Thank you Eric and Ulla for an amazing five days, doing the Kalachakra. The Wheel of Time.
It certainly was an empowering journey. It was an honour and a privilege to have been part of this wonderful group of people, all in search for “who am I.”
The meditations and the energy in the room were so spiritual.

Cheers Maureen

" I have never been a "group" person and have enjoyed working with Erik on a one to one basis.I realy felt I could do with another challange and give the paint workshop a "go". I can't draw very well, and making a painting was, I thought a real big deal!
It was a big deal, I can say now, but not from a painting point of view!
My painting is just fine, and it all went smooth, what has really surprised me is that so much work was done inside me, and the group has supported me so much (without words),
It was all just a perfect energie, and caring from compleet strangers, but all with similar goals, working on ourselfs, searching for that something!, Well, I have found it and I have had a good laugh and…a good cry, but I feel refreshed and wiser!…and the painting you take home at the end, so you can work with it whenever you want,…. and relive the moment"

Joyce van der Holst
For me this is one of the most powerful and transformative workshops I've experienced, and it became more evident afterwards.

I had the most profound dream the night after the workshop. I realised a deep rooted unbalanced attitude in me died.

In my meditation, further insight, transformation and integration are happening. I really feel a follow-up weekend workshop to review our progress in terms of how we are digesting and processing what's happening may be useful.

A big thank you for you both, Erik and Ulla.

I have just completed the 5 day ascension course after doing a similar course approximately a year ago. As with last year the results and impact have been truly enlightening. Erik’s ability to deal with all issues raised from a basis of integrity as opposed to ego and from a basis of compassion and a desire to see people grow and ascend is what makes these courses so powerful.

The energy raised within the group was very high and enabled issues to come to the surface that would otherwise have remained hidden. It also ensured the meditations were far deeper than what can be achieved in isolation. Many of us commented on how the meditations and the effect of the music with Erik were so strongly felt when compared with similar meditations or the same music at home, which just can’t produce the same effects. Ulla’s pictures are a big part of this and being surrounded by such beauty and energy, which continually drew my eyes to them, was an uplifting experience.

Erik’s abilities to read aura’s and to see clearly, enables you to get to the true meaning within dreams and issues raised, which means that the impact is deeply felt and has a clear ringing of truth. I received many aha moments in areas that I believed I had well and truly dealt with. It is two days later and I can still feel the effects and changes occurring within me as I type this and expect these to continue into the future.

Thank you again Erik for sharing your ability and to Ulla for your paintings and the sustenance you provide!

Michael P

Dear Ulla & Erik
Upon reflection, I feel the benefit of the painting workshops is much greater than I first thought. The effect seems to be deeper and long lasting. I can say each painting workshop has created a marked shift in me personally and spiritually. I feel both the painting and the ascension workshops have helped me to gain deep insight, wisdom and inner strength. As a result, I feel I am living a much more meaningful life - doing what I can in practicing and promoting genuine love,compassion and wisdom. As I am writing, my heart feels very glad and grateful for the teaching and the experience you both offer in the workshops.
With deep gratitude and blessings.


The course provides a unique way of working on one’s own spiritual development in a group setting and also provides a meditative process that is simple yet powerful.


I have been participating in Starbridge workshops since 1991, have completed the Diploma course, and had many consultations with Eric and Ulla along the way.

Their approach has been deeply transformational for me over the years and I still find their workshops in particular to facilitate profound levels of meditation and awareness. Their compassionate and insightful support has been invaluable to me, and their integrity has always been of a very high level.

Mandy Peyton

I found this course gave me practical spiritual guidelines as to how to take responsibility for the present condition of life on this planet to the extent that I am able. This both on an individual level and in combination with the energy of the others in the group. The group energy was skilfully harmonized by Erik. I now feel less helpless in the face of the catastrophes manifesting or threatening to manifest on Earth.


As always with Starbridge courses, this one has been a powerful experience.

Before starting I had no idea of what issues would surface and as always have been surprised yet again by what did come.

I love the seeming simplicity (yet profoundly powerful) way that Erik works which always shows that no matter where you start all roads lead home.

