3 interconnectedweekend workshops

Weekend 1: Coming back to life. 6-8 June
Weekend 2: Awareness. 12-14 September
Weekend 3: Inner Baptism. 19-21 December

Friday 7pm-10pm; Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pmPrice $840.00 including GST and a $100.00 deposit. Rebate. 20% if paid in full not later than 6 May. 20% if payment plan as outlined to the right on this page is entered into.


We continue our powerful series of Ascension workshops in 2008 with 3 interconnected weekends. Today, it is evident that the world is changing, there is an urgent need and readiness for expansion and upliftment of consciousness – a move from the ego to the higher Self on a mass-scale. At the same time there are signs everywhere of breaking down of order and of a worsening global crisis.

Paramahansa Yogananda may be spot on, when he says: “Unpredicted extremes (in nature) is meant to bring out the conqueror in man, to encourage him to look behind the apparent disorder and to spiritualise his will with Gods will”.

In short, the truth is that the world is presently going through an initiation, or failure of such, collectively as well as individually.

In our ASCENSION courses we intend to facilitate an individual quickening and realignment of consciousness. This may either happen spontaneously, or as a result of exercises, meditation, and contemplation on music and on a series of transformational , cosmic symbols.

In the courses there will be less emphasis on work with personal issues – the focus and invitation is for each of you to let go of the past and personal issues and to create fresh values and realign with the wisdom within your own being.

As always, we respect that you are responsible for your own path in life, and we never force people further than they are prepared to go.

At enrolment you commit yourself to all three ASCENSION courses as they are interconnected.

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