Meditations and Distant Healing

We often feel powerless when we are confrontet
with external powers.
However, we should not underestimate the subtle, not always immediately visible, but immensly strong power of prayer and healing thought. These ways of working uplifts the doer and the receiver alike, working as it does through the law of ressonance, which we explain in the ‘Cosmos and Us’ article.

A sound produces a pattern a form a picture
A picture produces a pattern a form, a sound
The reason why looking at art affects us is the same reason why listening to music affects us - it produces vibrations within us

It is important to make it clear how, by contemplating a picture, one not only is affected oneself, but can affect another person. Reality is that for example all art affect us, via the law of harmony and the law of resonance.
We all know that aesthetics and harmony affect us. This is probably because our own existence is based on laws that create harmony and aesthetics.
It is therefore obvious how we can affect a living person. That we can affect someone that is not nearby or even ‘dead’ is difficult to comprehend for a Westerner, with our strong attachment to our bodies, but the reason is simple, we all – living or ‘dead’- share at least some bodies – if not the physical and etheric, then at least the astral and or mental auric bodies, and therefore the law of resonance can work through these bodies - we can affect the dead via the law of resonance.

(Death is not the topic of this article, but obviously we here hint at our belief, that when we die, we only die physically, something – our soul, the astral or whatever it is, continues in existence and will later reincarnate. We cover these topics in our courses, and maybe in a later article as well).

The zodiac, planets and tarot affect us on different levels of our being.
Our intimate connection with cosmos is covered in the article Cosmos and Us

Tarot used in combination with the zodiac and the contemplations connected to the cards, combine to form a powerful tool of transformation, utilizing energies from the higher order or Dharma imbedded in the cosmos.
One can say that the zodiac represents the totality of what we have at our disposal; in computer language this is our “hardware”. Similarly the planets can be described as our “software”, the personal “programming” our character, that helps or impairs our ability to express our innate qualities.
The Tarot major Archana is somewhere in between, a closer look will reveal “hardware aspects”, face value it is more “software” aspects
When we are attuning ourselves with the truth, harmony, and creative power originally embedded in our being via these high archetypes, long-lasting transformation and changes in our relationship with ourselves and our life’s events may happen.

“If we could see through all our projections
Down to the last traces,
Our personality would be extended to
Cosmic dimensions”
Marie Louise von Franz

The solar system with its planets as we have organised them for meditation, starts with the Earth, and then comes the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The outmost planet, Pluto, is excluded, because only computer images and no real photos of the planet exist so far.
Pluto is also excluded because it is not necessarily constructive to work with the lower astral realms at this stage in human evolution.
Pluto rules the underworld, which could be translated as “anything that pulls us down”, roughly the same as the lower astral.
Intimately connected with the starsigns is their story, the myth. All cultures have myths conmnected to starsigns, but in our culture the Greek myths is the most welknown. An in depth interpretation of the myths is given in the Certificate in Counselling course.
Lkikewise is tarot connected to a story, a myth, but here the picture is the myth.


“Myth makes a connection between our waking consciousness and the mystery of the universe. It gives us a map or picture of the universe and allows us to see ourselves in relationship to nature, as when we speak of Father Sky and Mother Earth. It supports and validates a certain social and moral order.
[…] Lastly it helps us pass through and deal with the various stages of life from birth to death. The first function of mythology is to sanctify the place you are in”
Joseph Campbell: “Reflections on the Art of Living

The Major Arcana cards are astral doorways
“The TAROT cards are generally regarded as the precursor of modern playing cards, but the primary association with the cards is Individuation.
The 78 cards of the TAROT are divided into major arcana of 22 trumps, and minor arcana of 56 cards, divided into the four suits of wands, clubs, pentacles and cups.
The major arcana consist of archetypical symbols. Each is equated with a particular “path” on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and can be used as a meditation doorway to a specific area of the astral plane.
The 22 Greater Arcana cards … have always been used to help people relate not only to the mind, but instinctively through the feelings evoked by their colours and designs.”
“The initiates of prehistoric times who created the tarot cards were familiar with all these different levels and states of development of the human consciousness. They depicted these levels of consciousness from the first awakening to divine all-consciousness in twenty-two pictures. These are the “Greater Arkana” of the tarot pack.”
Edited from Elisabeth Haigh: “The Wisdom of the Tarot”

The myths on the tarot cards or about the planets and the zodiac do not illustrate the interactions between outer people,

The myths on the tarot cards or about the planets and the zodiac illustrates


The Myths illustrate how these interactions
Honor or not honor, kill or rape
Our own inner constituents, our own integrity
Regardless of our physical sex.

The original 22 major arkana tarot cards depicts in a crude way the archetypes, the basic building blocks of the human psyche – and if Rupert Sheldrake is right, maybe the whole universe (see the article Cosmos and Us)- .

The 22 illustrations in a major arkana tarot deck are of course an artist’s impression and generalisation of the images, of which each of us have our own inner individualised designs, often showing up in dreams.

