True Development Means becoming Who you Are

Resonance with Your inner being

A 4-day workshop held in Byron Bay in "Temple Byron" in the Yurt


Have you ever noticed that working with yourself poses a double-bind: you want to change yourself o you are happier, more empowered, more at peace – so you become more who you really are.
But on the other hand -  how do you become the real you by changing you?
WHO ARE YOU? Are you a product of your upbringing or an eternal being who happens to have n “Earth-experience” this time around?

Well, we believe both are true – you are here on Earth in a physical body, and yet – the real you is not your body. Coming back to yourself, as this workshop is about, means moving from your ego, your personality, to the higher Self, from a time- bound product of outer circumstances to
free, joyful beingness. 

This is all good, but how do we do it? 

Meditative tools is the way, because meditation - the state of meditation and not the technique of meditation  - is the only bridge between our ordinary consciousness and higher consciousness.

Erik’s way of working is essentially to be a catalyst for the spiritual potential in the group and to make it available  for development. Through the years he has developed an uncanny ability to hit the nerve of an issue, but he never goes further than you and the group want him to go.

Because of this approach a schedule for these four days is not easy to give, but in general we will move from integrity, dignity and safety via cleansing and transformation of issues and  blockages on the different levels of our being, gradually moving towards the central channel in the spine for ascension towards higher consciousness. We will be using Ullas beautiful and empowering pictures, the series “The Path Of Dharma”, alternating with music intuitively chosen from Erik’s large and varied music collection, and periods of silent meditation.

Fee:  $400,- to Starbridge Centre, plus $100,- for the venue, in total $500,-

Please enrol no later than March 15th


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