In an ideal world we would work free of charge, where those that have more help us help those that have less through donations.

As much as this is practically impossible today, this ideal would enable us to help everyone, regardless of their income.

As our website illustrates, we work in a broad range of areas relating to personal and spiritual growth, bridging the gap between psychology and spirituality, religion and spirituality. You can learn more about our work here:

Working like this is our livelihood, so what we can give away depends on our income.

We would like to extend our services for those who can ill afford it, more than we already do, so we ask for donations, in order to do so.

Here is a list of some of the things we do and would like to further extend:

Help to the dying and the dead

We wish to extend our already existing ongoing help to the dying and the dead via our now 3-year running meditation group charged with helping the dead and dying, our online services, our ebooks, and also include means to subsidise free telephone and online counselling for the dying, their family, friends and carers.


Scholarships for our online courses

We would like to be able to offer scholarships for our online courses, again in an effort to make it accessible for as many as possible.


Online guidance for as many as possible

In this worsening ecological, economical and not least emotional pollution our planet is suffering from; our aim is to give cost-free online guidance for as many as possible.


Support Ulla’s paintings

Support Ulla’s paintings, one of Starbridge’s most powerful and well loved tools at workshops and meditations. If you don’t know them, you can see examples here: .

They are expensive to create both in terms of time, paper and paint. And in terms of photographing, digitally retouching the files and printing them at photo quality, so we would like to make them our more affordable to the public.


Publishing of our books

We have already published 4 books, The Kalachakra, Path of Dharma, Resonance in the Bardo and The Second Coming in the Now, and would like to publish more. This takes time away from direct income sources, so donations will help us being able to allocate the needed time.

So please, if you can help and feel that our work is valuable make a donation. Any amount is appreciated.

If you want to send us a comment or to be on our mailing list, send us your email address here.

You can allocate your donation to specific tasks you want to support, or leave it to our discretion.

A donation does not entitle the giver to any privileges.

Alternative methods of payment:

Mail a cheque to:
Starbridge Centre
6 Raglan Court, Research
3095, Victoria, Australia.

Or pay through bank deposit:
Account name: Starbridge Centre
BSB: 033382
Account #: 198817