Higher Music 5-day Workshop

Do you love beautiful music? Are you tired of muzak and small cut-off pieces of classical hits in supermarkets and sample CD's? Then take a break from all that and treat yourself to this 5 day workshop!


So whether you want to lean back, relax and enjoy beautiful music or you want to use it as one of the most powerful tools for realizing your Self, Erik Sandersen's 30 years of experience, facilitating profound changes in individuals and groups through the use of classical, contemporary and new age genres of music is both an experience and a self development opportunity that's not to be missed.

Through this workshop you will spend five days listening to beautiful music, chosen from Erik's extensive collection; gradually building up over the the course of the workshop, so that the music played will gently guide you through a journey inward, towards well being and peace, towards meditation and higher consciousness.


Because music is harmonious vibrations it acts as a universal language, and is understood by all. Harmonious vibrations act according to the laws of resonance on all levels of manifestations, helping to maintain harmony on these levels; Music is something that maintains this powerful ability to uplift regardless of whatever goes on in or around your life.


So the content in this workshop will strike the right balance between giving you plenty of opportunities to lean back, enjoy the music and its effects while also teaching ways of utilizing music for both your own development and that of any clients you may have.


The music that will be played will consist of some well known pieces, some new, and will be adapted to the needs of the group as Erik guides you through a profound inner journey.


There are no prerequisites for participating; whether you want to enjoy music or your there to learn how Erik uses music in groups so that you can do the same all that you need is love of music.


Dates: August 15th - 19th.

Times: All days 10am - 6pm.

Price: $ 440.00 including a non-refundable deposit of $100.00.

Venue: 6 Raglan Court 3095 Research.

Phone: 9437 2438.

Mobile: 0400 943 880.





Ulla & Erik Sandersen



We always try to send out information and reminders about our activities well in advance so that if you want to attend you can plan and budget for them early on, unfortunately we messed up this time and the actual workshop is a week away now.

We know we can't do anything to make up for this lost time if you've already made plans but what we can do is spread the price of the workshop out evenly over the next 3 months (including the deposit) so that if you want to attend this workshop, the price will be as little a hindrance as possible.

Sorry about any inconvenience this has caused, we will do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again.