Ascension – Kalachakra

6 interconnected weekends
We continue our powerful yet gentle Ascension and Kalachakra courses, this year combined into a closed series of 6 weekend workshops, once a month. 
As mentioned above, we aim to achieve a substantial cleansing, balance and integrity, and prolonged moments of genuine meditation, contentment and bliss without needing to take time off for longer retreats or workshops.

As usual is these pictures not just meant to be exercises during a workshop, but even more so a unique series of contemplations to use as a regular spiritual practise  at home.
The meditations are described in the two booklets “Path of Dharma” and “Kalachakra the Wheel of Time – An Empowering Journey”.  Both books can be ordered as ebooks via our website or soft cover books at Starbridge Centre.
Times: Friday 7-10PM. Saturday and Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM
Dates: January 30 – Feb 1st ;; February 20nd – 22nd; March 27th – 29th;; 
April 24th – 26th;  May 29th - 31th; June 26th - 28th.
You enrol and commit yourself to all 6 workshops.
The course is closed for newcomers once it is started. You can participate even if you have to miss out on one weekend (But full fee is payable).
Price $ 220 per workshop in total $1320, payable in full, or in instalments. Full payment before January 10th  attracts $220 discount, bringing the full fee to $1100. Or you can pay a non-refundable deposit of $200, and  $186.60 per workshop, or you can pay the $200 non-refundable deposit, and $93.30 fortnightly on Paypal via our website. (no discount).
NB: Unless Starbridge Centre is forced to cancel, the fee paid is non-refundable but convertible to other activities within this year or as agreed with us (regardless if that is full fee or some instalments).

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