You Are A Light In The Darkness

You know someone you try to help, maybe you know a few…
Maybe this helping at times feels a bit too much? Maybe at times confusing, with questions such as “What are my responsibilities?” “What does it mean to help?”  “Where can I seek help myself?”

In reality you are a part of a chain - or rather a web - of connections. This “web” is made up of known and unknown people surrounding you physically and astrally, and having some clarity in the laws governing this may be of quite some help in discerning where to put your emphasis, without loosing steam on your own journey. This is just the type of questions this workshop seeks to explore and answer. We will do that in Erik's usual way, focusing on enabling you to get your own answers, and the tools to use and benefit from those answers.

Date:  27.-29. November.

Time:   Friday 7pm.-10pm., Saturday and Sunday 10am.-6pm.

Fee:      $220,- including a non-refundable deposit at enrolment,

Payment plan available on our  website. Please do not enrol at this course later than Tuesday 24. November.
Enrolment is not valid until a non-refundable deposit is paid and you have signed the enrolment form.

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