The Great Cosmic Brotherhood

The great cosmic brotherhood represents the multidimensional universe we are living in. The picture was painted in the period August to November 2001, starting shortly before the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in USA September 11. That collective trauma caused a “rupture” in the global grid enveloping planet Earth, allowing an influx of destructive forces into worlds affairs, which the world has not recovered from yet.


We understand that the painting process of the picture during that particular time, as well as contemplation on the picture now, can be of help in the many efforts going on counteracting the collective astral pollution this event caused here on Earth as well as in cosmos.

The global grid is created by gravity waves from cosmos. We are interconnected with the whole of cosmos through the filter of the twelve star constellations of the zodiac surrounding us like a wheel. When there is not order in the global grid, there will be disorder in cosmos, in the great cosmic brotherhood, and vice versa.

The stars in the constellations of the zodiac, and through these constellations indirectly the rest of cosmos, interact with planet Earth and the global grid via resonance patterns, through vibrant waves continuously moving back and forth between cosmos and planet Earth.


The Earth […] receives the twelve-fold radiation […] from the direction of various constellations of stars. Taken together, these constellations surrounds us like a wheel. We call this huge wheel the “zodiac”. It is owing to the effects of the radiations of the zodiac that the Earth can exist at all. Their vibrations met in a point in space, causing interference in the waves of energy and leading to condensation – materialisation.”

From Elizabeth Haich: “Initiation”.

On the above explanatory picture of the Great Cosmic Brotherhood, the location of each of the twelve star signs of the zodiac is encircled, including three extra-zodiacal star constellations which are added because of their beneficial influence, namely: The Big Dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia.

The star sign of The Big Dipper is located at the zodiacal sign of Leo the Lion. The Big Dipper represents a future, peaceful influence and is included in order to stabilise the heart chakra in this time of transition from one age to the next.

The star sign of Orion the Hunter which reflects courage is here added to the starsign of Scorpio, the classical star sign of death. Orion is added as a means to support people who are dying, giving them courage and centredness to go through the transition that death is.

And finally the star sign of Cassiopeia which is added to the zodiacal star of Sagittarius the Archer. The constellation of Sagittarius has a vibratory resonance with the hara chakra and refers back to an ancient time in Lemuria, when the dreamy but lucid consciousness of Cassiopeia was integrated in humanity. This dreaming is echoed in some Australian aboriginals creation myths about the “Dreamtime”. It was a sort of lucid “hara centre consciousness” resting in the awareness of interrelation with God, nature and cosmos.

Man's present dreams are also hara-centre dreams, but today primarily about sex and pleasure.

The resonance from the lucid dreaming of Cassiopeia in today's post-September-11 world would certainly mean a lift, not a fall in consciousness. It adds a feeling of being connected with nature and cosmos, an empowerment which is direly needed, but not easy to achieve today. Cassiopeia combined with Sagittarius the Archer who is aiming high, will manifest such qualities.

Contemplation: “ Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34)