L. Scacco
You have changed my life Eric. This workshop was the start of my new life, a new beginning. The energy of the group was amazing so warm – I always felt safe. I learnt so much about myself – who I am without my roles.
I found the cleansing exercisesvery powerful and I will continue to use them in m,y life.
I have come away from this workshop with so much knowledge and a better understanding of myself, the Divine human beings. Just how interconnected we are.
Ulla your paintings are so alive. They are just so beautiful to work with. Thank you so much Eric. Your knowledge, compassion, patience and warmth made the workshop so enjoyable.
This was my first workshop and I have to say it wont be my last!

There was depth and wisdom to the workshop that I haven’t experienced before.

The energy of the workshop gradually built up over several days – this helped enormously in achieving what I had set out to explore. The peak of the workshop brought clarity to my issues. The cosmic symbols helped me to address these issues, expanded my awareness, gave me tools with which to work both in the workshop and personally. As always Erik conducted the workshop with deep integrity.

Thank you.

Gunta Caldwell

A worthwhile series of workshops that resulted in positive growth and insights. - As often is the case in Erik’s workshops.


The Ascension course was excellent, it is highly relevant to do for individuals and the collective in these times.


Hi there Erik and Ulla, I found this so incredibly fascinating and almost familiar in some way. It was strange that I had no fear attached but genuine want to be able to do it so that I can be a part of doing my bit to create a better existence for all. I guess if we were to heal all those that have died or dying then they would come back far more peaceful souls which in turn will make for a much more peaceful place for all. Thank you for all your wonderful and amazing work. Much love to you all from all of us here. Xo


This is a very powerful, self empowering experiential course. I feel I can now really acknowledge and appreciate my own qualities.

As a result, I feel stronger and more grounded.

I am sure the influence of this course will continue help to transform my outlook in life.


Re The Death and Dying Certificate Course:

The constant refrain during these timeless teachings on death and dying is the question: "Will you see or sleep?"

What impacts upon me at a deep inner devotional level is the divine love permeating this question and the achingly loving invitation to respond, through meditation and right living, to the love in cosmos.

Learning, whilst living in the womb of Mother Earth, to surrender to the ultimate truth in'this' context, is the art of living in light enabling one to die in light. This pathway to unity is illuminated in the death and dying course.

Shirley McCullough
The workshop has helped me reconnect with me. I had been feeling out of touch physically tired out, enveloped in “fog.” The cleansing as part of the workshop helped that to lift. I've also experienced a greater clarity and understanding of old emotional baggage and an increased capacity to recognise them when they occur.
The meditations on the Kalachakra painting have been profound with an experience of deep peace and connection to my heart and the essential beauty and spirituality that exists and is possible.
It helps bring me back and reminds me to remember to be with what is plus to have an open heart plus that transformation is possible.
Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson

Recognition of long standing habits and conditions and tools to work with them.

Recognition of the universality of our problems and how, working with our own dharma can help uplift others.

Upliftment in troubled times. Reinforcing faith in how we can cope.

Wonderful workshop – thoroughly recommend the course and the teaching of working with the symbols.

Thankyou Erik and Ulla

Margaret Fankhauser

Prior to workshop my question was how can I be of “help” in this climate of world “chaos”.

The answer or one answer is participation in workshop such as this where very profound exercises and meditations for both personal and collective transformation are developed to specifically address any issues as they arise.

The symbols used are deeply transformative, the experience of this workshop quite wondrous.

Thank you for the privilege.


I found the experience to be:

  • Extremely Self empowering.
  • Freeing – an excellent way to continue working with the symbols from now on to free up negative attitudes and experiences built up earlier in life.
  • It’s a deeply life changing and transforming experience.
  • I particularly like the emphasis on helping us to recognise and own our own qualities. This helps to make energy shift much more easily and positively.

One can feel impotent when faced with the death of a friend or loved one, hearing of the death of a person or of a mass catastrophe on the news. Instead of dwelling on the grief, Ulla’s paintings and the instructions for the meditations on them, can empower you to help those who have died, or are near death. I have found the Course very helpful in this manner.

