Coping and Transforming - The Path Of Dharma - The Kalachakra.

In these two interconnected weekends we will utilise the immense stabilising and expansive power embedded in these two toolsets, allowing us to build up strength that can transform difficulties in your life into fuel for growth and meaningfulness.

In the first weekend workshop, we will work with the The Path Of Dharma symbols as means to create balance, integrity and flexibility where you may not have felt it before.

We will as usual allow the group-energy to balance and develop, while the  transformation enabled by these eternal archetypes purifies and uplifts you.

When we work with balance in this deep sense, attempting to balance - not according to societal values, not according to psychology - but to cosmic values, to the esoteric  aspects of us, symbols of the the deeper - or higher balancing powers begin to be visible.

One such power is Shambala, which we will contemplate in weekend 2, together with the Kalachakra, since the two are connected.

We will use Ullas pictures of Shambala and the Kalachakra series contemplatively, and in this way work towards a deeper alignment with your personal and planetary purpose.

The Kalachakra weekend is a natural continuation of the dharma weekend, facilitating transitions towards higher states of consciousness.

This workshop does not require prior application

1.: Workshop, date: July 13-15:The Path Of Dharma 
Time:  Friday 7pm -10 pm. Sat & Sun 10 am - 6pm

2.: Workshop, date:
August 17-19: Shambala, the Kalachakra and Ascension
Time:  Friday 7pm-10 pm. Sat & Sun 10 am-6pm

Price (for both weekends):  $400 including $100 nonrefundable deposit
The remaining to be paid at the start of the first workshop or via the online payment plan.

In all our work, we respect your right to follow your own path in life,

and we never force you further than you want to go. 

As always, Erik’s workshops are experiential and meditative in their focus, 
they are not focusing on conveying intellectual knowledge.


In the light of this years theme, - The Reasssessment of Everything -  it may be appropriate to underline

that we reserve our right to make changes in the program as needed over the year.


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