Coming Home A Safe Passage Bliss –

Most of us are convinced that we are more or less a product of our past; that is - most people see themselves as the sum of their history, their childhood, their relationships and both the pleasant and less pleasant moments that make up their lives.

And many people constantly strive to beat the “marks” they feel these events have left on them. Now, the radical truth is that you cannot and shall not surpass anything – you are already perfect!

Your ego is not – you are! The art is therefore to have a ego, not be a ego, it is to be a Self.

This approach is well known and loved by the many who over the years have attended Eriks workshops, and it remains as welcoming to long term participants as it is to newcomers.

Erik is working intuitively as a catalyst for the transformation that the group energy at any time makes available.

A schedule of the retreat is therefore not easy to give, but in general you will move from integrity, dignity and safety via cleansing and transforming issues and blockages on the different levels of your being, and gradually move towards opening the central channel in the spine for ascension to higher consciousness.

We will be working with Ullas contemplative and powerful paintings of higher archetypical symbols such as the series of The Path of Dharma, The Kalachakra, and The Four Elements, alternating with periods of music from Erik`s large and varied music collection, and periods of silent meditation.

The road to HOME is not for you to follow someone, but to be inspired and supported to take courage to discover your essence. The classical way to do this is by the law of resonance – between you and the meditations, between you and your teacher. This is a project that requires trust and trustworthiness.

We invite you to your unique journey HOME!

Time: 10am. – 6pm. all days. Price: $800,- inclusive a non-refundable deposit of $200,- at enrolment and the remaining $600,- at the start of the retreat.

Or you can pay a non-refundable deposit of $200,- at enrolment and $75 a fortnight for 4 month. An early bird discount of $150,-, bringing the fee to $650,- applies if full fee is paid or payment plan started before the end of October.

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