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Are you a spiritual healer? Ever tried Reiki or any other forms of energy healing? Then you'll be interested in Starbridge's new form of spiritual healing using a safe yet incredibly powerful technique that works by creating a resonance between the chakra's and positive archetypes. In fact, this spiritual healing course enables you to study it in your own pace and from the comfort of your own home through Starbridge's easy to use online learning system, just click on one of the buttons to to get started and you could be getting your first introductory email 2 minutes from now.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.

Spiritual Healing Course

Through their own spiritual guidance Ulla & Erik Sandersen have created a profound healing technique that enables you to become the catalyst for deep positive transformation in yourself, your friend and your clients.

This technique avoids many of the common pitfalls people experience when using hands-on healing techniques, and it does it in a revolutionary way by enabling the healing energies to completely bypass your mind. Read on to learn how it does this and why the common challenges are no longer a problem.

Before we begin talking about this system and how it achieves its results let us explain a few of the basic presumptions in this field so that when we explain how the system works it will be a lot clearer if you’re new to this; otherwise you can safely skip ahead.

We’ll begin with the aura which is made up of different sheaths that contrary to many drawings are not layered outside the physical body like an onion; instead the different levels of the aura inhabit approximately the same space, but with quite different qualities and frequencies, just like a TV has different channels while remaining in the same space. This means, that for example you can channel healing to the astral aura with your hands directly on the surface of the physical body whereas if the “onion model” had been true you would have had to have your hands pointing to somewhere in the air in order to send energy to a particular part of the aura.

Now unlike the common procedures in pranic or etheric healing techniques that work with energy movements, strokes and circulations on the body and in the aura; in astral healing systems using the healing power of imagery such as Reiki and Starbridge Healing, you are simply putting “the plug” in; placing your hands upon points (often a major chakra and a secondary chakra) on the body. And when you feel you are finished, you simply move on to the next point(s). a classic 'chakra man' image
In Reiki the symbols are secret and the points are intuitively chosen by the healer, while in Starbridge Healing the symbols will be chosen and then known by the person receiving the healing and the chosen symbols are related to specific points on the body, this is the guide for where the healer place his or her hands.

Having the client choose the symbols themselves enables them to feel more comfortable and in control during the healing. And you’ll often hear your client remark just how precisely their chosen cards relate to the issue(s) they had in mind as the reason they wanted a healing.
The Starbridge Healing system gives healing via the astral aura, meaning that when you are using this, you are working with your archetypes through the aura and chakras.

Archetypes are collective resonance figures, or chords, embedded in the unconscious depths of the human psyche. There has been much research in this field and many quality books have been written about the nature, dynamics and effects of these powerful, preconditioned archetypes or basic patterns of our psychology.

To make a long story short - we can generalise and say that conflict, external and internal, is a result of archetypes that are perceived to be incompatible and therefore reconciling these archetypes is a very effective way of healing a person.
As healing is to restore integrity in the psyche; healing the psyche will often help to heal the body as the body follows the mind.
Starbridge Healing works by building integrity so that the underlying compatibility of the archetypes can express themselves which through the law of resonance can assist in powerful healing of the mind and body.
To have integrity means that you are coming from your own mind, and not from patches of others mind.

To clarify what Integrity means in the context of healing we would like to bring your attention to an analogy about a salami sausage.

When you buy a whole salami-sausage, it is long and you know that it will last for some time; then you cut a slice, and it is still long. So you do again; you cut slices and the salami is still fairly long, there is a long way to go before it is eaten up; you hardly notice any shrinking process from slice to slice. You just continue to cut slices of your Salami without really thinking that it will ever run out. Until some day you realise that you have cut the last slice - the whole Salami is gone!

And so it is with integrity. It is not an easy path to practice integrity and you may think that you have enough of it, and a little compromise here and there to make things more smooth won’t hurt that much.

Take care; your integrity is like a Salami sausage. If you continue to cut slices, to make compromises, however insignificant each of them may be in their own right, one day you may find that you have hardly any integrity left; you may even have forgotten who you are.

This means that the more integrity you have the more you will be coming from your own mind when you work with your client and consequently your impact on them will be more powerful.

