Painting Workshop - The World Tree

This year we are offering 4 contemplative painting workshops – one two-day workshop, two weekend workshops and a +five-day workshop.

The painting you have after a workshop may be beautiful as a picture for your wall, but the real value is the process of making it, with the purification and integration this process facilitates.

The painting workshops can be challenging, and they are popular. We are often asked how good at painting you`ll need to be in order to attend. The reality is that you don`t have to be experienced in brushes and watercolours to attend these workshops (even if it is an advantage) as you will be guided step by step in making your own picture. What you`ll need is the joy of painting and some confidence that it will work for you.

As colours have a strong transformative impact on the psyche, the colours of each painting will be different. We will give you your own individual colours for the background etc, consulting the same inner guidance we use for Ulla`s paintings.
You will be notified in advance of what materials including the individual colours you need to bring to the course. If nothing else is mentioned in the course description, there will be additional costs, approximately $15.00 for the huge watercolour paper sheet, prepared and mounted in advance by us. If you use our colours to add up etc. a small extra charge may apply.

Roots of Nourishment (Click on image to enlarge)

During these five days you have the opportunity to emerge yourself fully in the joy of painting and the reassuring nourishment in the motive you are painting.
The wondrous “World Tree”, shown here on the front page which is the motive in this workshop, is found in many legends all over the world.

The World Tree is found in the myths of the Siberian Eskimos; the trunk being the Earth`s axis pointing to the Pole Star in the heavens; in the mythology of the Scandinavian Vikings the tree is the mighty Ash Yggdrasil, and the Hindu mythology also has its World Tree - the Ashvattha Tree. In Christianity, this legendary tree is The Tree of Life standing in the midst of the Garden of Eden.)

The World Tree is a universal symbol, and it is as old as mankind itself. Essentially it is an analogy of our will to live, to life. It is inviting you to reconnect with your source, the common roots we all have. With its myriads of branches and leaves the World Tree shows the immense diversity and expressions of human life, and our connectedness with and continuous blessings from cosmos.
Painting your “World Tree” give you an opportunity to contact these roots, and to reconnect with what makes you truly alive in the face of an often stressed and alienating modern world.

The costs of the colours and the huge watercolour paper sheet (56cm–76cm) are all included in the price of the workshop.
You will not be given individual colours for your painting. The same colours will be given to all of you; but you will recieve individual guided contemplations for each of the steps in the painting process. This means that you don`t have to bring any colours of your own as they will be available at the workshop. Brushes,though.

To aid our planning, please enrol early for this course and not later than Wednesday 9 May. Maximum 6 participants.

Time: All five days 10.00am-6.00pm
Dates: Wednesday 16th - Sunday 20th of May
Price: $440.00 inclusive GST, payable with a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 and $340.00 at the start of the workshop. Please note that paper and paint is included in the price and will be included at the start of the workshop.
If you enrol before 16th of April, you receive $20.00 of, and the price is then $420.00.