Ulla Sandersen

About Ulla Sandersen
(updated July 2015).
Ulla is born in Copenhagen in Denmark. At school she was well-known for her artistic talents and she was usually the pupil who was asked to paint the posters for upcoming events etc. at the school. But gradually, her artistic skills were left behind and she became more intellectual.
As a teenager, she wanted to do all sorts of things – as an example travel the whole world and to help the poor in the undeveloped countries.
However, the subtle guidance in her life made things happen in their own way: she met her first husband early and soon became married with two children. Over the following years she had jobs as stand-in nursing aid at hospitals and nursery homes.

In 1970 she began her education at the University of Copenhagen to become a psychologist. As a student she involved herself in many activities and attended several training courses and seminars. She met some outstanding teachers, such as Jes Bertelsen and the late Bob Moore, and became interested in meditation.
During these years, she achieved a certificate as director of psychodrama, group psychotherapy and sociometry after two and a half years professional training in Sweden. Later she became formally acknowledged as teacher at the University Extension Services in Denmark.

In 1980 Ulla graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a Masters degree in psychology. Her thesis on bioenergetics, gestalt therapy and psychodrama was awarded a distinction. It was at this time, she, having been single mother for a couple of years, met Erik who at that time also was studying psychology.

Her first job as a young idealistic psychologist was a full time position at a mental hospital. She learned more about not only the immense potentials of the human psyche, but also of its weaknesses; in short - she became more realistic in her approach. After some years she resigned and moved with husband Erik to another part of Denmark to realise their shared dream – to have their own centre for personal and spiritual development.
It was in this period that she had perhaps the most important dream of her life: in the dream she was happily telling herself that they would certainly have a future centre – in Australia, on the other side of the world! In the dream she was shown the Australian continent, with the exact location of Melbourne pointed out – a city she hardly knew anything about. But neither Ulla nor Erik had any wish whatsoever to leave family, friends and home country behind, and the dream faded away – but it was never forgotten because there was this “feel” to it.
To make a long story short, seven years later, in 1987, the dream came true when they arrived at Melbourne in Australia with their toddler son as permanent residents.

In her new country Ulla was registered as a psychologist in 1988, and she got a taste of working as a psychologist in a temporary position at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Meanwhile she and Erik developed new contacts, and the ripples about “the Danes” began to spread. They were seeing clients, giving lectures and conducting workshops, sometimes separately and sometimes together.

It was during these first years in Australia that her artistic talents began to reawaken, and she began to paint again. Later she took orders for meditative portraits - “soul portraits.” Since then her artistic work has expanded considerately and is now taking all her time.
She has stopped working as a psychologist in order to use all her talents to make her paintings as true and conductive for meditation as possible, and her pictures have proven to have deep transformative power as they are used in  workshops.
A range of her pictures are included in our booklets: “Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo”, “The Path of Dharma”, ”The Kalachakra An Empowering Journey”, “The Second Coming of Christ in the Now”, “The Sun in You”, and with more to come.

A display of some of her paintings including descriptions is also available in the Gallery on this website.