Through the law of resonance the balancing of the perceived imbalances of archetypes you activate when using the Starbridge Healing technique will strengthen the integrity in the person receiving the healing as well as the person giving the healing.

How the Starbridge Healing System Works

the starbridge spiritual healing system layout
In the Starbridge Healing system you are working with a hierarchy of archetypes: the twelve star signs of the zodiac, the planets and a set of Path of Dharma cards created by Starbridge Centre. If you prefer, certain Major Arcana Tarot cards can be used. The Path of Dharma-cards is a set of 20 symbols relating to some of the stars in the zodiac signs, the Nakshatra stars as they are called in the Indian Jyotish-astrology system. These symbols are in fact archetypes, resonance-figures with energies that each contribute with a building block of our psyche.

Both the deck of Cosmic Cards with the planets and zodiac star signs used in the healing and the Path of Dharma deck are included as part of this online course. These cosmic archetypes are essential because their resonance transforms the energy upwards.
The actual healing is based on the clients own intuitive selection of a sample of archetypical figures from the cosmic cards and the Path of Dharma cards.

The cards are then arranged in a mandala for the client to contemplate prior to the hands-on healing. The client can take home guided contemplations on each of the cards after the healing so he or she can continue the contemplative work with the issue at home, further increasing the success rate of the healing.

Each card matches a point or a chakra in the astral aura. This is in accordance with the guidelines of the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Some of Starbridge Healing’s advantages are:

The points and chakras to be worked on by the healer are initiated by the clients own intuitive choices, an added safety. People can do permanent harm to somebody else’s aura and chakra system if they as healers are playing around in somebody else’s aura without knowing what they are doing.
The intuitively chosen cards are placed in a mandala, and can in themselves spread light over any issue that is affecting you on a daily basis. The mandala of archetypes is a powerful tool in itself, which can yield positive results even if you don’t move onto the hands on stage of the healing.
The mandala with the display of the pictures and their contemplations prior to the healing stirs the mind of the client and draw his or her attention to the problem. The hands-on healing is anchored this increased energy of awareness into the corresponding part of the aura, thus adding further to the healing outcome.
There are safety procedures built into this system making it almost impossible to not make a positive impact on the person you’re working with.

Competent Teachers, High Quality Material

This course is run by Ulla & Erik Sandersen; a professional psychologist and counsellor pair who for the past 30 years have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of many individuals, couples and children seeking counselling, clairvoyance and spiritual mentoring to sort out a problem, discover themselves, drive them in a new direction.

Now this is where you come in, as someone who’s wanting to learn more about spiritual healing, being able to tap into this kind of experience, gain some of the many insights in a grounded and broad manner that normally take years to master from two seasoned professionals in the field, all the while only learning those theories and techniques that will actually help you to help a person is a pretty valuable resource and a great head start you won’t get from many other spiritual healing training institutions.

The entire course is designed from the ground up to give you exactly the information you need; no ineffective techniques or purely academic theories here as we promise you that you will find this course jam packed with information on spiritual healing, how to make a difference and those little titbits of insider knowledge that take many years of experience to learn.

Ulla who graduated with a Masters of Psychology from the University of Copenhagen has extensive expertise in most popular forms of counselling since the 70’s, including but not limited to gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, psychotherapy, psychodrama and dream analysis, and extensive esoteric studies under the the late, world renowned Irish healer Bob Moore and the Danish teacher Dr. Phil. Jes Bertelsen. Today Ulla is the artist behind our picture-series, The Zodiac and Planets, the Path of Dharma, Kalachakra, Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo; all archetype based imagery meant for in depth balancing and transformation.

While Erik on top of similar therapeutic and theoretical training as Ulla has a natural ability to teach and guide groups, as well as clients in situe and on the phone. Through the years he has developed an uncanny ability to hit the nerve of an issue; and in the process cutting straight to the core of a problem.
Ulla and Erik are happily married and both work as counsellors and teachers, as they have done for more than 30 years.

And together their level of knowledge and personal experience offers you a completely unrivalled level of quality and support that will both lead you in the right direction, teach you what you need to know; a level of quality which many people tell us is completely unmatched in the industry.

