Space in Skull - Skull in Space

There is this story:

- A disciple asks his spiritual master if it is true that they are living in the same universe. The master answers:

Yes; the difference between you and me is that you are living in the universe, and that the universe lives in me.”

This picture of the Universe in Skull is symbolising the state of cosmic consciousness and it is a pendant to the picture of the Skull in Universe.

The Skull in Universe symbolises the state of normal consciousness, reflecting the ordinary ego consciousness with its illusion of distance and separateness.

Cosmos is present in both states of mind.

In the Space in Skull picture star constellations are placed on the visible bone plates in accordance with Jyotish astrology and their resonance. The meridians are connecting the various bone plates in the skull with the rest of the body, and it is these channels the energy follows.

The indigo blue Universe In Skull is a symbol for higher consciousness.The turquoise background colour is a break-through colour, inviting transformation for those who are contemplating the picture.

In the state of higher consciousness the pole star (Stella Polaris in the star sign of Little Bear at top) and all the other stars are inside the skull because everything is contained. There is no more to be done. “Beingness” has no direction. This is a contrast to the pendant picture, Skull In Space, where all the stars are outside the skull.

The pole star is the zenith in the heavens around which the rest of the star constellations appear to be orbiting, and as such it symbolises the direction, the karma, of mankind.

On another prominent place, on the forehead, the star sign of The Big Dipper is presiding because this constellation, which is a part of the Great Bear, is containing the coming pole star. In this age of transition from one age to the next and higher age, both pole stars are present because the resonance from both is simultaneously affecting us here on Earth.

Amongst other stars signs Cassiopeia, a source of joy and a lucid dreamy, aspect of consciousness, can be identified high on the skull on both sides of stella polaris, and further down on the temporal lopes the star sign of goal-oriented Orion the Hunter. On the cheek bones the star signs of Leo and Cancer can be identified. Right on the jaw the Moon holds a prominent position, because the moon reflects the mind and the ability of the mind to hold on; even in higher consciousness the seeds of the mind will be present.

The big orange star visible at the root of the nose is Aldebaran, symbolising the idea of karma and as such lessons to be learnt. Practise of pranayama meditation naturally leads to cessation of breathing and therefore to stillness, to the point of silence at the bridge of the nose. The star sign of Pisces is placed at the point of silence, because Pisces (related to the Greek myth about Amor and Psyche) symbolises projection. Projection is noise, and when the point of silence is reached, projections - “noise” - disappear. Karma can only be penetrated in silence.

The star in the eye sockets is Sirius. There is a close connection between man`s consciousness and Sirius; one can say that in higher consciousness we see with ”Sirius consciousness.”

The Space In Skull also aims at illustrating the Secondary Clear Light or dharmata, a very high stage in the process of dying, next to the Primary Clear Light which appears at the moment when death is irreversible. The Secondary Clear Light is an inner environment most people simply move through without recognising it consciously at all.

Contemplating the Space In Skull, symbolising cosmic consciousness, will assist the dying person to stay in the Secondary Clear Light and the higher astral worlds long enough to become familiarised and to give the guides time enough to enter the consciousness.

Thus, in the process of dying and after death, the purpose is to stay one fifth of a second longer amongst the glittering stars in the Secondary Clear Light; even one tenth of a second will help.