Zodiac and Planet Meditation

This meditation is a powerfull healing technique, but will off course be a little longer to work through, than the distant healing technique, simply because of the many pictures.

Any technique requires repetition and regularity in order to work, we suggest you allocate some time daily or weekly, not less frequent than that, and preferable at regular intervals, where you contemplate the pictures one by one.
A good way of doing this is to take one zodiac sign and its ruling planet in the corresponding astronomical period. We do not suggest that you use the astrological times, since the alignment between the starsign you contemplate and the actual starsign we are in, has been wrong for many years. (This is explained in the article ‘Cosmos and Us’)’.

One can say that the zodiac represents the totality of what we have at our disposal; in computer language this is our “hardware”. Similarly the planets can be described as our “software”, the personal “programming” our character, that helps or impairs our ability to express our innate qualities.
The Tarot major Archana is somewhere in between, a closer look will reveal “hardware aspects”, face value it is more “software” aspects
When we are attuning ourselves with the truth, harmony, and creative power originally embedded in our being via these high archetypes, long-lasting transformation and changes in our relationship with ourselves and our life’s events may happen.

“If we could see through all our projections Down to the last traces, Our personality would be extended to Cosmic dimensions”
-Marie Louise von Franz

The Zodiac as a whole
Contemplations: Look at the zodiac while you at the same time imagine the whole zodiac inside your heart.

Tropical: 21/3 – 20/4. Sidereal: 14/4 – 14/5. Astronomical: 19/4 – 13/5

Keyword: Even though we are created as a result of unbalances, we are also created with the active help and Grace of God
Contemplations: Beginnings in your life.
Your innocence and Grace, do they meet?

Keyword: Strife is the embodiment of ego
Contemplation: “How do you use your power”?

Tropical: 21/4 – 21/5. Sidereal: 15/5 – 14/6. Astronomical: 14/5 – 19/6
Keyword: The necessity of inertia
Contemplations: Possessions in your life.
What do your possessions do to you?
Mental and physical possessions, what is their power?

Keyword: Affection
Contemplation: Contentment

Tropical: 22/5 – 21/6. Sidereal: 15/6 – 15/7. Astronomical: 20/6 – 20/7
Keyword: Brotherhood.
Contemplations: Relationships in your life
The Soul and your Ego; Ponder the relationship between your Soul and your Ego, who leads?
The mortal and the immortal you, do they relate – how do they relate?

Keyword: Fickleness
Contemplation: Void

Tropical: 22/6 – 22/7. Sidereal: 16/7 – 16/8. Astronomical: 21/7 – 9/8
Keyword: Conscience is always with you.
Contemplations: Where in your life have you been hiding –
Where in your life are you hiding?
Hiding; are you hiding your truth?
What role does your conscience play?

The Moon
Keyword: Mind.
Contemplation: Freedom

Tropical: 23/7 – 22/8. Sidereal: 17/8 – 16/9. Astronomical: 10/8 – 15/9
Keyword: The door is opening
If you are a man, contemplate your father and yourself as a father
If you are a woman
Contemplate your father and the father of your children
King; are you king in your kingdom?
What is your kingdom?
Is your courage put to the right use?

The Sun
Keyword: The joy felt in creating: Joy, joy, overwhelming joy
Contemplation: Joy

Tropical: 23/8 – 23/9. Sidereal: 17/9 – 16/10. Astronomical: 16/9 – 30/10
Keyword: The fruits of polarity
Contemplations: Contemplate how you have spend your life’s energy
What is your relationship to cleanliness?
Mortal or immortal, what fruits do you eat?

Keyword: Fickleness
Contemplation: Void

Tropical: 24/9 – 23/10. Sidereal: 17/10 15/11. Astronomical: 31/10 – 22/11
Keyword: Earth meets Spirit, the incomparability of intellect
Contemplations: Contemplate the balancing act of life as it has unfolded for you
Contemplate that you can maintain your own standpoint without loosing respect for other standpoints
Is your intellect in the way for God?


Keyword: Affection
Contemplation: Contentment

Tropical: 24/10 – 22/11. Sidereal: 16/11 – 15/12. Astronomical: 23/11 – 29/11
Keyword: Already here inflation is a risk
Contemplations: Contemplate: Your mother, befriend her. Imagine your next mother, befriend her
Contemplate: What is the power behind your power
Your skills and your integrity, do they match?

Keyword: Strife is the embodiment of ego
Contemplation: “How do you use your power”?
Ophiuchus (We combine Ophicius with Scorpio)
(Tropical: N/A Sidereal: N/A) Astronomical: 30/11/ - 17/12


Tropical: 23/11 – 21/12. Sidereal: 16/12 – 13/1. Astronomical: 18/12 – 18/1
Keyword: The fusion has happened
Contemplations: Meet your life’s events with compassion
What will it take for you to be your own Spiritual master?
How do you know what wisdom is?

Keyword: Joy, quiet joy
Contemplation: Joy

Tropical: 22/12 – 20/1. Sidereal: 14/1 – 12/2. Astronomical: 19/1 – 15/2
Keyword: Identification with instinct
Contemplations: In your minds eye, generously give from your qualities and possessions
What is your being? What role do your instincts play?


Keyword: The inevitability of time
Contemplation: Firmness

The Earth

Keyword: Desire
Contemplation: Compassion


Tropical: 21/1 – 19/2. Sidereal: 13/2 – 12/3. Astronomical: 16/2 – 11/3
Keyword: Consciousness is immortal
Contemplations: Contemplate what is the essence of your life
Knowledge versus wisdom
What do you do to your consciousness?


Keyword: Void
Contemplation: What ‘mental concepts’ are and contemplate existence


Tropical: 20/2 – 20/3. Sidereal: 13/3 – 13/4. Astronomical: 12/3 – 18/4
Keyword: Affection and projection – unconscious development
Contemplations: Contemplate what is the highest principle you trust
To be
Who is in charge of your affections and projections?


Keyword: Unlimitedness, unending spaciousness
Contemplation: Be aware of your spine and the eternal aspects of being.

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