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This counselling course is run by Ulla and Erik Sandersen who each have over 30 years of experience as teachers and counsellors helping people overcome obstacles and develop themselves in areas such as overcoming trauma, stress, bereavement, depression, relationships, marriage, careers, family and much more. Erik's experience is very practical with his uncommon success dealing with problem teenagers as a school teacher while Ulla's is more academic with a masters degree in psychology. While both have extensive training in all areas of therapy. This home-study counselling course is highly accessible and can be studied entirely in your own time and pace through Starbridge's industry leading eLearning system.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.

Online Counselling Course

Happy Couple This isn't going to be any ordinary course description, but that's what you'd expect from Ulla & Erik; a professional psychologist and counsellor pair who for the past 30 years have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of countless individuals, couples and children seeking counselling to sort out a problem or an issue in their lives.

Now this is where you come in, as someone who's wanting to learn more about counselling, being able to tap into this kind of experience, gain the insights that take years to master in a fun and safe format helped by the experiences of two seasoned professionals in the field; all the while only learning those theories and techniques that will actually help you to help a person to change is a pretty valuable resource and a great head start.

And this is exactly what this courses offers you, as the entire course is designed from the ground up to give you exactly the information you need; no ineffective techniques or unnecessary and time wasting academic theories here as we promise you that you will find this course jam packed with information on practical psychology, how to apply it and those little titbits of insider knowledge that take many years of experience to learn. We certainly would have progressed a lot faster had we had a course like this when we first started out in this field all those years ago.

Ulla who graduated with a Masters of Psychology from the University of Copenhagen has extensive expertise in most popular forms of counselling since the 70's, including but not limited to gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, psychotherapy, psychodrama and dream analysis.

While Erik has on top of similar therapeutic training as Ulla a natural ability to teach and manage groups and through the years has developed an uncanny ability to hit the nerve of an issue and in the process cutting straight to the core of a problem.

Erik's the type of person who deliberately decided to teach at a school for problem children after completing his university degree in teaching so that he could both do the most good and challenge himself. 

They are happily married and still work both as counsellors and teaching counselling skills for more than 30 years.

And together their level of knowledge and personal experience offers you a completely unrivalled level of quality and experience that will both lead you in the right direction, teach you what you need to know and we often get the feed back that we get you there faster than any other course; a level of quality which many people tell us is completely unmatched in the industry.


Graduation CapYet before we tell you more about what this course will offer you, there's something we must share with you, an intro lesson in counselling if you will, that will open your eyes to the easiest way of helping someone while giving you an insight and a guide that you can use to judge which course is right for you.

So if you take nothing else away from reading this today, then take away the following; integrity is the single most important aspect in counselling, it is the glue that binds everything else together and it is the building blocks that make everything else possible. All problems can ultimately be tracked down to lack of integrity and so must a competent counsellor both act on integrity in everything they do as they help their client act on and strengthen their own integrity. And this makes a lot of intuitive sense when you consider that integrity is really just "coming from your own mind; rather than fragments of someone else's".

With this in mind the fact of the matter is nothing beats university when it comes to getting your education, absolutely nothing, zilch, zero, not a thing and there's nothing we or anyone else can do about that. If all you are after is something to put on your resume you may as well stop reading right now, go out and do whatever it takes to get into a reputable university course.

And to have any real weight you would need to study on campus rather than via distance education as well, as there are plenty of less reputable and therefore practically worthless 'degrees' being made available by online 'degree mills', not least for subjects that relate to psychology or counselling.

However; with that in mind university will teach you theories, the academic side of things, and won't touch the real and practical side of things. A typical lecturer at uni for the subjects you'd be doing hasn't even had experience as a counsellor. If you want the practical skills do some volunteering and enrol in a course like ours; if you want the piece of paper that's recognized everywhere go to university and if you want both; do both. We have plenty of students who have chosen to study with us on top of their degree so that they could have the best of both worlds.

We tell you this not because its going to make us any friends in the industry, or because its going to make us any more money; in fact the opposite might well be true. Quite a lot of training institutions are not so upfront about what their qualifications are actually worth on a graduates resume as this gets more people to buy their course. Instead, we're telling you about integrity right before giving you an honest evaluation of what you can really get out of online distance education because we firmly believe that without integrity no positive change is possible, and if we are to help you to learn about counselling we must go first and demonstrate integrity in everything we do.


As has been said previously when it comes to getting qualifications that you can use to get a job, you need a university course. We've spent many hours looking over the different accreditation bodies that accredit correspondence courses and each of them have come up hollow; they would charge us thousands and their fancy logo just won't help you get a job.

This means that as it stands now we have not found an accreditation body suitable for you, and consequently our courses are not accredited by any external body. While we could have accredited our courses and it probably would help our sales to have a number of big important looking seals on our website the bottom line is they would have been worthless to you and forced us to charge you hundreds of dollars extra per course.What are you really paying for?

So go ahead and choose our course for the insights and the knowledge you will gain, and do an on campus university course or some volunteering to get the experience that'll look good on your resume. We can't offer you anything more than this, and neither can our competitors.


Curriculum & Pricing

Module #1

This is the introductory module and introduces you to the concepts behind basic counselling skills. It acts as both an appetizer and a trial for you to see whether you like the material and the presentation style. Enrolling in this module costs nothing and has absolutely no strings attached.

