Universal Interconnectedness

Weekend workshop: 14-16 March

The support you didn't think was there

Friday 7pm-10pm; Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm including GST and a $50 Non-refundable deposit. Rebate. 20% if paid in full not later than February 14th . 20% if payment plan as outlined to the right on this page is entered into.

Regardless if we look to modern science with the theories about the interconnectedness of the smallest units of matter – the quarks- or we look to esoteric science throughout the ages, they all say the same thing: all aspects of the universe, all beings in the universe is interconnected.

This means that whenever you overcome an obstacle, the universe has overcome an obstacle. Whenever you need help, someone out there in the total universe will have what you need.

Working this way will help you overcome feelings of loneliness and powerlessness, help you feeling and literally being a contributor to the growth of mankind.

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