Water and Hara Chakra

Development through painting. (maximum 6 participants).

It is recommended (but not a condition) that you enrol on all 4 workshops

(The four chakra and element-paintings are not ready for publication yet)
Price for each of the 3 first workshops is $280.00 including GST and a $50.00 non-refundable deposit and exclusive small extras for paper etc.
The 4th being a 3 day workshop is $300.00 including GST and a $50.00 non-refundable deposit, but exclusive small extras for paper etc.
For all four workshops the price is $1140.00 including GST and exclusive small extras for paper etc. There is a 20% rebate if the courses or course is paid in full at least one month in advance (You can either enrol in all four workshops, the fee then is $1140 minus 20% ($916.00 total) to be paid no later than April 2nd, or you can enrol in the workshops one at a time, (given that there is space) and receive 25% off if you pay the full fee for that workshop one month in advance. There is also a 20% if payment plan as outlined to the right on this page is entered into.
(1out of 4): Earth and Root chakra 2-4 May
(2out of 4): Water and Hara chakra 11-13 July
(3out of 4): Fire and Solar Plexus chakra 8-10 August
(4out of 4): Air and Heart chakra 31 October-2 November
The first 3 workshops Friday 7pm-10 pm, Sat/Sun 10am – 6pm. The 4th: all 3 days 10am - 6pm

We will this year in line with the other courses, focus our contemplative painting workshops on the transforming and cleansing effects of working with the elements and the chakras. The chakra will be build up as we did before, but the size of the chakra and some of the exercises in connection with the painting of the chakra and the background will be different

You don’t have to be experienced in brushes and water colours (even if it is an advantage) to attend this workshop as you will be guided step by step in painting your own picture.

Colours combined with guided contemplations have a strong transformative impact on the psyche, and the colours of each painting will be different. We will give you your own individual colours, consulting the same inner guidance we use for Ulla's paintings. (for examples, see here: http://www.starbridge.com.au/ullas-water-colour-paintings/gallery.htm . The multitude of colours in the heart chakra itself will be choosen intuitively by yourself in accordance with guided contemplation during the course.

You will be notified in advance of what materials including the individual colours you would need to bring to the course. There will be additional costs, approximately $ 15.00 for materials, including the huge watercolour paper sheet (56 x76 cm), prepared and mounted in advance by us.


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