Margaret Fankhauser
It's the quality of the teaching & the shared journey that makes this Kalachakra workshop so life changing.
In these 5 days, we have been lovingly g\uided, our most heartfelt questions and concerns answered, but always with room for our own investigation and truth.
As always, Erik has been a very sensitive and flexible teacher and our guide through both calm and treacherous waters.
I found the cleansing and balancing exercises really aided in personal clarity, and my own personal search for the Divine now feels like less of a struggle and more a feeling of being “home.”
The sign posts on this journey are Ulla's beautiful, but immensly powerful pictures of the Kalachakra, which coupled with contemplation bring avout realisation and indeed transformation. They are the sort of images that one would wish be imprinted rather than the extremely negative images one sees in the media!
Erik's use of sounds and music enhances the transformative nature of this workshop, and his astounding insights into our dreams provides further food for thought, and in many cases, confirmation of our own inner wisdom.
I highly recommend the Kalachakra workshop, especially in these challenging times.
I do indeed feel I have found a safe path…
Cara Britton

The process was challenging, had depths and I felt a definite progress and growth in myself.

Sometimes material felt repetitive however.

These 5 days were – me coming home to me with an open heart.
I feel permeated with a strength that comes from the joy of knowing how to meet WHAT IS NOW with an open heart.
This is due to the inner work we did from your teachings, exercises and meditations on establishing safety (as distinct from just protection), standing in integrity and then entering into dialogue with a perceived enemy within or without, this revealing the 'jewel'.
You said “We do not live in a society that honours an open heart – it is painful but it is the only way at honouring your essence. A truly meaningful life is meeting everything with an open heart… then a magic moment may happen.”
May I create/allow many, many magic moments in our increasingly traumatised world.
Shirli McCullough
I have worked with Erik & Ulla on and off for a number of years. In that time I have also experienced a change in their way of working.Part of this is facilitated by Ulla's pictures achieved through meditative processes, by both Erik and Ulla. These pictures energetically allow an exploration of one's psyche to a depth and a breath that I have not experienced before.Moreover, rather than a long, repetetive, monotoneous drawn out process of analysis, i.e., continuously rehashing victim experiences, Erik's recent way of facilitating I would describe more like a laser; focused, deep, precise: spot on. It is the emphasis away from pathology that allows for a quickening and a greater healing and transformational process to occur.For myself I have appreciated the spiritual and personal growth that this new way of working has provided. Furthermore as a therapist it has enabled me to view my own therapeutic skills with a new appreciation and application.Vishuddhi
A deeply transformative workshop providing tools for cleansing, balancing and grounding, that are effective and readlily useable anywhere, anytime. I personally gained and experienced a deep understanding of prayer and compassion and the enormity of the impact such states of being can have for all beings.
Eriks masterful, compassionate and often humorours precense facilitates many opportunities for magic and healing and deep transformation.
Heartfelt thanks.  MAF
This is the first opportunity I have had since returning from the kalachakra workshop to thank you both for the presentation of the workshop. The experience was truly amazing. It took me about 5 days to come back to earth so to speak, and there has been huge changes within myself both on the physical and mental and emotional level. I will be looking to attend future workshops. I am very interested in doing the Death and Dying course on line. I have just completed my homoeopathic studies (posted my last assignment today), so I feel I would like some time before I start on a  something new, having said that  I will enrol sometime in the near future. Death has fascinated me from a young age, as a nurse I enjoyed working in palliative care and was never frightened to attend to the dying and support their families.  I have many unanswered question regarding death and the process of the soul after death,  I hope this course will help with my understanding and answer my  questions. I have down loaded the booklet, thank you for your offer I am truly grateful

Keep warm
Cheers Helen

We live in troubled times, It is courses like Ascension that helps us stand firm in the midst of this, with a strong commitment to right living, a raised consciousness and an acknowledgement of our true Spiritual nature.
As our Ascension teacher, Erik Sandersen gently but firmly guides us through an eventful journey where the past personal issues are lovingly dealt with and the path cleared for Higher Consciousness.
His use of exercises, discussion, meditation and contemplation on music and transformative cosmic symbols, enables us to live our lives with a new clarity and a wish to assist others.

I highly recommend this course.

Cara Britton