Upfront Realistic Expectations with Integrity in Accreditation

Ok, the question on everyone’s lips when they read a course description is “is it accredited?” graduation capbecause when you think accredited you naturally think it will get you a job.

However it is different in spiritual healing and counselling because there is no universally accepted way of changing people, it’s very subjective.

To cut a long story short, the only accreditation that really matters in the field of spiritual healing is if you’ve gone the full way and done a university course in social services, psychology or similar. Those courses won’t teach you how to actually work with people, so this you will have to figure out on your own or through a counselling course like ours.

Now on top of this you’ll be lucky to find an elective in spirituality at a university, let alone one that teaches you any spiritual healing techniques.expensive packaging, cheap product
Our course is not accredited by any external body because the few organisations that do exist that can truly accredit this type of material or the breadth of the course would for the most part neither offer you any real assurances or matter much on your resume. They would however drive up the cost of the course.

This course will provide you with a solid foundation in the different areas of spiritual healing, it takes a practical approach and provide you with 1 on 1 support and coaching from a highly experienced teacher in the field either face to face or over the phone.

How University Compares to Starbridge’s Spiritual Healing Course

  University Starbridge
Teaches you how to work with people No Yes
Provides coaching or support when working with clients No Yes
Teaches you the academically supported theories and models Some Some
Allows you to learn at your own pace No Yes
Is accredited Yes No
Will allow you to get Austudy or similar government assistance Yes No
Is affordable No Yes
Will help you to get a job as a spiritual healer Maybe Maybe
Requires that you understand advanced statistics Some No
Requires that you are comfortable with ‘academic speak’ Yes No
Assessment is compulsory Yes No (1)
You can be removed from the course Yes No
You can get your money back Maybe Yes (2)
Teaches you a broad range of spiritual healing related topics Maybe Yes
  1. Our assessment is not compulsory unless you want our certificate at the end, at which point you must pass all assignments with satisfactory marks.
  2. See our money back guarantee section for more information.

The Teaching Style & Learning Environment

Completed online, in your own time and at your own pace.
All material is available both online through a login protected section of our website and provided as a weekly email where you will receive a lesson each week until the course is complete. You can freely choose to study through one or both of these methods, at no additional cost.
Each lesson has a quiz at the end that is there to test your knowledge and does not get assessed by us.
At the end of the course there is an essay that will get assessed by us, and must be passed if you wish to receive a certificate at the end.
All assessment is optional; you only have to satisfactorily complete the assessment IF and only IF you want to receive a certificate at the end.
All assessment may be retried as many times as you need to in order to pass.
Unlimited email support is included.
Material is easy to read, straight forward and will be immediately accessible to anyone who has passed year 10 English or better.
Complex statistical knowledge or advanced mathematics is NOT required; compassion is. We tell you what works; we don’t make you read long and dry academic studies to help someone.
1/2 an hour of 1 on 1 face to face or in person coaching is provided with the course free of charge. Additional individual tuition is available at a rate of $135.00 an hour.

Curriculum & Pricing

The Law of Resonance
The Aura
The Chakra and the Nadis
The Tree of Life as a translation of the Aura
Hazards in hands on healing
Starbridge Healing
Healing of the Mental Aura
Keywords and guided contemplations
Total investment is $110.00 for the complete course which includes 1/2 hour of 1 on 1 tuition.

1 on 1 Teaching & Coaching

individual 1 on 1 coaching is providedUnique to Starbridge is 1 on 1 teaching that can either be done face to face, through Skype or via the telephone. In these sessions you will be able to ask any questions you have and have Erik explain the concepts, act as your sounding board and give you examples.
He can also if need be counsel or coach you through any issues you might personally have that are preventing you from being at your best.

In a typical classroom setting there are 20+ people and the teacher needs to go through the material in a way that will cater for all. While in our courses you will learn the material at your own pace in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer and then talk to Erik personally to have questions explained and points of confusion cleared up.
In this way you get the best of both worlds. The time can be split up over smaller blocks if you prefer.