Contemplating the zodiac and planets and the tarot

Double-poled awareness
Focus your gaze in a relaxed way on the mandala, at the same time as you in your minds eye connect with your entire being, your spine, your heart or your 3’ eye it relates to, and ponder the contemplation that belongs to it.

This is called double-poled awareness, and is a classical technique to enhance meditation (used in the western spiritual traditions for example on Christian Icon’s, in the east for example on mandalas of deities, the Thangka’s)
The idea is that when the two directions of thought - towards the image and towards for example the reference point in your body, when these two directions are of equal strength, a qualitative leap will happen. The mind will be suspended and a meditative state is experienced. This will most likely happen only in fractions of a second at a time, with the normal mind taking over in between.
This technique is using reference points like ‘connect with your entire being’, ‘your spine’, ‘your heart’ or ‘your 3’ eye’. Any of these instructionsints can be used, and are widely used in the different meditative schools and world religions. Choose whichever of them that makes sense, and stick to your choice.

Contemplating on the zodiac, the planets and the major arcana tarot cards teaches self-knowledge

Selection of the Tarot-deck

“Unfortunately the tarot cards have been frequently redesigned by people who were totally unaware of their inner symbolic significance. Naturally, such ignorance has lead to complete falsification of their inner meaning. Although these corrupt cards may be adequate for the purpose of fortune-telling, they do not serve to represent the various spiritual states of man”.
“The only tarot which undoubtedly descends from a genuine initiate, and which serves our purpose perfectly, is the one designed and coloured by Oswald Wirth at the dictation of the young initiate Stanislas de Guita”
Elisabeth Haigh: “The Wisdom of the tarot”

We invite you to purchase your own deck of cards, If working this way interests you. Buy either Rider Waite or Oswald Wirth’s deck, most other decks are not of a high energy, and we cannot recommend a deep way of working like the double poled awareness, unless the cards you use are of high quality.

Two books about tarot have inspired us a great deal:
P. D. Ouspensky: “The Symbolism of the Tarot. Philosophy of Occultism in Pictures and Numbers”. Dover Publications Inc. N.Y. 1913 (1976)
Elisabeth Haigh: “The Wisdom of the Tarot” Unwin Paperbacks 1975 (1985)

Synchronicity is a term invented by Carl Gustav Jung for events that happens simultaneously or in obvious connection with each other, but where the connection is not cause and effect.
Behind synchronicity is probably the same law that lnow leads scientists to the hologram theories. This is the phenomenon that makes the use of Astrology, I Ching and contemplations on the zodiac and Tarot meaningful.

One way of using your set of tarot cards or cosmic cards, is to shuffle the deck, flip through the pile with their backs up, and then select a card without first checking what it is. This card then becomes your focus of contemplation for the day, your ‘night-exercise’ or whatever timespan that works for you.
Our Online Tarot meditation contains the whole series of major arcana cards, you can either contemplate them all, one after another, but if that shall give any depth, you must spend at least a couple of minutes on each, so that this method makes anything less than 45-60 minutes to short.
If you want to focus on partricular cards, it is best to not only do that from attraction or repulsiion to particular cards, but also choose some via the law of syncronicity, basically that you shuffle your set of cards wwith the back up, so you cannot see which you choose, and then with your utmost awareness try to feel which card ‘attracts you’ while flipping through thepack. We recommend that you stick to Major Arcana.
Similarly our conline meditation on the zodiac consist of the whole zodiac and their ruling planets, and if you have a set of cards, you can apply the same procedure as above. The dates when the individual signs are ruling is mentioned, so you can also follow that, and make the zodiac a yearlong routine, contemplating the appropiate starsign and ruling planet. We recommend that you use the astronomically correct dates, rather than the tropical astrology-dates, as you can see, are the astrological dates not correct. It is our experience from the meditations at Starbridge Centre, where we follow the astronomical dates in our open meditations every Wednesday, that the effect is stronger when we follow the astronomical dates .

Contemplating on the major arcana tarot cards teaches self-knowledge

During everyday living we often realise certain challenges to be more difficult than others, certain situations to be more draining than others. These differences is to a large extend due to our (usually totally subconscious) more or less balanced attitude to our inner archetypes. Where there are unbalances, there are weaknesses in integrity.
It is important to realise the force of these collective thought-forms, which are the archetypes. As the archetypes are embedded in the collective unconsciousness, they do not only contain the energy from the personal unconscious in the individual in question, they also connect with and harbour energy from, the collective unconscious, the sum of many or all people. So when you use these tools, take care.

Counselling and Tarot
In the Certificate in counselling, one of the techniques we teach, is to use the Major Arkana tarot in counselling together with a set of cards depicting the zodiac.
The two Tarot decks we use in our teaching are the Rider Tarot deck, conceived by Arthur Edward Waite and Oswald Wirth Tarot deck

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