning that the Christ consciousness immanent in all humans is on the same level as the Omega point.

You have a multidimensional individual point Omega as your inner aim in your own journey, and this point is connected to others Omega points and to the ultimate Omega point in the universe, in accordance with the principle in the Hindu legend about Indira's necklace, about the many in the one and the one in the many. The point Omega is both an individual and a collective ultimate goal.

The transition from one root race towards the next is a step in the collective movement towards point Omega. This is an inevitable cosmic law and is in accordance with the Hindu tradition about the great cycles of time and space, Brahma's breath. The centre of the Kalachakra, the Omega or Christ point is the transcendence of time and thought that is above the intellect. It is the ultimate goal in spiritual traditions. The far-off goal of universal evolutionary convergence, is the Omega point, and it appears to have similarities with the Vishnunabhi, the centre of the universe.

The centre of Buddhist Kalachakra mandalas symbolises the inner state in “alternative time”. The red cosmic man in the centre of the Kalachakra-picture expresses the same phenomenon. We will come to that in the second part of this booklet. According to Hindu mythology the grand cosmic centre, Vishnunabhi, is the centre of the universe. It has often been translated as the centre of the Milky Way. But there is more to it. Esoterically, Vishnunabhi is the centre present in all “systems” (solar systems, galaxies, zodiacs, humans, etc.) they are multi dimensionally interconnected and together they are ultimately creating a superior Kalachakra, a centre of cosmic proportions - a“Vishnunabhi”.

In Jyotish astrology the stars, particularly the twelve constellations in the zodiac, determine your karmic pattern, while the movements of the planets and the sun and the moon determine your personality, your moods etc. In the ancient Egyptian culture the Kalachakra path was astral. The culture had an advanced cosmology. The “Eye Of Horus” was the Egyptian title for the Kalachakra The famous epos of “Hermes`Vision” where the secrets of the universe is revealed is reflecting Kalachakra wisdom. And the strange “djed” – a pillar often depicted on relief's as an object of worship, appears to be both the human spine, the axis of the world, the tunnel at death and the path to the divine – all in one.

The modern analogy that comes closest to the “djed pillar” is the path from the ego to the higher Self - that which in theosophical terminology is the antakarana. Theosophy is to a large degree based on channelled knowledge from ancient scriptures: “The Stanza of Dzyan”, which actually is a Kalachakra text.

Of particular interest here is the science of the antakarana, the path from the ego to the higher Self. It is here you in the West find all the psychologists – Freud, Reich, Jung, Wilber, Grof and so on, all working from their different models of how to purify the personality and with varying success. But the antakarana is now so collectively purified that it makes more sense to focus more on the pull upwards than to only continue to clean the corners. Alice Bailey predicts the science of the Antakarana to be the path of the future. She says:

“The science of the Antahkarana is probably the most important science of the coming time” […] “This is a science which is as yet unknown to humanity, but it will be the coming science of mind of the New Age, the science of building the bridge between lower and higher man, and also a number of other bridges: between members of the human race as a whole; between humanity and the hierarchy and Shamballa; and between this planet and other planets, this solar systems and other solar systems. All these bridges and connections are the result of the correct use of the science of the Antahkarana, which will be the major educational field for humanity in the coming age”. “This is really the science of the Path of Return.” (edited).

Krishnamurti was in a period the leader of an organisation set up by leading Theosophists, “The Order of the Star” meant to support the coming world teacher. We understand that he was meant to bring the new impulse, the science of the antakarana, forward as a means to the exaltation and ascension of the new man. Krishnamurti had a genuine enlightened insight in the highest spiritual wisdom, embedded in the Kalachakra. He emphasised timelessness; “truth is a pathless land”, he said. That was incompatible with the ruling emphasis on cleverness and ego within the organisation, and he dissolved ”the Order of the Star” in 1932 as it according to him failed its true mission.

The pillar-like structure of the antakarana is a basic structure in the created world. The antakarana-pillar is an archetype - a perfect description of the essence of man.

No ascension is possible unless the spine, the antakarana, is involved. Our awareness and flexibility determines our position on the continuum between the personality and cosmic consciousness that this pillar, the antakarana, represents. Especially in times of need it is critical to remember that we essentially are just as much at home in infinite space as in the physical existence on Earth.

This continuity of consciousness has been disrupted by the ego, our identification with the physical body and the illusion of distance and separateness. To recreate the bond to the universe is not possible unless we let go of the ego and surrender, or at least that the ego is temporarily suspended. Albert Einstein says:

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us “the universe”, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of our consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of understanding and compassion to embrace all living beings and the whole of nature in its beauty”.