Telephone Counselling

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Telephone counselling helps you tackle a wide range of issues discretely

at the pace and schedule that suites you

 You can reach us per Telephone or on site
If the Skype button says "I’m offline" or "I’m not available"
it may just mean we are away from the computer.
Call forwarding ensures you can reach us or leave a message anyway.
Individual counselling sessions at Starbridge Centre
are reserved for participants enrolled in our group work
(regardless if the group has happened yet or not).


People look to us for help on many issues, commonly it is issues like these:
  • Disturbing dreams and Nightmares
  • Loneliness
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Weight issues
  • Anger Management
  • Fear Management
  • Always falling for the wrong guy
  • Always falling for the wrong girl
  • Many many others!
Speaking to a professional can help you  
Talking to a friend or loved one that understands you is obviously nice, but, you also get their opinion, their way of tacking things, their strengths and weaknesses. 
That can be confusing, are you sure your strengths are the same as theirs? 
your way of dealing with things the same as the way your friends do it?
To help someone beyond well-meaning advice
It can be difficult to be objective towards someone you like, so talking to a professional may be a good way of finding your way back to you.
Essentially our philosophy and aim is to put you back in charge of you, not shower our solutions down your throat, but help you achieve the change you want in yourself through you understanding and listening to you, by you gaining strength to do what you know you need to do.
Telephone counselling is becoming common
Erik has many clients coming to our centre and calling him, both new and old ones, but because he even on the phone often can do just the right amount of work you are ready for. The amount of new and old clients that are calling is steadily increasing. 
He has an uncanny ability to listen behind words and ask just the right question, suggest just the right exercise for you to reconnect with you, for your issue to make sense. 
His method is gentle and yet powerful, not faster, not slower, than what you can cope with.
If you want to know more about Erik, go to (


The fee for an on site consultation is $150 per hour.
The fee for an online session is $25 per 10 minutes
Call us on telephone 61 3 9437 2438
Our Skype name is  erik_sandersen