Lesson 3 - Gravity

Is the universe open or closed?

Krishna says: I am the source of everything; from Me all creation emerges

Bhagavad Gita X: 8

At the end of a cycle, O Arjuna! All beings return to the unmanifested state of My cosmic nature (Prakriti). At the beginning of the next cycle, again I cast them forth
Bhagavad Gita IX: 7-8

In the cosomos and us-chapter we talked about the expanding universe, and discussed the two known options for the universe, will expansion go on or is it replaced by a contraction?
The question relates to the power and nature of gravity.

A Closed universe means that it will expand to some point at which gravity will take hold and bring it all back to a hot ending or another Big Bang. Here I [Cliff Clinton] have chosen the Closed universe because I believe that the fabric of space will at some point take up the strain caused by the energy put into it at the time of the Big Bang and stop the expansion.
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Newton’s gravity force formula is: The total force between the bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. The gravitational constant is simply an adjustment for units of measurement and is not relevant or necessary to the proof.
(F = G * (M1* M2)/D^2, where F is the force between two bodies, G is a gravitational constant, M1 and M2 represent the mass of bodies 1 and 2 respectively, and D is the distance between the bodies.)

In our universe there are a few basic laws which we must
keep in Mind at all times.

First, the speed of light is a constant in your personal reference frame.
Second, the conservation of energy and mass is paramount.
Third, energy is always in motion
fourth, energy can only be changed in form but never eliminated or destroyed.

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gravity makes us cosmic beings

The earth’s gravity is so strong, so dominating in our lives, that we might forget that gravity affects all bodies, al mass in the entire universe. If we are taken in by the earth gravity, earthly doings is all we think of, gravity is holding us down if we on the other hand acknowledges how gravity affects everything, there is a - maybe a very small but there is a connection between each of us, every bit of us, and every bit of everybody else and of everything else .gravity makes us cosmic beings.
gravity extends throughout the universe making it a function of the universe not just simply the force that holds us to the ground. When we attempt to describe gravity we are in essence describing much of what goes on in the universe and any interpretation of what gravity is must include the universe as a whole if we are to truly understand its nature
Almost all theory of gravity employs the notions of warped or curved space and time which generally could be called the fabric of space. This implies that indeed there is such a fabric. In other words, in the space we are in, something exists. Either it was there before the Big Bang or it was created at the Big Bang. I believe in the former. So how did the energy get into this fabric of space to form our universe in the first place? It is believed that a ten dimensional space, which must have had a great deal of energy holding it together, broke apart releasing tremendous amounts of energy thus creating strings or causing existing strings to vibrate, creating mass and forming our universe.
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Vibration exist before matter,
Maybe even before the big bang

In the beginning was the word

To describe what a super string is, Think of a guitar string stretching under tension across the guitar. Depending on how the string is plucked and how much tension is in the string, different musical notes will be created by the string. These musical notes could be said to be excitation modes of that guitar string under tension. In a similar manner, in string theory, the elementary particles we observe in particle accelerators could be thought of as the "musical notes" or excitation modes of elementary strings. In string theory, as in guitar playing, the string must be stretched under tension in order to become excited. However, the strings in string theory are floating in spacetime, they aren’t tied down to a guitar. Nonetheless, they have tension.
(From the official string theory website: http://www.superstringtheory.com/basics
It is believed the string itself has no mass and when energy is put into the string it vibrates and this vibration carries with it a number of properties and these properties started to manifest themselves as the expansion and cooling of the Big Bang took place causing the formation of mass, atoms and molecules. As mass formed it interacted with the fabric causing it to distort or change density. A chain of events took place when mass was formed. Mass was brought about by the vibration of the strings which distorted space. The distortion itself moved outward at the speed of light leaving the mass behind. From then on mass formed particles, atoms, and molecules from the other forces which came about. It was the mass energy itself that curved space causing gravity, not what the mass formed afterward.

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Gravitational waves disturbing a black hole, from NCSA http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SCMS/DigLib/text/astro/Visualizing-Black-Ho…

Mind over matter

Is it possible that the strings and the fabric of space existed in our universe before they were energized with the introduction of energy, bringing them to life and forming the universe as we know it? This would mean that there is a duality of our existence.

Mind over matter

Let us look at one example: Us. We are a flesh and blood living being. We have billions of nerves sending electrical impulses all over our body. We have trillions of neurons in our brain keeping track of all our body functions. We see by converting light to electrical impulses and sending them to our brain. We hear, smell, touch and think the same way. Our conscious Mind produces thought by using electrical impulses. If you could strip away all your flesh and only see these impulses you would see a completely separate person inside yourself. You would see the real you, the thing that is acutely producing everything that happens in your body. Your body would be like the fabric of space and the impulses would be the energy that makes it run. No energy, no life. The electrical impulses in your body are you; your flesh and blood just carries you around. You are in essence two beings, just like our universe could be two beings.
The space the universe is in could very well have been complete in every way and it only needed the energy from somewhere to form mass and bring it to life. Energy is something added to things. The things only use it to do work. And yes, I do not know what energy is other than in our universe it is a vibration, but without it nothing happens.

