Starbridge Hands – On Spiritual Healing

Starbridge Hands – On Spiritual Healing
Weekend course
Saturday and Sunday March  21st - 22nd

Spiritual healing is higher qualities channelled through the law of resonance

Stars have always been a symbol of hope and enlightenment. Their resonance have always uplifted  and helped us - consciously or unconsciously - to realign with our eternal values. We are actually interconnected with the stars and with the planets via the  nadis and the chakras in our body.
To put a long story short -  the resonance from the stars, and in particular the twelve star signs in the zodiac is an unsurpassed source of purification and healing, here integrated into a powerful, safe and easy system.
This two-day workshop is an opportunity for you to practise this hands-on healing, both being the one channeling the healing and the one in the receiving end as you will work with each other, guided and supervised by us.
You will learn how to work contemplatively with the body-mind-spirit mandala with the cosmic cards and the tarot cards creating the “manual” for the hands-on healing itself.
We have now also integrated our well-known cosmic symbols from the Path Of Dharma series, and you will have the chance to work with these in the mandala and the hands-on healing.
NB! Please bring your massage table, if you have one. If not, please let us know in advance.

We look forward to a very  healing weekend indeed..

Saturday and Sunday March  21st - 22nd
Because of our planning please book early for this course, and not later than Monday 16. March.
Time 10 AM – 6 PM
Price: $ 270,-, including the deck of 27 cosmic cards and 21 cards in the Path of Dharma series,
payable in full or with a non-refundable deposit of $ 100,- at enrolment and $170,- at the start of the workshop. Payment by instalments available on our website.
If you already have a deck of the cosmic cards, remember to bring them, and deduce $25,- from the above price.

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