Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring

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 Spiritual mentoring or counselling

  1. Spiritual mentoring is akin to getting a train that already is on good tracks to gather speed
  2. Counselling is akin to repairing the tracks.
Spiritual mentoring can happen as one-off sessions or as more systematic long-term commitments
Over the years spiritual mentoring has been part of our service to clients in numerous counselling sessions, spiritual coaching has also been an integral part our work with the variety of personal issues presented to us.
If you are open for that way of working, deep issues or problems can often best be dealt with by for example giving spiritual and meditative exercises and advice gained intuitively or clairvoyantly.
What then is a spiritual mentor and what is spiritual coaching?
A spiritual mentor in our view is someone who has travelled the road before. We believe our 30 years of meditative praxis fulfils this requirement and enables us to provide you with valuable guidance.
Spiritual coaching helps you discover what is the best way for you to establish the spiritual path that you deepest down will feel right about.
The Starbridge Centre 2 Paths Approach
There’s a very fundamental difference between helping you overcome an issue and helping you to establish a good and meaningful daily spiritual routine that takes into account who you are and what journey you have been on, and allow you to build a more and more stable connection with the higher aspects of your being.
Starbridge Centres Coaching or Mentoring service aims to help you uncover where you want to go in your life, both personal and spiritual, and assist in devising the right methods for you to getting there.
Therapy versus meditation
In therapy, the focus is on “me as a victim” of parents, circumstances, life – In a meditative praxis, the focus is on realisation that “I never have been away from home”, or more psychologically said, that we are not trapped by whatever pasts we have had, we are trapped by our belief that we are trapped by this past of ours! If we so choose we can be more and more our own being, irrespectively of our past. 
In therapy we work from immaturity towards maturity, in a spiritual praxis we try to get rid of the dirt covering the ever-existing diamond of “flowering” and joy that is our essence
Why should you use our Spiritual mentoring programme?
Erik can work with all the main spiritual schools, and Ulla and Erik has developed comprehensive tools for spiritual development, well known for those who have attended their workshops, and with very profound results behind them, see the testimonials here.
We envisage a number of scenarios where spiritual mentoring would better help you grow the most optimal than our traditional sessions, and thus where Spiritual Mentoring is more precisely what you need. 
For example:
 Something has happened that show you that you need to listen to your spiritual potential,  but somehow you do not know where to start. 
You have been alert to your own needs and issues for a while, maybe done some therapy, listened to your dreams etc. but somehow this isn’t enough, you still feel  unfulfilled. 
The spiritual schools and the established religions is not your way, but there is still a calling. 
You have your own spiritual practice, but it is not given to you by a Guru or advanced teacher, so when you hit stumbling blocks you have no-where to turn.
Current Structure for the Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring Program
Erik offers his experience and expertise with the main meditation systems, and his clairvoyant insights into your aura, should you want him to, not with the purpose for him to tell you what to do, instead with the purpose of empowering you to find out what the real you want.
  1. The first session where basic aspects of your spiritual and personal life is established, techniques for practising is discussed and a plan is set out for where we can help you.
  2. Two sessions with one month interval, Your progress or stumbling blocks is discussed and identified, and ways to balance issues and progresses suggested.
  3. One session every 3 month. Progress and stumbling blocks tabled and discussed.
  4. On top of the face to face session, we will also establish a weekly time for a catch-up on the phone where daily meditative-routine questions can be dealt with 
If your work uncovers issues that need more therapeutic work, that can be arranged as usual, either on the phone/skype with Erik, or on site, with Ulla, Erik or both present, depending of what you prefer. This is not covered by the Spiritual Mentoring payment
Payment plans
In order for a spiritual coaching to be at a proper depth, we need to see you more than once, so we have devised two options, where the only difference is the duration, the structure is the same:
  • spiritual mentoring is Not available as individual sessions
  • 1/2 year monthly on site spiritual mentoring (6 consultations) with Erik $900 Discount price $800
  • 1 year monthly on site spiritual mentoring (12 consultations) with Erik $1800 Discount price $1200
  • 1/2 year weekly Telephone or Skype spiritual mentoring with Erik (26 consultations, max 1/2 hour each) $1950.00 Discount price $1200    
  • 1/1 year, weekly Telephone or Skype spiritual mentoring with Erik (max (50 consultations 1/2 hour each) $2500.00 Discount price $18000.
On site structure:
For the full-year plan: ! session per month for 3 month, then one session after 3 month and one after 6 month.
On top of that, the optional phone consultation once a week (of average 15 minutes duration)
On telephone or Skype
One weekly phone call (of maximum 45 minutes) To discuss, setup and ongoing support of your praxis.


Call us on telephone 61 3 9437 2438
Our Skype name is erik_sandersen