Our Essential Teaching


We will over 4 days dive into powerful techniques to clean, centre and protect ourselves and thus contribute to clean, centre and protect the interconnected energies on Earth
These two are not opposites, they are part of each other, as a drop of water sooner or later is a part of the ocean. 
Mankind has two approaches to the world, a masculine, doing, interfering, solving, and a feminine, giving birth, nourishing letting be. Both are necessary, both are divine, lack of balance between the two is dangerous.
We will in this workshop as always, work with resonance, which means that in terms of their effect, music and pictures are two sides of the same thing, both creates resonant vibrations in the observer.
We will contemplate Ullas pictures, for example The Path of Dharma,  The Elements, The World Mother, Shambala, The Kalachakra,Your divine Nature, together with music chosen from the groupchakra. 
If you see yourself as a helper, we invite you to join this high level workshop. 
All our workshops requires that you are familiar with the Path of Dharma series, either via a workshop, the web, our booklet or DVD.
Dates Thursday 29th July – Sunday 1st August
Time 10 AM – 6 PM

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