A Kalachakra meditation-day

The Kalachakra  has been called the highest and most esoteric of all teachings.
The Kalachakra is a structure of cosmic proportions made of consciousness, not of matter, and as such it transcends time. This picture of the Kalachakra can be described as the cosmic blueprint for body, mind and spirit, the blueprint of Man. This means that it helps you to ascend, acting as a portal both from the Divine to the  physical and from the physical back to the Divine.

We invite you to join this ascension day. We will spend the day in silence, alternating with  music, contemplation  and meditation.

If you are interested in studying this deeper, our ebook Kalachakra the Wheel of Time – an Empowering Journe  is available here
Date:  Saturday 20th June
Time: 10AM6PM
Price: $100.00
Please enrol before Monday 17th June
BYO Lunch Tea, Coffee and cake provided in breaks

Looking forward to seeing you,

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