Normally an hour doesn’t sound like that much, but this isn’t a high school or a classroom setting, it is individual, personal and 1 on 1; and on top of this you will already have gotten a solid foundation to build on through the course work so it will be very efficient use of both your time and ours.

You will receive 1/2 hour’s worth of 1 on 1 tuition with your purchase of this course, and as Erik’s normal hourly rate is $135.00 for counselling sessions and extra tuition; you are only really paying $42.50 for the material and certificate.

Why We Are So Affordable

This course is completed entirely online, so we don’t have to pay for expensive classrooms or facilities.
The course is based upon the material from a classroom based spiritual healing course we used to run, so apart from periodic updates and refreshers it was mostly already written.
We don’t have to pay for expensive accreditation that wouldn’t benefit you.
Tuition is short, efficient, to the point and 1 on 1.
You pay for exactly what you need.
Not everyone uses all their allotted tuition, so we can afford
to give you more tuition without reducing our hourly wage.
We firmly believe that access to personal development and spiritual healing knowledge should be affordable so our margins
are fair and we will keep them that way.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

excellent customer service, high quality productWe know you’ll be satisfied with our courses, and to back this up each of them come with a 30 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee when you pay upfront. You are even welcome to keep any and all material you’ve received from us. Please note:

Used tuition is non refundable and the standard rate of $135.00 an hour will be deducted from your refund.
Payment plans are non-refundable; you can simply cancel at any time, even past the 30 days, at no further obligation. And if you decide you want to do the course again, you only need to pay the difference.

Success Stories

Below you will find just some of the feedback we’ve recieved from our students, we could have included more; though we thought this got the point across.

Once again, I thank you for a wonderful, informative and educational web site / learning experience.

Thank you so much for your e-courses I have enjoyed them.

Thank you for sending me this course. I am finding the contents very interesting and useful.

Thank you for such an interesting and enlightening experience of your web site & it’s content. I am working my way through your readings page by page, and you are providing me with a great deal of insight to varied methods & theories.

I’m doing well here and I’m seriously reading. I am really happy because i have so far grasped new concepts which I did not know. […] Thank you for the good work you are doing.

[Ulla & Erik’s] approach has been deeply transformational for me over the years and I still find their workshops in particular to facilitate profound levels of meditation and awareness. [Ulla & Erik’s] compassionate and insightful support has been invaluable to me, and their integrity has always been of a very high level.

To have a different perspective / angle and insights into the relative subjects is appreciated.

I just wanted to thank you so much for this opportunity to study counselling from a transpersonal perspective, and for the invitation for personal growth which seems to be a direct aspect of the way you structure this learning. It is such a unique gift that you offer these courses online and the beginning modules for free.

I am very interested in your concepts and theories. I am the Program Manager and Senior Counsellor at a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

Just wanted to say thank you. And, I love your site.

I am so happy I have discovered you.

I am enjoying the course.

I just want to let you know that I am enjoying the course very much and going well with the multiple choice questions.

I am making the teachings part of my life and will do so long after completion of the programme. I have been supplementing what I have been reading with like
literature and that serves to reinforce all that I am learning. […] Again, thanks for everything.

I find your courses will fit in very very well with what I want to accomplish. […] I think I should thank the influence of the collective consciousness on Google for helping me find you!

My heartfelt gratitude for an insightful course. It was well structured and cross cultural in perspective and detail. I will continue to refer to the modules for it’s timeless wisdom and believe that my paper will reflect the appreciation I felt throughout the learning process.

Thank you for an insightful and comprehensive course.

I am enjoying the content of the course thus far!

Hello I am a teacher and a director of a children centre in Kenya I wish to enhance my counselling skills. GOD BLESS YOU.

Thank-you for the affirmative comments, they are much appreciated and thank-you for the opportunity of studying this course - I found it very helpful and informative. […] Once again, thank-you for a wonderful course.

These lesson’s are very nice and comprehensive. Thank you.

WOW!!!!!!!! This looks FANTASTIC!!!! I had no idea you were doing this….THANK YOU for sending it to me and THANK YOU for your part in the whole!

The material is easy to follow and very credible […]

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