Transpersonal Counselling Course 2007

12 weekends October 07 September 08

Accredited by AHHA (Australian Holistic Healers Association)

There are several reasons for why are we offering a course in transpersonal counselling right now; Firstly, our own way of working, in individual counselling and with groups, has for long been transpersonal in its essence.
Secondly, spiritual and transpersonal experiences are becoming more common, because we are living in a world in transition from one age to the next.
One cosmic cycle is over, and the new cosmic impulse is causing upheaval on a global scale, including many much foretold earth changes.
The light is increasing on our planet, affecting people everywhere; there is a collective need and a readiness for expansion of consciousness and to move beyond the ego in a balanced way.

Transpersonal counselling is a natural extension of traditional counselling, as real life issues almost inevitably, will include aspects that to be dealt with needs to move beyond the ego. There are risks involved in moving beyond the relatively safe barriers of the ego and into the unknown, the transcendent, which are real and far greater than in traditional counselling. These risks are important to understand.
Stanislav Grof, one of the foremost founders of transpersonal psychology, says that
the current global crisis is of a psychospiritual nature .
He sees the parallels between what he calls the present collective death-rebirth process and the stages in individual birth, the four BPM`s or birth matrices.
This parallel illustrates the benefit both the planet and we can gain from transpersonal ways of working.

To put it short: mankind is now going through a collective birth matrix, essentially due to cosmic cycles which we cannot change.
But the degree of pain this causes is dependent on how much we are ready for the
new how much we are living in accordance with the resonance from cosmos, cosmic law and order - Dharma.
In professional counselling with the transpersonal aspect involved, you basically stand up for the reassuring fact that humans are much more than intelligent animals we are
essentially cosmic and quantum physical beings.
Now if you work with clients, this course will help you to a multidimensional
understanding of the complexity of the client and of the transformative
potentials in the situation.

Dates: Weekend 1: 27-28 October 2007. Weekend 2: 17-18 November 2007. Weekend 3: 8–9 December 2007. 2008: Weekend 4: January 26 – 28. Weekend 5: February 23 – 24. Weekend 6: March 29 – 30. Weekend 7: April 26 – 27. Weekend 8: May 24 – 25. Weekend 9: June 28 – 29. Weekend 10: July 26 27. Weekend 11: August 30 – 31; Weekend 12:September 25 - 26.
Time: Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm.
Price: total $ 2160.00 including GST payable with a non-refundable deposit of $240 at enrolment and $160.00 at the start of each workshop
If you pay the full amount before September 7, 2007, you receive 20% of, and the price then is $1728.00
Payment plan available on the net.

Direct debit is possible, Westpac account, Account name Starbridge Centre, BSB 033382 Account number 198817 Remember to write your name and the name of the course you enrol in (Use abbreviations if not space enough, but still remember to send in a signed enrolment form).
We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank cards, Visa and Master cards. Eftpos available (no cashout). MOTO (payment over the phone) is available.


Weekend 1
Guidelines for being a counsellor
The universal law of resonance: Cosmos and Us
The hierarchy of archetypes:
The star signs of the zodiac; The planets; Tarot
The Way of Myth
How to work beyond the ego

Weekend 2
Stanislav Grof:
Coex systems
The 4 birth matrices (BPMs)
The collective death-rebirth matrix
Spiritual emergency spiritual emergence
Red light symptoms
Integrity and the spine

Weekend 3
Introduction to cosmology
The star sign of Aries, the planet Mars
The star sign of Taurus, the planet Venus
The star sign of Gemini. the planet Mercury
The star sign of Cancer, the Moon
The Greek myths to these star signs and planets
How to work with archetypes

Weekend 4
Theosophy : Man's esoteric structure
The seven rays
The aura and the chakras
The aura and the path of Yoga
The aura and the path of Tantra
Karma and reincarnation
Alchemy, The Alchemic Marriage
The Tree of Life as a translation of the aura

Weekend 5
Ken Wilber: Evolution and Involution
The Grand Cosmic Year
The present age and Earth Changes
Trauma and crisis counselling
The bardos of life and death
Divine Grace

Weekend 6
Guidelines for leading a group
The Group Chakra
The intuitive use of music
Chanting and silence
Meditation and prayer

Weekend 7
The star sign of Leo and the Sun
The star sign of Virgo, the planet Mercury
The star sign of Libra the Balance, the planet Venus
The star sign of Scorpio, the planets Mars and Pluto
The Greek myths to these star signs and planets
How to work with archetypes

Weekend 8
Carl Gustav Jung: Individuation and the Self, the persona, the personal unconscious, the animus/anima, the shadow, the
collective unconscious, the archetypes,
symbols and colours
Tarot, Oswald Wirth' deck

Weekend 9
Integrity and the spine revisited
The Path of Dharma
Patanjalis sutras
Guided contemplation

Weekend 10
The star sign of Sagittarius the Archer, the planet Jupiter; The star sign of Capricorn, the planet Saturn
The star sign of Aquarius, the planet Uranus
The star sign of Pisces, the planet Neptune.
The Greek myths to these star signs and planets
How to work with archetypes

Weekend 11
Higher consciousness
Light and bliss
Intuition and inner guidance
Trauma and crisis counselling revisited
The work of enlightened Masters

Weekend 12
Transpersonal psychology and modern
Assessment (Optional)