8 Day Meditation Retreat

We heard you!
Coming Home – A Safe Passage

Meditation Retreat 29 November to 6 December 2008

The road Home is not for you to follow someone, but to be inspired and supported to take courage to discover your essence. The classical way to facilitate this is by the law of resonance, between you and the meditations, you and your teacher. This is an undertaking that requires trust and trustworthiness.
We invite you on your unique journey Home!

As always we aim at providing high quality transformative workshops and retreats at a affordable price. For that reason we run most of our workshops at our centre. With this in mind, and sparked by feed back, we've made the decision to change the previously announced 10 day residential retreat at Pallotti College into an 8 day retreat at our place in Research, so that the price is more aligned with realities in this present economic climate.

We firmly believe that a retreat of this nature, where the energy and exercises are building up gradually over 8 days can assist in creating tremendous change; and as anyone that has been to both our 5 day and 3 day workshops can attest to, the difference those extra days make in terms of transformation is profound. This is even more so now, in these volatile times, where inner peace is so important as an antidote to the outer chaos.
This is an intensive meditation retreat, where you leave your stress behind, gradually reclaim your higher Self, gradually come Home.
What more fitting period to reclaim your spiritual heritage than the month of Christmas!  The Nativity tells us about the Divine being born in the flesh. This is what higher consciousness or  Christ consciousness is, The Divine waking up in the “manger” – the body.
The approach Erik will use is well known and loved by the many that over the years have attended his workshops. We will move from integrity – dignity - safety via cleansing and transforming issues and blockages on the different levels of our being and gradually move towards opening the central channel in the spine for transformation towards higher consciousness. We will work with Ullas  powerful and beautiful images for meditation: The Four Elements, The Path of Dharma, and the Kalachakra series,  alternating with periods of music intuitively chosen from Erik's large and varied music collection, and periods of silent meditation. In longer breaks quiet walks in the surrounding nature and spiritual reading is recommended.

Dates  Saturday 29th  November to Saturday December 6th
Times: Every day 10AM6PM
Price: total $800.00.including  $200.00 deposit that is non-refundable
BYO Lunch Tea, Coffee and cake provided in breaks
Feel free to enquire further
Looking forward to seeing you
Ulla and Erik

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