Please note that we are not accepting any new enrolments for this workshop. If your application has been accepted please use the buttons to the right to pay.


The course is build up as 3 interconnected 5-day workshops, each progressing from the other, enrolment is for all three.

This course is intensive, it is meant as a quantum leap, as more demanding than the Ascension courses.
The techniques we will use will be similar to those we use in the Ascension courses, but deeper, and with more focus on alignment with your higher aspects, less on what is convenient, what we use to do etc. The course is directed towards those who have done a lot of work on themselves, and that have a clear thirst for truth.

You do not enrol directly to this course, but write a couple of words about why you are attracted to the course on the form at the end of this
pamphlet and send it in without paying any money.
We will then meditate on each of you as the group mandala builds.
The criteria for being accepted in to this group is the resonance and thus comparability with the group mandala, your thirst for truth, that you mean business, have or are ready for a spiritual praxis, nothing else!.

Erik's role in these courses: Erik has been guided to offer these workshops, he is not a guru, but a teacher, an intermediary between you and your inner or outer guru, ready to help you connect, ready to stand aside when you have connected.

Please send in your application so we have it no later than Tuesday 1 May
Those of you that our meditations confirm will receive an enrolment form by the 14th of May, with different options of payment, including payment plans present.

1: Preparation: Cleansing of body, mind & spirit
Dates: June 13-17.
Times: All days 10am-6pm.

2: Expansion, Balance, Higher consciousness or God comes when you
are ready.

Dates: September 26 30.
Times: All days 10am-6pm.

3: Dedication: Ego versus higher purpose

Dedicate yourself to do good with your inner qualities.
Dates: December 19-23.
Times: All days 10am-6pm.

Please fill in an application form, but do not pay money before you receive an enrolment form and a confirmation that you are accepted.
If you are accepted into the group, we ask that you pay as soon as you
receive confirmation.

Price $1200.00 including a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 with the deposit to be paid in full as soon as you have been accepted, and the rest no later than in beginning of the first weekend, unless you have arranged a payment plan via our website, where a number of ways of spreading the costs of workshops are outlined, see at the start of April.
If you pay the full amount immediately after your application has been
accepted, and no later than the 21st of May, a 20% early bird discount applies, bringing the total to $960.00.