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We can’t get away from WHAT IS

There are some things at this point which seem to stand out. One is that all the energy of the universe was created at the big bang. Another is that once energy was created it can never be destroyed; you can only change its form, not its substance. This is something you have to remember because it governs everything that happens in our universe. Nothing could move, nothing could exist, no star could form, no planet could be created, no life could exist. The conservation of energy is paramount to our existence. It dictates why gravity itself exists.
Time is a part of all life and a phenomenon taken for granted by all living things. Everything is judged and determined by its passage. It is used to calculate just about everything that happens in our life. It was thought of as a strict constant which never varied until Einstein determined that it was not a constant at all but a variable. It is now considered the fourth dimension. It was determined that time varies whenever one is in motion or in a gravitational field. Basically these are the only two known things that change the durations of time.

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The force of

To me gravity is a variation in the density of space. A uniform density in the fabric does not produce gravity. However the density itself does change time. The variation of space density is generally called curved space or space/time.
But first let’s look at how gravity is explained by those who use the force particle to explain it. The particle is called a graviton; it is said to have no mass but carries the force of gravity. The graviton is supposed to carry the force of gravity from one atom to the other and back. First a graviton is sent out from an atom. The graviton goes to another atom and tells it that there is another atom close by and it must be attracted to it. This other atom sends back a graviton telling the first that, yes I agree you are there and I will push myself toward you a little, but you will have to push yourself toward me a little.
Now think about this. Every atom in the earth has to send out gravitons to every other atom in the earth to keep the earth together, therefore each and every atom in the earth is communicating with each other. That’s a lot of gravitons running around. But that’s not all. Every atom in the earth is also sending out a graviton to every atom in the sun and every atom in the sun is sending a graviton to the earth to keep it in orbit around the sun. Then there is the moon and then the galaxy and clear out into the entire universe. It also says that each and every graviton has to know where to go, they just can’t go out at random. They also have to know how far they have travelled to get there in order to tell the other atoms how much force to attract each other with. I have been looking at the force particles as a small individual little entity going back and forth between particles and curving space causing gravity. If a graviton is a particle and that particle interacts with every particle in the universe then the graviton is not a little particle conveying the force information. The graviton in this case is not a little particle at all but a huge particle which encompasses the entire universe This makes the graviton particle consistent with my way of thinking. If the graviton is in fact a particle as big as the universe then I fully can imagine how its influence could affect the entire universe for it does not have to travel back and forth between all other particles.

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What has gravity to do with counselling?

The laws of gravity makes us interconnected with everything that has weight, more or less the whole of creation.
We use gravity in everyday language to describe some of our moods:
Downcast, uplifted, heavy, light.

Ultimately Quantum physics, The law of resonance, the laws of gravity all teaches us that we -everybody- are interconnected parts of the same existence, thus respect for all there is, attempt to live in a way that does good and not harm, is a logical consequence.

The meaningfulness of the concept of Dharma or right living is evident as a result of the modern scientific understanding of the law of gravity

Alice Bailey connects gravity with The law of resonance and right living or Dharma as precepts for the sincere light-worker
Alice Bailey is one of the most important figures in Theosophy besides Annie Bessant Leadbetter and Blavatsky

The path of the disciple

[…]. Some or other carelessness can make the physical body unable to receive, some annoyance or worry can make the astral body vibrate with a rhythm that disallows the right reception of the inner purpose; a prejudice, criticism or pride can be present, making the mental body useless. Students on this difficult work must witness themselves with great care and must keep the inner calmness of Mind, peace and mental flexibility in order to enable them to be used to protect and guide mankind.
1. It is important that the student aspire to absolute purity regarding motif.
2. The ability to step into the high places stillness must follow thereafter. To still the thoughts depends on the law of rhythm. If you swing from one direction to the next and register thoughts from all sides, this law will not be able to touch you. Balance and peace of Mind must prevail, before equanimity can be achieved. The law of vibration and the study of the substance of the atoms must always be combined. When the knowledge to these atoms, their activity, reactions and interaction becomes greater, humans will be in scientific control of their bodies, and thus synchronize the laws for vibration and rhythm. They are similar to each other, but different; they are aspects of the law of gravitation. […]

Alice Bailey: White Magic p 81 82 (Translated from the Danish version)

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