Working with the Earth Chakra

Bliss and Truth Working with the Earth Chakra
The Dance of Life

January 20th – 22nd

So many predictions, scientific and other, points towards big changes coming,
We believe without doubt there is a shift happening.
The ideas floating around on what we can expect from this year are many and often dramatic, not necessarily false, not necessarily true. - so what is in store for you?
The path Mankind is on is reflected in the Earth Chakra, a mandala-like energy structure not dissimilar to the chakras in our own body, energy vortexes caused by the interaction of the energy of the total sum of humans. Linking in to that may make it possible for you to feel into what this odd year offer.
The well-known long-count-Mayan calender, depicts time as cyclic, leading to the claim that in 2012, the world will have gone a "full circle",whatever that means.
Anexample of this is the shift of the yugas
There is a truth in all this, but does this mean that we - you - will start on a new arm of the spiral of life or repeat the old circle?
To us 2012 offers an opportunity: "The reassessment of everything"!
 This is why this is the first workshop of the year. We start with exploring WHAT IS. Since the Earth chakra is the result of resonance from of all there is, it can tell us what truth is, if we ask in the right way, meaning meditatively. 
Our inner connections with our source of truth is also our connection with bliss, joy, the dance of life - this is our own higher consciousness.
To see truth, we need trust our own integrity instead of outer authorities.
This workshop is not a lecture, not intellectual knowledge, but as always with Eriks workshops, it is experiential and meditative in its focus. It is open to all, regardless if you are new or already familiar with our way of working. No prior application is necessary, just send in enrolment form and deposit or full fee.

The first Workshop of 2012: Bliss and Truth Working with the Earth Chakra.
Date: January 20th – 22nd. 
Time: Friday 7-10pm Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm.
Price: $220 including a non-refundable deposit of $50

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