Higher Consciousness

"Are you a boulder in the river, or are you the river itself?"

Egyptian - Buddhist and Christ’s teachings.

We will attempt to go deeper than normal, dealing with the energy of today - penetrating tentatively into the spirituality of the future.

We will do this by attempting to combine wisdom from 3 leading sources, the ancient Egyptian understanding of the body and geometry, especially the connection between our body and the pyramid, the unequalled understanding of the mind from Buddhism, and the bliss and grace emanating from Christ.

What we mean by the Egyptian way of working, is predominately the pyramid shape and its symbolism, which is the enlightened body! The pyramid has a top of light, the divine qualities you have light up the more you transform your "mud".

The Buddhist tools and techniques mirror an unsurpassed understanding of the mind.

One such Buddhist approach is an almost incomprehensible concept of the inherent emptiness of things.

A radical consequence of this concept is that blockages and traumas don’t need therapy, they need witnessing.

Christ is just as impossible to narrow down, as the Egyptian and Buddhist approches are.

His teaching, like the Egyptian and Buddhist, is comprehensive dharma-teaching, radical liberation-teaching, utter compassion.

There are two concepts central to Christ’s teaching, that we will focus on: Sin and Grace. The concept of Grace touches a raw nerve. - The fact is, that God (your higher Self) is incapable of not loving you.

There is unending love and acceptance, and complete knowing of who you are! Grace comes when you let go of your mind to such an extend, that surrender to God,  your higher Self, takes place, this can happen within split seconds.

Working with the Egyptian, Buddhist and Christ’s paths in this way, means we use unsurpassed tools to honour the three levels of your being, body, mind and spirit, making you best possible prepared for whatever is happening, being it magic or disaster.

This workshop require prior application. (To be in our hands no later than November 19).

Date: 5-day course November 21-25

Time: All days 10am–6pm.

Price: $500 Including $100 nonrefundable deposit

The remaining to be paid at the start of the first workshop or via the online payment plan.

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