Counselling Course - Module #2

Lesson 2 - Cosmos & Us

All atoms on earth is created in distant stars, and thus all that is on earth owes its existence to the stars. The laws that created the universe is also behind how atoms and molecules etc. behave here on earth. Maybe life originated elsewhere than Earth, the “Panspermia” theory.

Lesson 4 - Compassion

Compassion has to do with doing, doing good, but compassion is also a feeling, it is the natural state of an open heart.

Lesson 6 - The Unconscious

The unconscious: could be defined as Everything that does not come from integrity. In higher consciousness there is no unconscious, in ego consciousness, there is a lot of unconsciousness.

Lesson 3 - Gravity

What has gravity to do with counselling? The laws of gravity makes us interconnected with everything that has weight, more or less the whole of creation. We use gravity in everyday language to describe some of our moods: Downcast, uplifted, heavy, light.
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CC M2 - Lesson 3 - Gravity

Lesson 5 - Quantum Physics

According to the standard interpretation ( The Copenhagen interpretation ): Nothing is real unless you look at it! This has major implications to psychotherapy and our understanding of the mind. Niels Bohr, the father of quantum physics, also states: "If anybody says he can think about quantum problems without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them."


Remember, you only need to bother about this if you wish in the end to receive a certificate.

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