Death and Dying Certificate Course 2007

9 weekends, May - November
Accredited by AHHA (Australian Holistic Healers Association)

Everyone dies, but no one is dead
Tibetan saying, here from Advice on Dying by his holiness the Dalai Lama

This course focuses on how to help the dying – before death, art the moment of death, and after death – through contemplation and meditation. The course is intensive and meant for those whose compassion and wish to help others through the final transition in life, being it clients, friends or relatives, is greater than the fear of moving into the subject.

If a large group of people is killed by natural disasters, diseases, for example epidemics, by terrorism, wars, or by accidents. An event that is brought tro your attention via news medias,
you do not have to feel powerless or disheartened, because it IS possible to reach out and help. You can help others, even someone you have never met in your life, through and after the final transition in life.

Everybody is welcome.
No pre-knowledge or experience is required.

Dates: August 25-26. September 8-9. September 22-23. October 6-7. November 24-25. December 1-2. January 19-20. February 16-17. March 8-9. April 19-20.
Time: Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm.
Price: total $ 1584.00 inclusive GST payable with a non-refundable deposit of $144.00 at enrolment and $160.00 at the start of each workshop
If you pay the full amount before Thursday 26th July 2007, you receive 20% of, and the price then is $1267.00

Payment plan available
Direct debit is possible, Westpac account, Account name Starbridge Centre, BSB 033382 Account number 198817 Remember to write your name and the name of the course you enrol in (Use abbreviations if not space enough, but still remember to send in a signed enrolment form).
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  • At enrolment you commit yourself to the full course and to
  • participate in all 9 weekendsThe course provide basic professional training for those who want to start working on their own.
  • The course is a source of inspiration for those with an already
  • established professional practice.
  • The course is an opportunity for self-development
  • As part of the free course handouts will be the booklet Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo series of 9 pictures, and the 20 Path of Dharma pictures. The purpose of these pictures and their contemplations is to reach out with help to those loved ones who have died
  • . The pictures can be used by one person or by a group, meditating together.
  • Enrolling in this course at Starbridge Centre entitles you to a free enrolment in the similar Death and Dying course on the net.
  • Please note, that it is your choice if you at the end of the course partake in the free exam and receive a accredited certificate.


Weekend 1
Near death experiences
Guidelines for being a helper:
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:
The process of letting go
Helping the dead and the dying:

Weekend 2
Stanislav Grof:
Birth matrices and death
The process of dying:
Will you see or sleep?
The dissolution of the elements
The exit of the life-energy from the body
The presence of pain
The presence of spiritual guides and guidance

Weekend 3
The moment of death:
Between death and rebirth:
9 Psychological stages between death and a new birth: Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo
Description and Explanation

Weekend 4
The significance of dharma,
right living
The Path of Dharma I

Weekend 5
What happens after we die I:
Judgment, Heaven, Hell and
Resurrection, Ars Moriendi
Paramahansa Yogananda:
The astral universe

Weekend 6
What happens after we die II:
Rudolph Steiner: man as a
cosmic being
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Weekend 7
What happens after we die III:
Tibetan Buddhism:
Sogyal Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama:
The bardos

Weekend 8

The significance of right living or Dharma
Description and explanation
of the 20 symbols in the
Path of Dharma II

Weekend 9
Parallels in modern physics
9 illustrations of bardo stages
between death and a new birth
Longer meditation to help the
Assessment (optional)