World Mother And The Elements

Workshop Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 November

Gradually feeling our universal interconnectedness is a secure path towards fine-tuning how we use our energy, and towards compassion, and bliss.

The feminine path is a path that both men and woman tread – since both genders have both masculine and feminine aspects.  It is the path from the busy mind to inner peace.

In the present volatile times both men and woman are loosing connection with their true inner feminine, thus hindering peace of mind, and thus hindering peace in the world.

What then is the feminine path? If the masculine is the dynamic, the impulse, the feminine is the receiving, the magnetic; if the masculine is the fertiliser, the feminine is the incubator and the nourisher. All these keywords obviously are recognisable in people around us, but even more so, this is an eternal inner dance between ways of being within each of us. And even deeper – Bliss – is a field, a beingness, not a doing, so in reaching bliss, doing ceases, in bliss we are on the feminine path.

We will in this workshop with Ullas picture of the World Mother as focus point, explore some depth of the feminine path, where we are “pregnant” with ourselves and our purpose, where the doing is in service of the being.

Dates: Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 November Time: All 4 days,10am. – 6pm. Price: $400,- inclusive a non-refundable deposit of $100,- at enrolment and the remaining $300,- at the start of the course. Or you can  pay a non-refundable deposit of $100,- at enrolment and $37,5 a fortnight for 4 month. An early bird discount of $50,-, bringing the fee to $350,- applies if full fee is paid or payment plan started before the end of October.

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