Painting Workshop Receiving-Giving, Not One Without The Other

-Balance Through Painting.

This year we are offering 4 contemplative painting workshops – one two-day workshop, two weekend workshops and a +five-day workshop.

The painting you have after a workshop may be beautiful as a picture for your wall, but the real value is the process of making it, with the purification and integration this process facilitates.

The painting workshops can be challenging, and they are popular. We are often asked how good at painting you`ll need to be in order to attend. The reality is that you don`t have to be experienced in brushes and watercolours to attend these workshops (even if it is an advantage) as you will be guided step by step in making your own picture. What you`ll need is the joy of painting and some confidence that it will work for you.

As colours have a strong transformative impact on the psyche, the colours of each painting will be different. We will give you your own individual colours for the background etc, consulting the same inner guidance we use for Ulla`s paintings.
You will be notified in advance of what materials including the individual colours you need to bring to the course. If nothing else is mentioned in the course description, there will be additional costs, approximately $15.00 for the huge watercolour paper sheet, prepared and mounted in advance by us. If you use our colours to add up etc. a small extra charge may apply.

We plan to exhibit these paintings on our website as soon as they are ready:…


Receiving-Giving, Not One Without The Other
-Balance Through Painting.

Saturday 10 – Sunday 12 March.

In this two-day workshop we will be practising inner tantra through painting the union between the male and the female - resting in each other in perfect balance. The symbol of the phallus in the yoni reflects surrender without loosing identity, surrender to LIFE itself.
This inner “marriage” between the male and the female principle is at the core of any transformation process in which we all take part. It is encircled by a snake biting its own tail in the form of a superelipse, the geometrical figure which is the higher synthesis of both a square and a circle.
You will be given guided contemplations for each step in order to strengthen the resonance pattern between yourself and the symbol

Time: Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm
Price: $170.00 including GST, payable with a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 at enrolment and $120.00 at the start of the workshop.

here will be some additional costs for the watercolour paper sheet. The paper will be in A2 format (42cm-59cm), prepared and mounted in advance by us, and cost $10.00.
(Enquire for further details).

To aid our planning, please enrol early for this course and not later than Monday 5. March.
Maximum 6 participants.

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