8-day Retreat "Coming Home – A Safe Passage"

Bliss – Whatever Your Circumstances whatever Your Childhood - Bliss
Saturday 18th - Saturday 25th July

Most of us are convinced that what we really are – is the sum of our history, our childhood, our traumas and good experiences, our relationships and so on. Many of us have strived to surpass what we feel is the “marks” these events have left us with. The radical truth is that you cannot and shall not surpass anything – you are already  perfect! Your ego is not, you are! The art is to have an ego but be a Self.

The approach Erik will use is well known and loved by the many that over the years have attended his workshops, and you will find it easy to assimilate yourself into the group if you are a newcomer. 

Erik is working intuitively  as a catalyst for the development and transformation the group energy makes available. Because of this approach , a schedule is not easy to give, but in general terms we will move from integrity – dignity - safety via cleansing and transforming issues and blockages on the different levels of our being and gradually move towards opening the central channel in the spine for transformation towards higher consciousness. We will work with Ullas  powerful and beautiful images for meditation: The Four Elements, The Path of Dharma, and the Kalachakra series,  alternating with periods of music intuitively chosen from Erik's large and varied music collection, and periods of silent meditation.

In longer breaks quiet walks in the surrounding nature and spiritual reading is recommended.

The road Home is not for you to follow someone, but to be inspired and supported to take courage to discover your essence. The classical way to facilitate this is by the law of resonance, between you and the meditations, you and your teacher. This is an undertaking that requires trust and trustworthiness.

We invite you on your unique journey Home!

Dates  Saturday 18th  July to Saturday July 25th
Times: Every day 10AM6PM
Price: total $800.00. including  $200.00 deposit.
Please enrol before Monday 13th July
BYO Lunch Tea, Coffee and cake provided in breaks

Feel free to enquire further on phone 03 9437 2438

Looking forward to seeing you,

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