Price $0.00AUD
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Module #2

This is where you dig deeper, and we look more at compassion and the unconscious mind. Particular attention is paid to archetypes using ancient Greek myths as a fun and intuitive way both of explaining them, the way in which they affect our every day lives and why they're important in counselling.

Price $150AUD*
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Module #3

Unravelling the human psyche further we look at how modern physics and psychology interrelate. Carl Jung's 'Individuation' process along with both drug & alcohol and trauma & crisis counselling. This module will deal with both what is actually going on when someone is experiencing a trauma or a crisis and how to help them move forward and recover.

Price $150AUD*
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Module #4

Bringing this all together we delve into sexuality, death & dying, affirmations, intuition and the ego. Building on all previous modules we are able to relate everything back to archetypes, and how an astute counsellor can notice fundamental archetypes at play in every human interaction, encounter or relationship.

Price $150AUD*
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Total investment is $450 for all 4 modules, plus another $50 if you choose to do the optional final examination.

(*) Payment plans are available, click on the module for more information or pay for the full course now and receive substantial savings.


Certificate of CompletionWhen you complete the counselling course you have the option of doing a final assignment that upon getting satisfactory grades will award you with a certificate like the one pictured on the left.

We recognize that many of our students simply want to learn about counselling so that they can use the skills in their own relationships and working environment.
That is fine with us, however we can't award these people the same certificate as those who put a lot of time and effort into doing the best they can as that would degrade the value of our certification to those that have put a lot of time and effort into the assignments.

So we offer you the choice of whether you want to complete a final piece of assessment to gain our highest certification or whether you just want to be able to view and study the material in your own time without worrying about formal assessment.


You will be satisfied with our high quality elearning coursesWe know you'll be satisfied with our courses, and to back this up each of them come with a 30 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee when you pay upfront and all payment plans can be cancelled or postponed at any time at no further obligation to you.

Success Stories

Below you will find just some of the feedback we've recieved from our students, we could have included more; though we thought this got the point across.

Once again, I thank you for a wonderful, informative and educational web site / learning experience.

Thank you so much for your e-courses I have enjoyed them.

Thank you for sending me this course. I am finding the contents very interesting and useful.

Thank you for such an interesting and enlightening experience of your web site & its content. I am working my way through your readings page by page, and you are providing me with a great deal of insight to varied methods & theories.

I'm doing well here and I'm seriously reading. I am really happy because i have so far grasped new concepts which I did not know. […] Thank you for the good work you are doing.

[Ulla & Erik's] approach has been deeply transformational for me over the years and I still find their workshops in particular to facilitate profound levels of meditation and awareness. [Ulla & Erik's] compassionate and insightful support has been invaluable to me, and their integrity has always been of a very high level.

To have a different perspective / angle and insights into the relative subjects is appreciated.

I just wanted to thank you so much for this opportunity to study counselling from a transpersonal perspective, and for the invitation for personal growth which seems to be a direct aspect of the way you structure this learning. It is such a unique gift that you offer these courses online and the beginning modules for free.

I am very interested in your concepts and theories. I am the Program Manager and Senior Counsellor at a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

Just wanted to say thank you. And, I love your site.

I am so happy I have discovered you.

I am enjoying the course.

I just want to let you know that I am enjoying the course very much and going well with the multiple choice questions.

I am making the teachings part of my life and will do so long after completion of the programme. I have been supplementing what I have been reading with like
literature and that serves to reinforce all that I am learning. […] Again, thanks for everything.

I find your courses will fit in very very well with what I want to accomplish. […] I think I should thank the influence of the collective consciousness on Google for helping me find you!

My heartfelt gratitude for an insightful course. It was well structured and cross cultural in perspective and detail. I will continue to refer to the modules for its timeless wisdom and believe that my paper will reflect the appreciation I felt throughout the learning process.

Thank you for an insightful and comprehensive course.

I am enjoying the content of the course thus far!

Hello I am a teacher and a director of a children centre in Kenya I wish to enhance my counselling skills. GOD BLESS YOU.

Thank-you for the affirmative comments, they are much appreciated and thank-you for the opportunity of studying this course - I found it very helpful and informative. […] Once again, thank-you for a wonderful course.

These lesson's are very nice and comprehensive. Thank you.

WOW!!!!!!!! This looks FANTASTIC!!!! I had no idea you were doing this….THANK YOU for sending it to me and THANK YOU for your part in the whole!

The material is easy to follow and very credible […]

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You've already committed yourself to finding out more about what kind of opportunities there are to study counselling online by taking the time to search the internet for resources and reading this page; now take the next logical step and commit yourself to learning the basics and getting the skills you need to make a difference today.

So moving forward now you can choose between signing up for the first module absolutely obligation and cost free to learn some of the basics as you discover whether the content and learning style of the course is right for you; or you can save $100.00 right away by entering into a payment plan for the whole course where you will pay as little as $30.77 every two weeks for the next 6 months.  Thats only $2.06 a day to learn counselling. Our payment plans are 100% interest free, and if for any reason you want to cease or suspend your education with us, you may cancel or pause the payment plans at any time at no penalty.

This flexible approach allows you to study in your own time, at your own pace while taking away the cost barriers that are usually associated with getting quality education. So if you have even the smallest interest in learning counselling skills why wouldn't you take the first steps and commit yourself to an inexpensive and flexible payment plan that will allow you to gain these skills.

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