Ascension Workshop

In a world that gets progressively worse, in an environment that continues to spiral out of control; is meditation the way to get back to your Self?

Shambala Centre of Compassion Now as you all know Victoria is in the grip of a severe drought, with wildfires that may continue to burn out of control for the rest of the summer, along with other strange and unnatural weather patterns.

And on a global scale Australia is warming even faster than the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is warming even faster than previously thought possible; with major ice shelfs breaking off, severe flooding and prolonged droughts. While on the political front things are heating up too as conflict escalates and anarchy spreads.

All this has caused many people to feel alienated from the world, hopeless and lethargic because many people feel like giving up. Because on one hand life continues as normal, yet on the other there is a foreboding that something is very wrong underneath the surface,

Now the good news in all of this is that the Light is also increasing. This can be felt in meditation, yet it can also be seen because for example, a lot of the problems we face today are just old, yet previously denied problems that the now increasing light forces out in the open.
Because just like when you walk into a unlit basement, you cant immediately see all the dust and the cobwebs until you shine a torch on them.

And while this goes on the enlightened ones remind us of the impact our thoughts have on each other and on the globe as a whole; in fact they constantly point out that its not that you don't have enough power to change things, its that you need to learn to use this power.

The reality is that globally all of us are going through an initiation; a test if you will, that may take many years, or it may even accelerate faster. Yet its already happening so fast that many people struggle to cope, and most of us frequently encounter events that remind us to fine-tune our coping mechanisms.

Now, more than ever there is an urgent need to balance your psyche, to stand firm in your integrity and for upliftment, fresh starts and realignment with your higher nature.
This is the purpose of the Ascension workshops; to help you to be in harmony with yourself and to stand firm with integrity in the face of adversity.

Through this series of Ascension workshops you will steadily build up a balance, centering yourself and strengthening the integrity within you, allowing you to rise above the various issues and blocks in your life instead of stumbling into them and dwelling in the past.

Therefore in these workshops we will work with you where you are at, which may or may not involve talking about past traumas or experiences from the past, because the focus is on how to enhance living in the now because the past is gone and the future is not yet present.

This whole process is enabled through meditation on archetypal images and to sounds and music with various guided contemplative and meditative exercises.

Spreading these workshops out over a series allows Erik to work with the various experiences and dreams you will naturally have over this period of time, and because of this each workshop has a layered approach, building on the levels reached during the previous workshop enabling a more complete and deeper experience than what can be achieved in a single workshop.

As always we respect that every one of you has your own path in life, and we never force you further than your prepared to go.


Ulla & Erik Sandersen

We're really sorry about the way our online meditations were presented to you on our website, it seems that in the rush of updating they just got overlooked so we've sat down and optimized them so they both look much better and load faster; even if your on dialup. In particular, take a look at The Path of Dharma meditation, because we'll use many of these symbols during the workshops.

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