Earth Healing Weekend The work continues.

The path Mankind is on is reflected in the Earth Chakra, a mandala- or vortex- like energy structure not unlike the energy vortex of the chakras in our own body. The Earth chakra is caused by the interaction of the energy of the total sum of humans, revealing both the utter darkness and the utter bliss that is within grasp at the different states of consciousness. that man -you- can reach 
The Earth Chakra reflects the deep-seated interconnectedness there are between all life, and thus it reflects the higher inner state of purpose, light, bliss and compassion. To see or experience truth, we need to trust our own balance and integrity instead of outer authorities.
Remember we will work very little with personal issues in the groups. If such issues come up they may be referred to individual work outside the group.

Date:  December 6 - 8
Time: Friday 7-10pm Saturday & Sunday 10am- 6pm
Full price: $375 Including a $75 nonrefundable deposit (to be paid only when accepted in).  The remaining to be paid at the start of the workshop, via credit card over the phone, or via the online payment plan.  Discounted (see below): $250  Including a $75 nonrefundable deposit. The remaining to be paid at the start of the workshop, via credit card over the phone, via direct debit or one of the online payment plans.
Remember to fill out an application, to be in our hands no later than  December 2.

In order to enrol, you first fill out an application.
This commits you to the workshop if you are accepted in.
Immediately after the enrolment deadline we meditate on the applicants to ensure the group chakra can reach higher consciousness. This may mean that particular applications will be rejected.
Remember this does not imply the rejected applicant is in any shape lesser. than those allowed in!
An allegory of a classical orchestra illustrates this: “Depending on the repertoire, a classical orchestra may not always need a big drum, or a piccolo flute, but again with some pieces these same instruments are essential”.

There are two ways of paying for our workshops:

Our fees have gone up a bit, but we have designed a new price structure, meaning that
If you commit your energy to the years work by paying the general fee ($500 per year) any time before the first workshop you attend, the courses, individual counselling, supervision or spiritual mentoring will be cheaper, and often the total sum you end up paying will be cheaper than if you paid course by course. This mirrors what happens when there is a firm commitment - the total sum of energy needed for the task is often amazingly smaller, even if the energy required to start may feel big.
If you prefer, you can pay the higher fee and participate on a workshop by workshop basis (see the On Site course-pamphlet).

To sum up:

  •     Pay per workshop - As you can see our prices has finally gone up.
  •     Pay a once a year general fee of $500 and receive a discount on all Erik’s on site activities of the year.

Making appointments, enquiries, bookings etc.
Telephone time: 11 am - 12 noon every working day
Plus 8pm-9pm on Mondays

Our phone number is 03 9437 2438
email ulla&

You are always welcome to email us leave a message on our answering machine,
We will do our best to answer A.S.A.P.

Feel free to contact us with queries or feed back:

Looking forward to seeing you

Ulla and Erik

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