Stillness - Island Retreat

Weekend workshop on Elizabeth Island: 29 February-2 March

(Dates conditional on tides/barge times being confirmed)

$300.00 including GST to Starbridge Centre (Full fee, no deposit) plus food accommodation and transport to Anne Tillig. Remember to check directions and arrival times at Corinella and other practical matters. Phone 0419 770607 Email:

Website: Rebate. 20% (price then $240.00) if paid in full not later than January 29th or if payment plan as outlined on our website is entered into. Rebate. 20% if paid in full not later than January 29th 20% if payment plan as outlined to the right on this page is entered into.


We live in a culture of noise - with the sound of cars with music blaring, motor bikes, trains and trams on our way to work, the sounds of factory machinery, fans, printers, air conditioners, and phones while we are at work, 'supermarket music' when we shop,  and the TV on when we're at home.  
All that has taken its toll on most of us, people seldom stop and simply listen, even when something that is worthwhile to listen to occurs, or stop to take in the silence that surrounds them; because silence has become a rarity, a commodity we've grown accustomed to missing so much so we've forgotten how much we long for the peace it gives us.

The sound of silence, like the old Zen riddle of the sound that a single hand clapping makes, is a thought that carries you away to somewhere else, a place free from noise, care, worry and all the stress that your hectic life affords you. And like a thought can take you away to somewhere else, calm and rejuvenate you, there is something even more magical about an island retreat, an opportunity to escape it all, to relax and to meditate, all gently guided by Erik.

To be in a place that oozes stillness, a place with an aura of timelessness, an almost uninhabited island yet equipped with all modern facilities, surrounded by the elements of nature, and to be guided by music and exercises, to go for walks in between, to eat delicious soul nourishing food will give you a good nudge towards your innermost Self, towards being rather than doing.
To be still allows the genuine joy and happiness hidden inside you to surface, because you free yourself from ideas about who you are, and thus become who you are.

This is what The Stillness retreat at Elizabeth Island promises and here's what previous participants have said about last years retreat:

"A wonderful restful weekend on this interesting and peaceful island.  The group sessions opened for me a new appreciation of music and the environment.  I came away from the weekend with a better understanding of the inter-relationship of all things.
An added bonus was the delicious food."
Ron McCullough

"Heartfelt thanks for the peaceful and thoughtful hospitality (including the exquisite food) extended to us at this beautiful island sanctuary.
With exceptional music, contemplations and meditation in this close and undisturbed contact with the  elements, integration of the elements within and without deepened into an inner stillness and inner knowing of the simplicity of  being.  A retreat not to be missed in a pristine environment."
Shirley McCullough

"Dear Erik and Ulla,
Thank-you again for an amazing workshop at an amazing place. [ ] - but the island called and I had to answer.
I can certainly say it was a remarkable event and qualitatively different from previous workshops with
you - of which I have done many. I love Erik's work with music and it has always held a special place in my heart but utilizing the essential qualities of place - the elements - with the essential qualities of
our own being - the chakras - proved a powerful context for very deep work for all of us.
The synchronicity of the participants was also a very special part of the weekend's unfolding and I suspect we have all taken away far more than we anticipated -I certainly have. I don't use the term in a casual way, but I do believe it was a profoundly transformative experience.

I am deeply grateful to you both for the experience and will certainly be keen to do another.

Kindest regards,

So let it all go, give yourself a well earned break and rediscover the silence you forgot how much you missed.

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