Kalachakra Workshop at Starbridge Center

The kalachakra

A contemplation on the picture: Look at the Kalachakra picture with a relaxed gaze. Then while still looking, simultaneously with a part of your mind be aware of your heart. Then, while you continue looking at the Kalachakra, move your awareness from your heart to your forehead. then in the same way, move your awareness from your forehead to the Kalachakra, This is one round; in a calm manner, continue this circulation for as long as you want.

A Kalachakra workshop

18 - 22 June

The Kalachakra has been called the highest and most esoteric of all teachings. The meditations are based on ancient, powerful balancing and uplifting techniques, that only reveal themselves in times of great need.

The Kalachakra is a structure of cosmic proportions made of consciousness, not of matter, and as such it transcends time. This picture of the Kalachakra can be described as the cosmic blueprint for body, mind and spirit, the blueprint of Man. This means that it helps you to ascend, acting as a portal both from the Divine to the physical and from the physical back to the Divine.

The Kalachakra offers a comprehensive journey of cleansing, balancing and higher consciousness.

Inner peace is the antidote to outer pressure, the only way our outwardly busy life can be free from stress.

The Kalachakra is empowering - are you ready?

Pricing for the 5 day workshop

$500 per person, payable with a non-refundable deposit of $100 and the rest on the first day of the workshop

Please enrol no later than June 15th.

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