Death and Dying Certificate Course 2008

9weekends from May to December

Starting 17-18 May week 1; 14-15 June week 2; 19-20 July week 3; 16-17 August week 4; 20-21 September week 5; 4-5 October week 6; 25-26 October week 7; 22-23 November week 8; 13-14 December week 9. Saturday/Sunday 10am – 6pm
Price Non-refundable deposit $ 200, and $180.00 per workshop, in total $1800 including GST. Rebate. 20% if paid in full not later than 17 April.

20% if payment plan as outlined to the right on this page is entered into.
Everybody dies, but nobody is dead

~ The Dalai Lama

Death is a fact, but how we cope with it is up to us. We invite you to join us in this deep and challenging course, so that you can feel that you make a difference for your loved ones, and so that your own questions in this area may be answered.

This course addresses the steadily more pressing issue, death, from both practical religious and esoteric angles, leading up to concrete support for those who find themselves caring for a dying friend or relative, and giving tools to help those who are dying or have passed away, regardless of how long ago.

Some of us have also had the unpleasant experience of watching a dying friend, relative or client suffer which, no matter what your skill level, is a very testing time for all involved. Often the feeling is described as powerless compassion, a very difficult state to cope with for the care givers.

Maybe as you recall times when you’ve felt the fear surge through you when you heard news about someone dying, either someone you knew or someone you didn’t know. The fear is part of the powerlessnes such news usually bring about. You can begin to imagine how you will feel different if you knew you could do something to make a positive change for those involved. That’s what this course is about, getting a broad understanding of how to help, what death is, and what happens after, and how to make a positive difference for those who have to go through this experience..

The Curriculum:

Weekend 1
Near death experiences
Guidelines for being a helper:
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:
The process of letting go Helping the dead and the dying:

Weekend 2
Stanislav Grof:
Birth matrices and death
The process of dying:
Will you see or sleep?
The dissolution of the elements
The exit of the life-energy from the body
The presence of pain The presence of spiritual guides and guidance

Weekend 3
The moment of death:
Between death and rebirth:
9 psychological stages between death and a new birth: Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo. Description and explanation

Weekend 4
The significance of dharma, right living
The Path of Dharma

Weekend 5
What happens after we die I:
Judgment, Heaven, Hell and
Resurrection, Ars Moriendi
Paramahansa Yogananda: The astral universe

Weekend 6
What happens after we die II:
Rudolph Steiner: man as a
Cosmic being The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Weekend 7
What happens after we die III:
Tibetan Buddhism,
Sogyal Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama:
The bardos Contemplation

Weekend 8
The significance of righteous living or dharma,
Description and explanation of the 20 symbols Path of dharma Contemplation on the path of dharma

Weekend 9
Parallels in modern physics
9 illustrations of bardo stages between death and a new birth
Longer meditation to help the dead

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